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alright people, its time =)

ok people,

well tomorrow im going back to the boarding school,

huhu another months of sacrifice and misery,

well anyone the release date for bel ami is ______

actually i dont remember it but you can see it at my facebook wall

my name is eyera renesmee cullen,

yeah be sure to check it

ok folks,

stay coll stay tuned

and yet

robsten rulez!

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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter6-Letting this back in....

I laid there and watched the sun rise. My body was numb. Late's cool hands wrapped around me. "I need to watch it." I said. "Are you sure?" Late whispered in my ear. "Im not sure but i need to watch it." I said trying to move. But Late held me in place. I turned and looked at him. His skin was sparkly. It took my breathe away. "Remember i'm here." He whispered. "I know." I whispered back. He got up and put the video in. I sat down on the couch. Late sat down pulling me close to him. I didnt…


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The Forgotten i remembered-Chapter5-Janiece's Pov

My ears filled with everything my everything my aunt was saying. Anger was filling my body. When we got to the hotel Sem was waiting for me. I walked to him. Grabbing his hand walking to the hotel room. When he closed the door. He just looked at me. "Janiece, What happened?" Sem said worried. Thats when i lost it. "He left me." "Sem, When i needed him the most he left me." Sem walked towards me. He tried to touch me. "Dont touch me." I said falling to my…


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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Janaila's Pov

I never felt colder in my life. As my aunt spoke. I could see on her face that she was excited to see us. But she was also pained to have to tell  us about her father. When she told us that all our mother's were friends and close at that. That made me sick. At that moment i really hated my father. But then my aunt spoke about how my father and mother were supposed to get married. She said that he held me. My anger dissolved into sadness. She started talking about how their father werent in…


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breaking dawn

breaking dawn is awesome!!!!!! im reading the book now tis so good a little better than the movie :)

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hello evrbody!

was juss sayin hi to see how many friendly ppl would fairly new to the twilight saga and am juss gettin used to it


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what up

Hello I just wanted to do this because I read mary alice cullens and I thought it was cool so I want you guys to read mine

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Read My Secret Vampire Life!

Hi, I made a story: My secret Vampire Life, If you would like to read it, then click on the link (Obviously) and please comment.


I may not be as good as Twilight, but its, cool...

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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Get it together

UThe car ride was long. My body ached. My head was pounding.i was exhausted. But we pulled up to the house. My whole body went numb. I looked at the nice sized house. I turned and looked at my sisters. "No matter what happens we have each other." I said trying to be strong. Janaila and Janiece nodded. We all got out and each one if my sisters grabbed one of my hands. We walked the front door. I knocked. I heard a woman. A little dark haired woman answred the door. She looked at us. "I knew you… Continue

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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter4-Painfully being found

"So you want to find him?" I said looking at the screen. Janaila and Janiece's eyes were glued to the screen to. He looked just like us. I looked into the dark eyes of the man who caused all my pain.


"I cant do this" Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate, you lied." "Why didnt you tell me about her?" My mother yelled tears streaming down her face. "It wasnt your business Arie." Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate you have another daughter and your telling me its not my… Continue

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here is a song/ poem to my BFF, whereever you are, I really hope this reaches you.

Hey, darl'n with the broken smile,

 I'm here if you wanna talk or cry for a while,

 just put down the blad you don't need that,

 that does'nt lead no where,

 oh, darl'n please come home...

 cause I miss you.


I miss the way we skipped home after a school dance,

 laugh'n at those boys,

 who thought they were good enough,

 for my BFF

 I wish I could have stopped you.


He din't diserve you or your…


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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter3-This is not supposed to be happening

I looked at myself in the mirror. "Thanks Alice." I whispered. The dress looked great on me. It was a red cutout dress. It was so me. I pulled me hair back into a high ponytail. I kept my simple. I smiled as i looked at myself in the mirror. I sprayed a little bit of perfume and walked outside. Everyone turned and looked at me. I smiled. They all looked great as usual. Alice wanted to have a party for my homecoming. The whole pack stared at me. But my eyes met Collins. He had a nervous…


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love only last as long as u want it to

love only last as long as u want it to


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forgot to tell ya!!

oh ya readers,
dont forget to buy SEVENTEEN MALAYSIA,
jan 2012's edition
there is a robsten pix and Rosalie Hale Cullen
or we call her nikki reed
she reveals about twilight
and as for the robsten its about soulmate,
well get ur copy now!!
stay cool stay tuned,

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So my parents tell me I used to sleepwalk

Or, I've been observed doing it at least once. Apparently when I was a toddler they found me standing in front of the entrance way mirror, just staring in to it, and when they asked me what I was doing up so late I suddenly BOLTED.

Also related, when we went to Ottawa for my aunt's wedding eleven years ago my mom and I had to share a bed. I remember having a very vivid dream where I was back in first grade and being really ticked off at my teacher.

The next morning my…


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~Favorite Comments~

'Cause I'm not your princess, this ain't a Fairytale, I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet, lead her up the stairwell. This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town, there in my rear view mirrow dissapearing now.

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I have meet twilight cast!!!!

When I got back to school after winter break.I went to my homeroom.And before class a techer came on and said I need Jordan Currin there is someone here for her.So I went to the teacherand she said they are in the gym.So I went to the gym and there they were waiting for me and they said are you Jordan T. Currin and I said yes i’m Jordan Currin.And they said because you are ourbiggest fan.You get to stay with the new moon cast and I get a lot of new moon thing that no one is going to have.So…


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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter2-Appointment of disappointments

I looked at myself in the mirror. I finished getting myself ready. They were coming today. I knew i couldnt look like i had been crying all weekend. My whole body ached but my heart was still in pain. I felt the tears pricking my eyes. I shook my head. I took a deep breathe calming myself. I knew i had to be strong. I knew he would move on. Someone deserved him. I added lipgloss to my lips. Esme had an extra room. She was letting my borrow until i could get my…


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hye people =)


its kinda hard for me to turn off my lappy and keep the broadband in my bag,

well actually im also kinda felling sad,

cause my older posts in here are missing,

don't know where they are,

they're my fav post from all..


but nevermind,

maybe i'll revise it after this so people,

stay cool, stay tuned,


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for a while..

heyo people!!

back here in my own world, blogging,

huh so good to be able to post again,

actually i don't have any updates about twilight,

cause i've been following The Star e/day,

bu no news about it.

well i think that's it,

going to have my dinner,

stay cool, stay tuned,


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