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The Life Of A teenage Vampire Chpt.21

He gritted his teeth and his hands balled up into fists at his sides. "Why would she even try to do that?" He asked.

"She wants Mike but Jackie loves him, so in order to get to him..." I looked down. "I won't let her get away with it," he

hissed. He looked so mad . But who wouldn't be mad if their girlfriend's former best friend tried to kill his sister?

'We will have to fight for her. John and I. We can stop her.' Steven…


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twilight funny..I'm hotter than you..



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twilight funny ...(That's hot - jake and nessi )

hahahah..thats funny..…

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twilight funny ...dreams come true

 we're all in love with Edward cullen ... But some of us still have…

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love is something you dont give up on reguardless

no matter what road it leads you down

you stick to it

a broken heart is not easy to fix

its like a mirror

better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it

love can last an eternity

just seal it with a kiss <3

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Jouranl 2

School is boring but  I get good grades. Still no sign of my Jacob buy I hope he will come soon. Mom and Dad and my other family are still hunting I don't know why. Everyday, Everynight I have a vison that jacob is hurt and needs me help

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Haleam Talk! :P

hey im just now getting started on twilight saga so wish me luck!

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Fraudulent Vidoes

Apparently someone who calls themselves "Amanda Cullen" is hacking people's emails from this site. He/She sends a message, claiimng to know you from sometime in the past. The message contains a link to the video.


CAUTION: do not try to go there. My malware/anti-virus picked up the site as a bad website.

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backstabbing friends. . .

backstabbing friends; got any, i shure do!

one minute they're liike your my bestiie; then the next miinute they're alL liike, duude i hate you get outta my life.

or they taLk about you to other people.

if your gonna say something about someone; say it to their faace && not to someone else or their friiends; because if you telL it to their friends than obviousLy your telLing it to the wrong person because they're friend EVERYTHING your sayiing.

haters wilL…


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Great series

I just read a great series and wanted to share it with anyone interested.  I just read the fever series by katheren moning.  Excellent read.  You have to read all five books to find out what happends, but it is well worth it.  I hope that this is helpful to anyone looking for something new to read.


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The Life Of A Teenage Vampire chpt.20

"Please, just don't hurt him."  I pleaded. She razed one eyebrow. "Why would I do that?"  " What are you doing here

then?" I asked , confusedly. She smiled so pleasantly it was frightening. "Your-friend Jackie stole Mike away from me."

"But, he loves Jackie." I said quietly. "No!" She snapped. I recoiled back like I had just received  a  lash from a whip.

"He just thinks he does. Jackie got to him before I could persuade him to come back to me." She said…


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Angeals of Twilights #

Angels Of Twilight…


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Hi I'm loveless the werewolf, this story is gonna take place after the year 2012, it's gonna draw your attention in like black hole, lol so check it. I'll be done with the book sooner than you know it :)

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My mother is finally graduating. After..nearly 16 years. Sheesh. She a Rn- Registered Nurse. Or as I like to call it- Rich Nurse

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like omg :)

Don't you think that teachers shoun't be able to where normal clows but we haft to where unaforms :…


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Hey there, This is Maigen. I was just letting u guys know for all u Eward fans he and Bella are SlitsVillejust to let u know.of letting u know in the future with like flying cars and no roads at all. For all u Jacob fans good job and keep getting the work done. Oh and dont go to team Edward he Sucks. Sorry for all u Edward fans but it is sooooooo true I have to go I am so sorry. I will write more tomrrow. Oh wish me luck for signing what class I want to be in for jr. high. So I decided to take… Continue

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The Life Of A teenage Vampire Chpt.19

I considered this. Hunting? I hadn't been hunting in a month or two , which was not a good decision on my part.

It took almost every ounce of my inner strength not to kill Anna, my parents  or --sigh-- Mike. This must've been a new

thing for them. Wasn't it...? I suppose I could've just not known this whole time. I mean, he doesn't stay all night.

"I wouldn't be a burden?" I asked. He looked…


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Silent Dreams: cahpter 4, Coven

The hours ticked by slowly that saturday night. Larain wasnt in our dorm, which was unusual. She promised she would be back by midnight. It was two a.m. currently. I became fed up with the silence of the rooms and turned on my iPod. I thought about cheaking my e-mail, to see if my mom had sent me any thing, but decied againest it. So I sat there in the darkness with the only light coming from the window where the moonlight spilled through and onto the floor. About an hour later I heard…


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My Mind



Franco!!(shirtless, obviously.)

Steven Strait


 Jackson Rathbone....and a cute guy. =)

 J.R! In a truck!!!!!??!?!



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