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I would love to read another different book by Stephanie Meyers, I have read all of Twilight three times over, I still read them over and watch the movies.

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Twilight scene it

I rock at that game.  Got all the questions right and none wrong.   AMAZING RIGHT

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Why isn't Melanie's mum mentioned in 'The Host'?

I finished reading The Host about a week ago and I don't remember Melanie's mum being mentioned. She has memories of her dad from when he was taken over by a soul and led the seekers to Melanie, Jared and Jamie but I was wondering if anyone remembers anything being said about her mum? I might have missed it after all.


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ok so can't wait until breaking dawn comes out. i have been waiting for this movie to come out ever since the first one came out.

ok so can't wait until breaking dawn comes out. i have been waiting for this movie to come out ever since the first one came out. Continue

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Hidden in the Woods Part 2

My older brother! I glared daggers at them all then plopped into Frankie's chair. Frankie came in and was shocked to see me there on time, "Alee out of my chair we need to discuss what you've done!" I rolled my eyes, "Frankie, I was late for school," I sighed dramatically and thrust out my arms, "Slap the cuffs on now Frankie! I'm only going to be another bugger flipped at The Royal Moose!" Frankie was blushing heavily, "Alee!" my brother shouted jumping from his chair. I shot him the…


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"BELLA?" I heard Alice's familiar voice calling me.

"In here Alice." I called in reply

"Oh hello!"

Alice walked into the kitchen of the Cullen's house. She was holding hands with Renesme and humming a tune.

"Do you know where Edward is?" I asked. He had been gone for many days and I was starting to get extremely worried.

"Didn't he tell you?" Alice asked.

"Tell me what?"

"He went hunting with Emmet a couple days ago. I was sure he told…


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Finishing Breaking Dawn

Well I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday and luved it. I like how 1st u think its a fight then a surrender then a fight then a surrender.=ts throws you off ballance and then you just dont know in the end ha ha and thats a good thing though that ypu dont know then ending to a book. I cant waight till Brwaking Dawn comes out. I also like were they split the book up into 3 parts. Then put the movie into 2 pts. even tho im sad i can't see the end till next year its a good stragity. :) THANK YOU SO… Continue

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My wolves


Name: Meeko

Status: Alive and well

Age: 8ish

Personality: Meeko Is strong, hearted and is hard to get along with. He is very confusing and is hard to figure out, he doesnt like to be around much.. He has a temper sometimes, but can be very calm and relaxing to those who are close to him. He is a Deadly fighter, And tends to stay to himself. He's complicated to figure out, And He trys so hard to please…


Added by XxLost and forgottenxX [[Sam]] on February 24, 2011 at 7:00pm — No Comments

to our december- meaning of title

The meaning of to our December is related to

Taylor Swift's Back to December. If things had got any worse at the snowing river scene between blake and kira,it would have been like the meaning of the song. but in the end, they realize that they can't always have a rough, playful relationship like they used to. Especially since they only have five years left together, and then they have to go their separate ways. They get serious over each other at the river scene and realize that they… Continue

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renesmee is a sweet girl shehas bella beautiful crules and brown ]

eyes i can almost dicriped a half human and half vampire

i would want one just like renesmee. every time i think…


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Letter to the Cast.



Dear Cast,

Hey. Thank you so much for being really good at what you do. I enjoy…


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Kinda Tired

You know im kinda tired og the twilight coppies. I like them because i can't keep reading the same 4 books 4million times, so there helpful. But, then i mean if your gonna read a copy of twilight then just read twilight. It seems like there for someone who is afraid of reading twilight cuz some ppl mite not like it so they read these. They are the second choice. I like them, but twilight is twilight.

Like coppies that like human blood or something like that where its a vampire a…


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midnight sun

My friend told me about midnight sun edward side of the story and it was totally amazing and it was like you were in the book.  It was amazing

Added by All Vampire queen on February 23, 2011 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Someone Hurts Someone Heals

its true when u watch TWILIGHT- u begin seeing positivity. U believe ur dreams even if they don't come true. So Charlotte is being ignored day in and day out by the only person she desires attention from. But it is not to be. As he has no interest in her and keeps her at arms length shunning every advance she makes. She feels depressed, low and extremely lonely.She closes her eyes. In comes Edward with his beautiful, innocent smile and eyes that speak volumes. He confesses that he loves… Continue

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I wake up in the morning thinking about you

I look into the morror and what i see is new

Everywhere i go i have you on my mind

'Cause everywhere i am i know that you are mine!


i need some…


Added by Vampiregirl on February 22, 2011 at 10:11pm — 4 Comments

The Life Of A Teenage Vampire Chpt.11

I pressed my lips together , disbelieving. "Look Elise , I'm not a vampire . I .... She cut me off holding up her

polished finger nails , "Don't try to trick me Callie. I'm smarter than you think. Just tell me ... I won't tell anyone."

I hesitated at war with myself. If I did tell her , would she really not tell? Would she want to be one? Would she treat

me like a monster? I couldn't tell her , I just could not. "I'm not lying. I have a disease . No joke. " I made my…


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Letter to Stephenie


Dear Stephenie Meyer,

Thank you so much for writting your books. They help me not be alone anymore i day dream all the time about Twilight. I dream that there is a young cute…


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Renesmee + Jacob

I think that it is kinda weird that Jacob falls in love with Renesmee cuz she a baby and mi opion (dont tell me wether im rong or right plz) is that when Renesmee gets older than imagine that  "Hi mi darling wife Renesmee, oh and by the way i was and always will be in love with ur mom 2" that just a little weird and i think that poor Renesmee will die b4 any one of them does. and i would be a little affened because i was… Continue

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  This is my name in hieroglphs   This is Tori Jackson in Hiroglphs


 This is my name in hieroglphs


This is Tori Jackson in Hiroglphs


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Can't Forget

Did you think I could forget when you stood by my side.

How could I forget when I took strides to see you. I cant forget the things you do to make me laugh.  

I cant forget the way I felt when I first met you.  …


Added by Bree Elizabeth on February 22, 2011 at 6:56pm — 2 Comments

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