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Long Time

Wow, so I haven't been on here for a while. Lots of new things: I've been dating a guy since shortly after I "left", I moved, have a cat, graduated from college, have a great full time job, and am on the way to getting engaged and married. I miss these discussions, for a while I was kind of sick of Twilight, predominantly because of the movies. But I am looking forward to seeing The Host, and I'm going to start coming back. While I don't have such a great opinion about the books any more,…


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What do you think of Stephanies new book?

Its really nice, i really love it. But twilight is the best book ever.

actually twilight is the first book i read, then i think it was really intersting all the vampire thingy so i decided to read all the book of twilight.

really awesome.. i hope theres more!

Added by Aby Estrella on February 24, 2013 at 1:34am — 6 Comments

Valentine's Day

What is the meaning of valentine's day?

Well to me valentine's day is a day where you can tell that special someone how you love them. Valentine's day is the day where you can find that special someone. It's a day where you can find out if that guy or girl that you've been crushing on likes you to. You can admit you fellings without geting hurt.

So to all those couples out there I would just like to say congradulations to you and I wish you all the happieness in the world and I want… Continue

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Stephenie Meyer signs THE HOST!

Stephenie Meyer will be signing her book THE HOST starting next week in six cities!

Check out if your town made the list and RSVP on Facebook.

Tuesday - February 19, 2013 - Coral Gables

3:00 - 6:00…


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And then I met you.

I thought I was the only girl in class that rarely raised her hand. 

          And then we met each other.

I thought I was the only one that acted different everywhere I went.

          And then one became two.

I thought I was the only girl that nobody liked, yet everyone loved.

          And then you weren't the only.

I thought we were unique at something for once.

          And then we met her.

I thought we were beautiful were…


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Midnight.... Ch.4 Nightmare

It was finally June. Aro let me go wherever at this month. Every year I decided to go to Forks, Washington. Plenty of deer to kill, and if I’m lucky maybe even a mountain lion. My hair flew behind me as my legs moved faster above the thick grass. I brushed against a tree here and there, but it never slowed down my stride. I loved to run. I loved having the wind blow on my face. I loved being faster than wind.

            I jumped over a fallen tree quickly, returning to a fast stride…


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Hearts are broken every day, lives are lost, feelings hurt, dreams are broken and often lost. In a sea where they remain. Where they are nolonger a current dream but a faded shadow of ones imagination instead. But why suffer these tragides in life, tragides that often can be pervented. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger that time heals all wounds. But who wants to feel pain, loss, and who wants to suffer? And does it really make you stonger or weaker instead? Does time… Continue

Added by Jazzmeyn on February 10, 2013 at 11:58am — 1 Comment

Who i am vs. who i should be.

I know I'm not the only one who has parents who think that everyting I do is the wrong way. I love to write and read and dance! But that's not a perfect career to reach for. I want to be a counsler! But what if that doesn't work out. What will I fall back on. According to my parents I should be shooting to be a doctor of lawyer. That's not what I want to be. That's not who I am. But is it really who I should be? I don't know. In their world star shouldn't fall. They should stay in the sky. But… Continue

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I Want You To Know I Love You

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve. And It Usually Leads To My Demise. So If You Would, Please Be Nice To Me. I Know I'm Annoying, And Hard To Look At. But I'll Probably Care For You And End Up Loving You, And No, I Don't Mean Relationship Wise. But Yes, Keep Being Who You Are.

(Not Talking To Anyone In General, Just Talking To Anyone Who Decides To Talk To Me)

Added by xMimiMotionlessx on February 8, 2013 at 9:21pm — 5 Comments

Midnight.... Ch.3 Vegan

Aro greeted me as I entered the large building. “Back so fast?” he held my hand, “And you haven’t even eaten?”

            I looked around the room cautiously; there was a human here. Young, lovely, very busy with her work. Does she even know that we might kill her? Her bulging brown eyes smiled at me, then returned to her pile of papers.

            “Yes she does. She’s just hoping to accompany us someday.”

            “Will you?”

            He sighed. “Maybe,…


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Midnight... Ch.2 Crave

I ran after Jane, leaving behind my new friend Aro. I felt like lightning, so fast. The wind could barely touch me, or catch up to me for that matter. The people among the streets could barely see me. People. It hit me. The urge. The burn.

            I stopped, breathing heavily. I shouldn’t kill, right? But the crave is so large, I must have to have it. Then I felt another thing, a sting on my hand. “Ouch!” I yelled reaching for my burning hand.

            Jane was behind…


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Should They Make Another Twilight Film/Write Another Book or Both?

Should They Make Another Twilight Film/Write Another Book or Both?

I think they should write another book and make into another Twilight film this time instead of it being Edward and Bella's love story it should be Renesmee's and Jacob's love story and what happens to them throught their life, or maybe All about The Cullens and their indivual lives before they came together as a family, or the Volturi's life before they met The Cullens Or The Humans: Jessica, Angela, Mike, Eric And… Continue

Added by Alice Cullen on February 8, 2013 at 2:05pm — 3 Comments

A Breakdown of Bella's Wedding Dress

Can you believe it took four seamstresses to complete Bella's gown? These snaps and many more can all be found in The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion.

PS: Even more Twi-fun can be…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 20 - Letting go is sometimes the best thing to do

I watched as the tree's passed by. The cool air sweet from the light rain. Daughter's voice floating around me. The car started to slow. My heart beat rose slightly. We all got out. I opened the back seat door. She wouldnt look at me. Tears filled my eyes. My heart tug. I helped her out of the car. She didnt put up a fight. I took her hand. Her grip was loose on mine. Her hand was cool and brittle. We walked to the small building. We walked in we were hit with a sweet almost to sweet small.…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 19 - All i know is to protect

We all turned as we heard my mother's voice. My father gasped as he took in her form. He was seeing for the first time what she had become. She wasnt the vibrant spit fire any longer. Her fire had died long ago and was replaced with a brewing volcano that when ready to erupt it was going to be a disaster. My father took a small step closer to my mother. I stepped in front of him blocking his view of her. "I think it's time for you to leave Naivei." I said in a…


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