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My little sister is having a BAT-MITZVA! I wrote her something and I have to practice the song I chose to sing to her! Yaayy!

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I live in Isreal.
I love sing, playing the guitar (I learn by myself from the internet), and I'm taking piano class since I was 9 years old.
I am an otaku (I know I'm a weird person). oh, otaku is a nickname for someone who loves anime and manga (like me). Or you can just call me and Animanga freak, that's also good.
I have all the twilight saga books and the first movie in my room, and I'm very obsessive about them, I don't even let my sister take it to school (I let her take just the ones in Hebrew because I have them all in English, too.
and the most important thing, I AM A GIRL!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I started reading twilight two months ago and until now I read all the books of twilight saga at least twice.
Twilight - 4
New Moon - 3
Eclipse - 4
Breaking Dawn - 2
um.. year.. 2009?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
that's a hard question... I can't choose between them, I think they both are great characters.
Jacob is so cute and childish and good-looking and funny and protective and good-hearted.
and Edward is also good-hearted and good-looking and protective and mature...
I think I will choose Team Switzerland.

Right now, Team Eddie rocks!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Renesmee, I'm just like a little girl but people think I am mature. I'm also learn fast.
and I'm kind if like Bella because I am a bad liar.. and because my birthday is the same month as Bella (September) but I born a few years later.. and I'm not going to tell you wich year. and also because if I was instead of Bella in the Jacob-Edward thing, I couldn't hurt them, even if it mean that I was the one in hurt, I just hate to see people sad - and I can't let go of who I love. and I'm also like her because I'm neutral if my friends have a fight with each other, I don't stand by anyone's side. I'm also the quiet type, and my friends say I'm smart.
and sort of like Irina (don't pay much attention to things before I'm making decision, and if someone that I love get hurt by someone, I will get my revenge)
Favorite Books
of course the twilight saga the most. it's wierd because I hate reading in English but I like reading twilight saga in English...
and a book in Hebrew that called "to see with closed eyes". I read it 11 times and still I wanted to read this book again and again.
What is Your Favorite Music
music especially from movies like high school musical and camp rock, but I also like melodys like "bella's lullaby".
I like the songs from "hannah montana" and ahud manor's (ז"ל) songs. and the songs from "Casi angeles" of course. Spanish is cool. I like the opening's and ending's songs of anime shows (in Japanese)
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
my favorite movies are "another Cinderella story" and "twilight" and "kiki's delivery service", "Hannah montanah", "Cinderella story", "seventeen 17 again" and a lot more. AND "NEW MOON"!!!!!!!

I don't have games I realy like... maybe the games on the WII.
(Also sressing games in the computer, and sims 2)

my favorite TV shows are most anime shounen and shoujo and American shows;
Inuyasha, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Hannah Montana, Casi Angeles (not realy but sort of...), Bleach and Naruto, Samurai 7, Kaleido Star, ICarly, The Wizers From Wiberly Place (I don't know how to write the name)
Favorite Quotes:
"suki na mono wa suki dakara shou ga nai" try to understand what this means.
For those how knows Hebrew: אני אוהב את מה שאני אוהב אז אין מה לעשות
Favorite Activities
reading, singing, playing the piano\guitar, hanging with friends, writing storys, drawing, internet, be with my family, dancing?, Englishing (That is an activity, doing things with English like learning it or writing the letters in a pretty way, but not speaking in English)

Gilad Schalit - We need to bring him back home! Important! Please read.

1209 Days, 13 Hours, 48 Minutes, 11 Seconds. And it continues, and I continue to count the days, that he isn't home.

Gilad Schalit, a soldier, a son, a brother.

A sign of life from Gilad Schalit:
In order to hear Gilad speaking please press here

Gilad (22) was born on 08/28/1986. He is the son of Aviva and Noam Schalit from Mitzpe Hilla in the Western Galilee and the brother of Yoel (25) and Hadas (18).

Gilad was born in Nahariya but was raised from the age of two in Mitzpe Hilla. He went to the regional elementary school in Maona and to junior high in Kfar Veradim. He graduated with distinction from the science class of “Manor Kabri” high school. Gilad loves mainly math and sports. He has enjoyed playing basketball ever since he was a child, but is interested in sports in general. He follows the different leagues and tournaments all over the world, from tennis and basketball to cycling and athletics. If you wish to know the results of a tournament somewhere in the world – it’s Gilad you should ask.

Gilad began his military service about 3 years ago – at the end of July 2005. He preferred to serve in a combat unit despite the fact that he could have avoided combat duty due to a low medical profile. He followed his elder brother Yoel into the armored forces. Yoel had finished his service a year earlier. Gilad was highly motivated. He overcame all the obstacles facing a combat recruit of the armored forces and successfully ended his training a few months ago. For the last couple of months he has been on duty guarding and ensuring the security of the settlements around Gaza.

Gilad is a well-mannered, quiet and introverted young man. An almost permanent shy and hesitant smile light up his face. Gilad is always volunteering to help everyone; even on his short vacations from the army he helped his parents run their “Bed & Breakfast”.

Since the attack at Kerem Shalom on Sunday, 06/25/2006, Gilad has been held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas.

Gilad - Mother and Father, Yoel and Hadas and all the family and all your friends miss you terribly and wish to see you and your smile already and to embrace you in a strong and loving embrace.

Click Here To Read The Story He Wrote June 9, 2008:
Letter from Gilad

To Read The Letter He Wrote Click Here

My favorite 4 boys characters are:
Edward (Of course)
Jacob (The cutest character ever!)
Seth (Cute!)
Aro (So cute!)

My favorite girls characters are:
Bella (No, really?!)
Alice (What can I say? Alice will be Alice)
Leah (She is cute in some way...)
Zafrina (She is so cool!)
Jane (The crazy vampire girl! The noisy craby girls are the best!)

Hello! here is my site, it's in Enlish and Hebrew:

Click here to feed my pet-egg 'Blue Alice'!

what is your favorite scene in each of the books?

when Bella was at the hospital and the monitor showed hoe Bella's heart reacted to Edward's touch! it was so funny! her heart beats was so fast and everybody could hear it! I read it again over 4 times! but I'm sory I can't tell you the pages, I have this book in Hebrew only and its not even to the pages of the book in English.

"New moon"
when Bella drowned, the descriptions was so good I could almost feel it! and then she heard Edward's voice in her imagination and all that! this scene was so dramatic and powerful! and this book too I have only in Hebrew...

sort of in the end of the book when perfect Edward say "I love you. I want you. right now" when he and Bella where on the grass and he wanted to do things Bella's way! It was so romantic and exciting and full of emotions! it really is a part that I want to read over and over again! oh and if someone want to know what page it is (it takes me more than an hour to find that page again!) pages 546-550!

"Breaking dawn"
hahaha! ok I have four! Bella's reaction after she finds out that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee! pages 448-451! I couldn't stop to laugh for ten minutes! and the second one is Denali's reaction when they saw little Renesmee for the first time! that was hilarious! and the third is when the Cullens got Alice's note thet says she left them, it was so sad! I thought then "how could she do that?! I thought she was a good person and loved Bella enough so that she would be there when she needs her! I thought she was nice...". and the last is when Bella said goodbay to Renesmee and Renesme cried, when I read this part tears didn't stop falling, my mother panicked when she saw that I cried, she thought something happenned to me, I REALLY cried and closed the book for a minute so that I could dry my tears. its on pages 722-723 guys.

I wrote a fan fiction, I hope it's good. tell meif you like it
and one more thing: ARO IS SOOO CUTE!!!

I wrote another fan-fiction:

I love these!:






; )



Me: Eddie! Come here right now!
Edward: What did I do?
Me: Where were you at 5:00 Pm?
Edward: Do I really have to tell you?
Me: If you don't want me to tell Bella about your teddy bear, then yes!
Edward: Well...
Me: No excuses, young man!
Edward: I was out with Bella, okay? Happy?
Me: Are you sure? Because I'm going to ask Bella if that is the true.
~Bella enters the room~
Bella: Ask me if what is true?
~Edward runs out of the room~
~Bella gives me a high five~
Me: Good job, Bells. Now we just have to wait untill---
~Edward screams like a little girl and enters the room, running. His hair is pink~

Who am I from the pack?

You little cutie werewolf Jake!

Who am I from the Cullens?


A vampire, werewolf, or a human?

Due, I mean, I am human... I think.... Muhahahaha!

~Edward plays the guitar while I play the piano and Bella sings, Edward's hair's still pink~
Bella: Stop, guys.
~Edward keeps playing and I stop~
Bella: Edward.
~Edward starts singing the song he plays~
Bella: EDWARD!!
~He stops playing suddenly~
Eddie: What?
Bella: Um... I really don't want to say this, but we don't sound very... well, yeah, and we... kind of... really bad at this kind of thing AHM AHM EDWARD...
Me: I agree. Eddie maybe you should not play the guitar, it really does sound horrible...
Eddie: No it is not.
Bella: It is...

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At 11:29am on February 9, 2010, Lindsay said…
this is awesomme!
At 11:45pm on January 16, 2010, Wolf_lover said…
Sure, you can call me wolfgirl, I don't mind. Glad u had fun at your "friends" house. I just went to my friends house, too.
At 1:12pm on January 5, 2010, sydney. (: said…
nothing much,, i updated Barely Perfect.(:
At 5:03am on December 26, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
באסה =\
At 9:40am on December 21, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
אני קראתי את כל הסדרה באנגלית, אמרו לי שהתרגום בעברית לא טוב וזה אז קראתי הכל באנגלית
אממ אני דווקא הייתי טובה באנגלית לפני אבל כן זה משפר את כתיבה =]
אממ.. כן ,בטח, אם את חושבת שאת יכולה לקרוא את זה ועוד במיוחד אחרי שקראת ספרים באנגלית לפני אז כדאי לך XD
At 12:05pm on December 20, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
יפה XD
קראת את הספרים בעברית או באנגלית?
At 11:00am on December 16, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
לא =\
אני הולכת השבוע
או שבוע הבא
At 4:06am on December 16, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
אממ האמת היא שלא משו
אני תקועה במושב ולא יכולה לצאת עם חברים =\
כאילו אני גרה באשדוד אבל סבתא שלי גרה במושב ובאנו אליה לחג ומזה מבאס כי לא רוצים להסיע אותי לעיר -_-
גמלי יש מלאאא עבודות איזה באסה זהה..
נשמע ממש מגניב =] הלוואי שהיינו עושים את זה פה =]
חג שמח (ומשמין) שיהיה לך ^.^
At 2:16pm on December 12, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
אבל בתכלס זה לא חופש- זאת הפסקה לעשות שיעורים
At 12:11pm on December 12, 2009, ✯ ¥αnα ✯ said…
היי =]
מה קורה?

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