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My new story

I’m here


          “Please wake up”-he hold her in his strong arms-“Wake up I need you”. All the tears he had fought throughout all this time started to run down his cheek. “I love you, and I can’t let this happen”. He felt how this awful sensation of pain and heaviness in his chest, it all became too much for him to handle. He looked up and screamed-“Why!”-He wanted to blame someone else for what was happening, but deep inside him he knew…


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Sorry haven't been updated in ages ! Here we go......

One week. 4  (Valeries (P.O.V)

    I was rocking out to ' On the floor' J low when I slipped my arm past the shower curtain to grab my towel, wrapped it round under my arms and slapped the curtain back. There was a someone stood leaning casually against the sink,

    " Not the best singing I've ever heard, I must admit." I instantly snapped into fight mode, all I knew is he was I threat I didn't recognize. I jumped… Continue

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love at dusk

Just two random people? wrong these to were meant to be. This is how it all happened.


    I was just standing in line waiting to get my stuff checked on when a drop dead gorgous dude walked in I was ugh just another guy. Or…


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the rite way to do things

Why are these guys chasing me! Domona screamed to herself. Alex were gonna get you. Guy 1 yelled. Ya no tricks now the big dude yelled. We got nets and tazers! the 3 & 4 one yelled together. o my why so much i am not that bad and who is alex? I ran like i never did before curving and turning and racing past and hit a dead end. uh oh! I am cornered by these guys and they dont look very happy. Hi alex nice seeing you here, hmm like my nose you did this to me!!!…


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forbidden chapter 1



                    THE ESCAPE



                   "What do you want PRINCESS HELEN?"i asked.

"where's my food?" She whined." right…


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Hetalia/drake&Josh mash-up (LOL!)


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(1) Blood thirsty

Chapter 1: 

Jake POV:

I never even considered falling…


Added by J3N [FNAX21] on March 22, 2012 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Forever- Chapter 2

     Edward Alice and I all walked to lunch to meet up with Jasper, Rose and Emmet and then Alice stoped cold, she was having a vision.  "What is it Alice?" I asked alittle paniced by the look on hers and Edward's faces. 

   Edward told me that Carlise had changed two people and the change was so fast that they are going to wake up any minute now.  We found the others we didn't bother with the car and ran.  The two people were 15 year old twins named Olivia and Jack.  Esme had thought…


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A Question About a Song, If You Will

The song DECODE, by Paramore. . . Was that song written specifically for  the Twilight movies, or is that just my wild imagination gone awry. . . as it usually does.

Anway. Today was the first day back at school after Spring Break.  And you know what I realized? .  .  . I didn't miss my prison **cough cough** sorry, my school.

You know that none of my classrooms have any windows? I'm not making this up, people. I have never been in a classroom in my school that has…


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My 1st Post!

 Hey all of you guys on "" right now am reading Eclipse  for the 19th time! almost finished it just never gets old. While listening to "Eyes Open" on youtube by Taylor Swift! Awesome song ! go check it out at:

i will post something soon

See Ya 

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What am I up to?

None of your picky beeswax.

Haha, just kidding.

Seriously though. . .

Let's see, right now I'm typing this, listening to Bella's lullaby (my favorite), staying up later than I should. . . the norm.

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Our favorite comments. <3

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twilight breaking dawn part 2

guess what me and my bff ellisha is goes to see part 2 yayyyyyyyyy

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The Truth

I want the truth from everyone. If you were in Bellas shoes and were given the world on a silver platter (be you a girl or a guy) and romanced unconditionly knowing that your past doesn't matter to the other person, would you take that chance? Would you be willing to sacrafice everything including your friends and family to be with them? And is anyone going through this as we speak?

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Romance or trapped?

I would like to know yalls opinions on this thought. I sat down and thought there are so many chances that Edward couldve gotten out of it WAY before the relationship started, not to mention Alice should've seen him with her. So my question has to be this, is it truely love? Or is he with her because he was told hey youre going to be with this girl the rest of your immortal life?

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Forever- Chapter One

OK just so you guys know this is the story after Breaking Dawn, based on the bestselling series created by STEPHENIE MEYER no copyright intended, I own nothing.


                  We were back in town, back in Forks, after 80 years, but everything was…


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Breaking Dawn my way chapter 1

Here's what happened. So far ....never mind, read the chapter before this at this link.




"Jacob gimme a sec"…


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In School

Nothing I JUST Wanted To Say Im In ScHOOL

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Songs :)

Put your I-pod on shuffle for every question use the song title as the answer

1. What would you say about your boyfriend?

Good Girls Go Bad

2. Whats The First thing you say in the morning? 

Kiss my Country…


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Full Moon- Chapter 3

Willow's point of view


When the train station finally came into view,I almost passed out with relief. My legs were aching, my head was pounding, all I wanted was to sit and rest; which I could do easily on a train. Acantha steered me towards the ticket booth and bought two tickets on the 13:45  train to Seattle. It was only just turned one. I looked at my companion "So we've got time to kill." I stated. She rolled her eyes "we have absolutely no time to kill, we're late!" I…


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