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gold fish

i bought a gold fish yesterday i love her already i can't wait to get home to see her i'm in last hour at school. have you ever bought a fish and forgot to buy food for her so before school the store and bought food for her. she is so small i love her love her. my mom was joking about eating her and stuff like that. my mom and dad said the same time i had my first fish. so do any of you have a pet? i what to know. getting off that lets talk about boyfriends so do you think that your boyfriend… Continue

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I never really thought you-Chapter 2-Summers over,Welcome Fall

"Lily, Come on." Matt said tugging on my arm. "No. I have to get her." I said pulling away from him. I ran to my sister on the floor. "Deliah come on." I said tugging on her. She was too heavy. The smoke was burning my eyes. My skin started feeling like it was on fire. "Please, Deliah get up." I said screaming. My lungs were screaming for air. "Deliah looked at  me. " "Go, Lily." "Go,Now." She said. I looked at my sister. I kissed her lightly. "I love you." I said in a whisper. I felt…


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I Love Booth and Bones!!!

Brennan: I’m not positive this is a good idea.

Booth: I got you, I got you. Stay up here. Okay. It’s all right. Here we go, one more. Well, you know what? I gotta stay up all night, so who better to keep me company than you?

Brennan: You and me skating is saving you from slipping into a coma?

Booth: Easy, Bones. Now I’m gonna go down.

Brennan: I have a lot of…


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I never really thought you-Chapter 1-This is going to be different...

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I had on Rainbow tee with some ripped shorts and some dark green tights. I grabbed my yellow combat boots. I checked my curly brown hair that was up. That had rainbow dyed ends.I grabbed all my rings and slid them on. I grabbed my bag and smiled at myself. Today was the first day of my senior year. My last year of childhood. I felt the nerves building in my stomach. My phone vibrated. I knew it was Suzy. "Get out here:)" I smiled and took one last…


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Sometimes the pain is worth it-Chapter 1-Fascinated

I walked into school. Everyone was whispering. I knew we had someone new. All the girls looked there best. So i knew it was a guy. The guys tried to look like they couldnt care less. But if you really looked at them. You could see they were just as fascinated. I got to history and put in my ear phones. I started reading a new Sarah Dessen novel. She was one of my new favorites. Kate nash was blaring in my ears. I was so caught up in my book. That i didnt realize class had started until i felt… Continue

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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter-The wedding pt. 2

Late looked at me with a blank expression. I knew i was too late. I let the tears fall. I turned around walking away. "Ariana?" Lates voice called out. I turned to see him on one knee. Holding a ring. I ran to him. He stood and caught me in his arms. I pressed my lips to his loving feeling every emotion. I pulled away looking at the beautiful. My beautiful man. "Marry me Ariana?" He said with a beautiful loving expression. "Yes." I said pressing my lips to his. I pulled away and looked at… Continue

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The one for me

Chapter One: I got back from Arizona three days ago.I had to spend time with my mom before she moved with my step dad ,Matthew, to Australia for seven years. Now I'm back to rainy old Washington with my dad ,James, he works at the "Wal-mart" two towns away from where we live so, I never get to see him. He leaves the house at like ,7 am and come back around 11 pm. So yeah, it's a tight job being the "so-called manager" of Wal-Mart. "Tick-tack-tick,tock." it came from…


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Love Triangle-Chapter 1

"Hey Maggie, whats up?"

"Hey, nothing. Do you want to hang out later after school?"

"Sure my house?"

"Yeah, parents."

Colin is taller than me, about 6-foot last time I checked. He has short brown hair, that always sticks up, and grey-blue eyes. He is strong, definite 6-pack, maybe 8. He is gorgeous and girls like him, he just doesn't know it because they don't talk to him. Everyone thinks we are together, let them think what they want.

Colin and I meet at…


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New Story-Love Triangle-Intro



I have one friend. His name is Colin. We have been friends since preschool, shen some kids were laughing at me. H glared at them, then took my hand and pulled me towards the swings saying, "We have to stick together now, no matter what."

I was all happy about it because now I had a friend forever. He has been my only friend since. Nobody talks to either of us. We are best friends, friends for life.…


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