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Hey peeps.Whaz up its Dr.TMad here with the Deets on what everyone here is obsessed with TWILIGHT!!!!!

  1. Have you guys heard that Rob and Kris might pair up again to act in the upcoming film Fifty shades of Grey?The couple might be playing Christian Grey and…

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Team Jacob or Team Edward

Which team are you on? Why?

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Story idea

Anyone think a story would be interesting with Jake, Edward, Bella, and an original character of mine? In it Jake loves Gwen (my character) and Bella, and sees Edward as a rival. Gwen loves Jake, hates Bella, and slightly dislikes Edward. Edward loves Bella, hates Jacob, and lusts for Gwen. And Bella loves Edward, has a crush on Jacob, and hates Gwen. And then you know, I have to make a plot around it.

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breaking dawn part 2

what did you guys think of the ending

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Happily ever after

That wass a good end and i liked the part when bella showed edward her flash back

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I will do anything to protect you i love you to death i will always take care of you i love you more than life its self

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Heart Broken

When you feel like your world is crashing down,

When you fall in love with the wrong person,

A person, who doesn't feel tha' same...

Therefore, you feel like an idiot for feeling tha' way you do about that person.

All that person tells you is a sorry??

I am just so confused && Lost...

Would A real friend start talking to tha' guy you love?? KNowing the way you feel about him?? <'3

Sad Story }:

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love him





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If Renesme is not immortal,then what is she?  She should reach full growth after seven years and live forever.  Would that not be considered immortal?

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What if it never happened - Chapter 27 - Decisions are bigger than choices

I stare at the back of Chance's head. I see little specks of gray in his deep brown hair. His breathing is slow. The air is still muggy. I feel itchy. I sit up walking to the bathroom grabbing my gray one- piece i had it for a few years it was worn but comfy. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I grabbed my towel. I walked out of the room quietly. They had a pool inside the resort. I opened the door quietly. I got into the cool water instantly feeling refreshed. I laid on my back floating…


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Love this quotation out of The Twilight Saga. "You are my life now..."

Love this quotation out of The Twilight Saga. "You are my life now..."


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What if it never happened - Chapter 26 - Seeing you for the first time it feels like .

I woke up the air muggy. It was going to be a warm day. It brought a smile to my lips. I shook Chance. "We should go swimming." I whisper. He smiles and presses his lips lightly to mine. I know thats a yes. I jump up basically running to get my stuff together. I'm exicted this is the first swim of my summer. I took out the swimsuit Lila sent me. It was a bronze two piece. When she sent it too me i called her wondering what was going through her mind. I wasnt fat but i wasnt a small girl. I…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 25 - Maybe my light was dimmed by own being but your's was stronger more powerful.

I looked at him. Everything disappeared around me. "Janaila ?" You whisper in Awe. The ache is gone. I feel lightheaded. You walk forward almost to see if i'm real but i step back. Someone calls your name. I look to see her. She is still as beautiful as she was the day in kitchen. She looks at me with the same expression you had. Awe and unbelief. I only see that because the next thing i know i'm running. I'm running hard. Air not being breathed. Everything blurry. I open door. My legs burn…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 24 - Now we know

"Janaila Michaels." Mr. Roberts called my name into the microphone. People appauled i heard Janine and Evan hooting. I smiled grabbing my dipolma. I looked at my Mr. Roberts mouthing thankyou. He nodded in a welcomed gesture. Everything was a blur after that. Soon i found Lila pulling me to my feet and us throwing our hats in the air. We made it. We made it through high school. Happy Tears flowed freely down my face as i pulled Lila into my arms. "We did it…


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Forgotten Story's?

Hello,if you enjoy my stories or if your still on this site and reading my stories and would like to read the rest of the story's, please comment on my wall and ask for the story. Due to the low number of member on I only show the chapters to people who would actually like to read them.If you do comment ,I need to warn you that I may not reply for a while,its very difficult for me no get on a computer since mine has broken.

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Thank you everyone for responding and commenting on my posts.  I know have Twilight Fans I can relate to.  Nobody at my job or my family is as into the saga as I have recently become.  Danette, thank you for the compliment on my name.  I quote Edward in regards to Renseme's name in Eclipse, he says to "it certainly fits the situation."  So, in regards to Renesme, she is half vampire and half human?  How come she is not venomous?  As the boy that Alice found was able to change his aunt, the…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 23 - Sometimes saying Goodbye is the best thing you can do

Everything was packed. I looked at the bare home. It was the way i bought it. I smiled thinking about how far it had come. "You ready ?" Naivei said. "Yeah." I said looking at the place one more time. I walked out of the house locking it up one more time. My stomach flipped. I put the keys in the mailbox. I got into Naivei's truck. He drove slowly through the woods. I watched as the tree's passed. I would miss everything about the forest. We reached the house.…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 22 - Hiding is not forgetting

I woke up monday morning thinking nothing in particular. I hadn't heard from Seth since the friday dinner. It hurt but i pushed through. I went to work. I smiled played nice. Esme came over saturday afternoon. We started on the back out the house. She never mentioned friday night. I spent Saturday night studying for my geomtry test. Sunday i started studding a jean jacket. I never checked my phone. I kept it off. Now i was standing in front of the mirror doing…


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Samantha Burningwood

Vlad Guile James Cullen

Mossirey Ishmael…


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