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Wow, it seems like just yesterday I created this account. I was in 8th grade, but now I'm a freshman in college! Logging on used to be fun because I would have messages and fanfictions that I read would be updated. I remember talking to people on this site and how excited we were when New Moon was about to be released.

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 23 - Us (:

"You like your dress baby ?" I say looking g at Amena. She looks up at her eyes wide filled with happiness. "Pretty Mama." She says in her soft voice. "Yes , baby pretty." I say bending down kissing her forehead. I stand back up looking at myself in the mirror. I look beautiful. My dress is tight fitted see through lace bodice with diamond beading down the sides. My hair which is a light turquoise color now. Is curled in an half up half down curly hairstyle. My makeup simple with a touch of…


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CAHSEE a.k.a Crappy Ass High School Exit Exam

So these past two days we have done nothing but test. And let me tell you! A fourth grader could have taken that test ok maybe an advance fourth grader and it's so sad the standard this state has us testing in. But that's all over now and tomorrow will be just a regular day :D Well at least i hope it is. And I swear everyday i feel like {ok this part might be weird, but i kinda nickname my crush dance partner so um…


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Boring days and fun people

Well today was , well boring. Well at least my day out of school was, my home life consists of watching t.v, eating dinner, internet surfing, socializing with the family I love, and procrastinating on homework.(which is very bad) But at school, now that's a different situation. I'm surrounded by my loving yet rambunctious friends, that always find a joke to make, I'm around the guy I like (while trying to get over…


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Today's Blog Post_ Wednesday _ 03_ 03_ 14_ Is that you Lamonnt ? From Twilight Saga....

This happen many moons ago...   mom and  I went to the flea market _   it was in the open area of the flea market they have buildings but  have a  large  open area  and  there  was this  colored  Gentleman  Twilight wasn't  even in  existed  yet he had the same mannerisms, same do, color  of eyes.  look even dressed the same as Lamont....  Even his voice and accent sounded like Lamont's .  What  I  got from him  was  some extra large   wraps  several  with  black  /  orange  looked  like a …


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"Welcome To Dava Katherine's Twilight Blog".

Proudly is a member since  Tuesday_  O2_ 04_ 2014 @ started  this blog

on  Wednesday _ 02_05_2014_   .

How  I  feel  now.  in  a great  mood  just a  little  foolish,  I seen this new members name  and  I  like  to  make new friends feel welcome  I know how it is to  be  new  someone, don't  know  anyone  and   or your way around  well  I wasn't  paying  attention   I  saw someone new  and was going to  welcome  them.  lol  lol  it  was  me..  BOY!  is  my face  RED!



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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 22 - Settling us into a new normal

"Come on baby , come on." I say reaching Amena. Her face is serious. Her lips bent in concentration. I watch my baby move slowly her legs wobbly. "Come on Amena , just a little more steps." I say encouraging her. Amena wobbles all the way into my arms. I grip her closely just showing Amena with kisses. "Good job baby , you walked." "You walked." I say. "Did you get that on camera ?" I say to Sem. He's smiling from ear to ear. "Yes , our baby walked. You walked baby." Sem says giving her a…


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Having a spaz attack

I am right now having a spaz attack! I feel like dancing and i am hyper. Maybe it was the coke or the cake. Not eaten together obviously but for one reason or another i am spazzing out! Please let me know if there is a number for an open mental asylum. Thank you!

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