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The Vampire Girls:Part one

Chapter One

My name is Alana, My eldest sister's name is Elise and my youngest sister's name is Marie. I'm the middle child. We're orphans. I'm sixteen, Elise is eighteen and Marie is fourteen. This is our story.

"Alana, we aren't having oatmeal again, right?" Marie asks me.

"Marie, that's all we have, so, inventivtly, yes, we're having oatmeal." I tell her. She lets a giant sigh escape her. Marie is small for her age Marie looks the most like Mom.

"Alana, I… Continue

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new moon on dvd

hey yall im just taking a guess at it but i have a feeling new moon comes out on dvd february 21. twilight came out exactly 3 months from its theatre date so just to stay on the same track, i think new moon would come out 3 months from its theatre date which was november 21. im sooooo excited :)

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Ok Twilighters... What does everyone feel about Renesmee possibly being CGI? Better or not?

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Okay you know how Bella has a shield agianst Edward's, Jane's, Aro's and a few others powers. Well why doesn't she have a shield agianst Alice's or Renesemes powers? This a question I've been wanting to ask for a while now. Haha.

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È∂ward Çυllεn and ★Thε Rεaℓ Bεℓℓa™'s Wedding

Okay, Everyone...I'm getting married!!! *Smiles brightly* I've posted an album titled, "My Wedding" with pictures of dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair styles, veils, invitations, places, colors, etc., etc. *Laughs* I know, I know...Lots of choices, but I've never been one to be able to narrow down and choose just one of something. *Grins lopsidedly* So, here's the deal...I want you all to go through "My Wedding" album and leave me a comment on which is your favorite…

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me personally am soo excited for june 30. i am going to see eclipse. i am soooo excited!! i cant wait to see how they make it look. i hope they put a litle more book into it. personally i think the book should be the script.anyone else thinks so i like the movies and i love the books. ahhh. THE CULLENS/WOLF PACK/CULLENS

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Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Twilight Kiss Voted One Of The Best Kisses Of The Decade

Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s kiss as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight has been voted as one of the best kisses of the decade.

Better kisses were Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Awards, Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dust in Spiderman, Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhaall in Brokeback Mountain.

I think Rob and Kristen’s kiss is superb! Its one thing that was right in Twilight as it shows the passion,… Continue

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Bluewater Productions Makes Robert Pattinson Comic

Robert Pattinson is a jack-of-all-trades. When he's not breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls with his is-he-or-isn't-he romance with co-star Kristen Stewart, waving wands alongside Harry Potter, or playing the world's most disco-fabulous vampire, R-Patz is being immortalized as a comic book character, much to the delight of... well, we're not quite sure who.

E! Online reports that Bluewater Comics is producing a 32-page… Continue

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which team are you

i am on both teams because they both have a point on bella but mostly edward because he loves bella and wants to marry her

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Dear Diary.... ( January 31st 2010 )

Dear Diary....

I am a horrible horrible person. I love Stefan more than anything, and I am so glad that I found him. I never ever want to be apart from him. But I feel awful for hurting Austin. I should have sat down with him and explained how I felt....but he hates me now......
I wish Stefan was here...I need a hug....

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"my bestfriend"

for the love of my one and only bestfriend,

Thank you so much for everything.....even when there are times that i choose to be alone thank you for the"long term love"you have i know you're in pain right now you does'nt have to keep it secret from me....i know you dying...! please help me to accept it..because until now i don't want to think that im slowly losing you.....don't hide from me.please! so when you happen to read know where to find me.....

I already… Continue

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Twilight Saga

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i love twilight

add me up!

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i let him

he said i love you i said it back he said i would never leave and i said it back i loved him i let him when let him i lost him.

Ppl say tht u make da wrong choice but u don trust dem after you let him u losse him to da next grl tht will give him some

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‘Valentine’s Day’ Movie preview

Source-… Continue

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Kellan Lutz at Calvin Klein Collection Event

Kellan Lutz, as seen at the Calvin Klein Collection and L.A.N.D (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) the 1st annual Los Angeles Arts Months and Art Los Angeles Contemporary event Friday night in L.A., wearing Calvin Klein.



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New Clip from "Skateland" with Ashley Greene


Link-… Continue

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