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Could there ever be a happily ever after? _renesmee Cullen.

I could see the greyish flow of the volturi's robes. I felt insecure I didn't want to be here, to witness the death of the man people who have built a growing bond with. I was being held tight in my mums familiar arms, and I could hear the low deep snarl escape he lungs. People copied her reaction and I knew the time had come, I understood what she wanted.. She wanted me too leave for my own safety just me and Jacob. I forced myself not to weep as the words escaped her lips... "I love… Continue

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Who's Your Favorite?

For Me I have favorite Vampires in each movie and not always the good guys:

 Twilight, it's Our own Edward Cullen.

  New Moon, it's Emit Cullen.

  Eclipse, it's Jasper Hale.

 Fright Night, it's Jerry.

 Underworld, it's Kraven.

  Evolution, it's Micheal Corvin.

  Rise of the Lycans, it's Viktor.

 Blade, it's Deacon Frost.

  II, it's Reinhardt.

  Trilogy, it's Drake aka…


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The Abyss

   Water. My lungs burned from the salty water within them. I couldn't move to get air because a force was pucching on my shoulders. The weight of everything was almost unbearable. I opened my eyes to see nothing but darkness.I looked around and saw nothing just the darkness of the water. Then the pain in my lungs started to bacome a soothing bliss that made me close my eyes in content. He was here. I knew this would work. He only comes if I am close to death.



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Forgetting is sometimes good.


    1.   The meeting was held deep in the woods,where no one could see,or hear us. Sam was in front,his tail twiching in anticapation.

         What's going on? What brought all this on?, I thought, my head shaking from sid-to side.

          Behind me, Quil grunted in agreement.

          Sam finally barked.

        Enough! I've some...disturbing news. Yesterday,Seth was with his mother when Charlie called. Said…


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Silence-Chapter12pt2-Ready for everything to begin

Ace looked at me. He smiled. My heart skipped a beat. "You ready?" He said. I took a deep breathe and looked at the love of my life. He pressed his lips to mine. I instantly felt better. He pulled away and looked at me. " I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you" I said looking at my beautiful man. He grabbed me and swung me in his back. "Hold on" He said laughing. I squeezed him. He took off. It was scary but fun all at the same time. When we reachedthe house. My heart was beating so…


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So, I made this account this summer, and then I forgot about it. I was going through my old emails when I found the email saying my acount got approved and remembered I made one. So here I am. I really don't know anything about this site, so advice for the newcomer would be appreciated =D

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hope can make a person make feeling better about themself

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Thanksgiving arrived faster than i expected. Everyone pitched in, Emily did half the cooking i wouldn't let my Grandmother Esme near the Kitchen. Renesmee and i got everything baked from pies to cookies and the punch made with other dishes made as well. Everyone went out hunting while we prepared i told Renesmee to go i would take care of the food but she wouldn't budge it was the first year she got to help prepare the food for the feast.…


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I ran not being able to stop. He pulled me close to him. I looked at him. "She lied" i said the tears were choking me. "Sshhh" he said laying me agaisnt his chest. We slowly fell to the ground. I closed my eyes. My mind instantly went too my memorie of sitting between my parents. I instantly relaxed. I felt Ace's body relax too. I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful man in holding me. "You dont have to explain." He said. I could see that he's been waiting for this moment. "I met your…


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Wow, its 2012 and i havent been on here since September. To be honest, i never really intended to get on here in the first place, i guess i just thought, "Hmmm, im going to go check this out agian", but really, its been so long and alot of things have happend this year. First off, it didnt snow on Christmas or my birthday, and i kinda wanted it to, i guess it just wasnt cold enough.....maybe it will snow tomarrow. Hmm? Well anyway, my…


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I'm new here so I did not know all things here hope you understand

 I will intoduce myself I am Aedrielle Xolaie S. Sinoro or simple call me Aexl that's my nickname they call me that way when I was a child and now they call me Aexl always.

I'm a fan of The Twilight Saga mostly all of the cast in the Twilight is my fan I like them.

Hope I have New Friends here.


Added by Aedrielle Xolaie S. Sinoro on January 1, 2012 at 9:16pm — 1 Comment

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