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You know what?

It's kind of sad that the puppets in Gerry Anderson's old shows have more emotion and character than most of the actors in the Twilight movies.

And better production values. Even with all the times that debris bounced off the background or you could accidentally see a crewman's hand in the shot.

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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter pt.1-The Wedding

I woke up. The sun hitting my face. My eyes felt heavy. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was puffy and my face blotchey from crying. My body ached. Today was the day. Today was the day i lost him. My heart started cracking. It felt like the breathe was being knocked out of me. I fell to the floor. Holding in my screams from the pain. I let the pain overtake me. I deserved this. I deserved to feel this. He doesnt need this. He doesnt need me to…


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had a nightmare

Dreams are never good,'cause even when they're good, they're not true and this is bad. I had a nightmare in which the saga was over and I couldn't live through the story again. It used to make more sense then, but now it's like dying. I woke up and realized we cam always have some more. I've read Bree's story in two days... I was awesome to check that other side of what happened. That made me realize I can't remember how Bella felt that day, I only remember she was tired. It's wonderful…


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Never Leave

Break my heart swear ill cry love is painful in my eyes cut me deep with your hands love me like a rubber band you are sinful just like me help me god help me please

Burn me in a pit of fire my eyes with sweet disire stay with me my darling please…


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Hi, Twilight Saga People!  This is Maverick Swaniel Harrienger.

I'm going to be at my appointment on Wednesday at 1:20 pm, so I won't be able to be here.  The rest of the week will be nice and stuff.






Maverick Swaniel <3


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Inconsistencies/changes in each twilight movie: What is the good, the bad and the ugly?

I adore  Twilight..the books..the movies and the actors...but, Consistency has been an issue for me within the twilight MOVIES since Catherine Hardwicke made her decision to depart from directing any more of the Twilight movie series.

Catherine set the foundation and tone for the remaining book/movie adapations. I think she really did a fabulous job...she gave the next directors a wonderful cast, glorious and lush visual acuity..and a "indy", sexy,  romantic, dark and sultry, base…


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My past is my presence 2nd look

"Your not crazy" you whisper to me. "This will all makes sense." You whisper in your lovely voice. Tears still fall silently down my cheeks. "Everything will become clearer." You whisper kissing me softly on my ear. "What if im not the same person?" I whisper. You make me look at you. "Your not the same, you much more beautiful and your all i ever want." You speak with such seriousness. My heart flutters. I nodd. You look at me bending in slowly your eyes watching me. "Is this alright?" You say… Continue

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Talking to the moon 2nd preview

"Please dont leave" i begged. You looked at me. Your eyes glowing in the moonlight. Making you even more beautiful. I felt the tears falling down my face. I needed you to see how much i wanted you. You walked closer to me taking my face in your hands. I leaned forward testing the boundaries. I gently pressed my lips to yours. You kissed me back softly. All knowing to well the morning was coming. Pulling us apart.

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I never really thought you preview 2

I watched him as he took her in his arms. His eyes never leaving mine. Saying everything that he wouldnt say in front of anyone. My heart ached. My hands were going numb from holding them tightly. My head ached. My eyes blurred with unshed tears. My heart numb not beating. Cold. But somehow i still felt the pain. The pain only he could cause.

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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter8-Making things Clear

I walked to the door. My hands were shaking. My heart pounding. But i still raised my hand and knocked firmly on the door. I counted the minutes go by. Exactly 3. She opened the door. Her eyes widen with shock. She looked like she was about to say something. But when her lips parted nothing came out. "Hi Mom." I finally said. I realized i was staring. But she looked so different. She looked healthy and happy. Her hair was long and black. Her skin was carmel and…


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Hey people, well um this is me i guess lol!

My name is Makenzie Erin Wolf i live in the USA I can get a bit crazy lol! Im single lookin for a realationship maybe( lol) I like soccer( playing) n sorta football( watchin). I just wanna friend i guess n im hyper so yah lol! N i luvvvvv Rob Pattinson/ Edward Cullen so dnt hate on them lol!

Fun Facts:

Bday: October 27

Fav Color: Pink

Fav Actor: Robert Pattinson

Fav Actress: Kristen Stewart

Thats me…


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My Story

I know I'm living, I just don't know how. I feel lost in a sea of smiling faces. All who are happy. I want to be that. I don't want limits, I want adventure, I want freedom, I want to be able to go streaking without a perv following or the cops screaming. I want to swim with sharks without getting my head torn off. Yet all this seems impossible. I want to rule the world... although if I did... it'd be Chaos. I want love without heart break. I want not to be sterotyped by my looks but by my…


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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter7-Given up

"Okay dont move." I said forcing myself not to "accidently" stab Leslie with a pin. "Its beautiful." Leslie said looking at herself. The dress looked wonderful on her. It brought tears to my eyes. I hurried and wiped them. I looked up to find Late staring at me. His face was unreadable. But i could see something in his eyes. "You look amazing Leslie." He said still looking at me. She turned around and a smile speard against her lips. It broke my heart fell into pieces. He walked over to her. I… Continue

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i ask myself eveyday does he love me or does he just hate me i cant tell the difference one day ill get the courage to leave him but not to day because i love him hes all i have

i ask myself eveyday does he love me or does he just hate me i cant tell the difference one day ill get the courage to leave him but not to day because i love him hes all i have


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talent shows

this Friday isz mah skool talent show 'nd last year i tried out but didnt make it but this year my sis made it and shesz annoying sayin oh i made it blah blah blah blah am i bein a hater?

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The One True Thing

I can always still learn more and more.

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Team Edward or team Jacob

Team Edward or team Jacob which are you on im team edward you should be too see in everypicture edward is huging bella and they are cute toghether so you should be team edward instead of team jacob boo team jacob yay team edward…


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