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Who is the Wolverine?


Wolverine is a character from the fictional Marvel Universe, which is a so-called Multiverse, meaning there are many different parallel universes (each with its own continuity). The main universe is the 616 Universe, which is the universe and continuity of most of the comics published by Marvel Comics which exists since the early 60s. All of the ongoing series are part of the 616…


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     I don't know what's that feeling,it doesn't make me amazing,it just make me feel naturely.i have hurt,but now i fallin'love again,it just me what i want,so i think we can go well 4ever,maybe this is the love

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My Story

Okay so um, I have been very busy tying my story. Snd I need some advice. I need to choose between two of the storylines. Should the story be about a girl whose parents died and she now lives with her aunt and uncle, and this is her first time back to school in a year, and she has lost all her friends, she barely talks, and her whole life changes when she meets Caleb. He is from another planet and since the day he was born he was bonded to Sawyer and it has ever since been his duty to keep…


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I loved The Twilight Saga so much I didn't want it to end! My solution was to write my own versions of the story! 

I have just finished my sixth and longest story - Evermore.

I have enjoyed adding my own characters into the stories.…


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Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever {one direction love story} written by me

I wake up to the beams of light streaming through the opaque curtains of Louis’s bedroom. I stretch and acidentilly hit Louis in the head. I giggle then check if he is okay. He holds his head and complains “abuse! Abuse!” I giggle and kiss him where I hit him. He gets up first and tosses clean clothes on the bed for me. I get up and change into a white tanktop and black jeggings. Louis was doing his…


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I think this is what my writing looks like, This is what my English teacher thinks I write like.                                                                                                       …

I think this is what my writing looks like, This is what my English teacher thinks I write like. 



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So true

"Edward is the fastest, Emmett is the strongest, but Jasper is the only one who can sit in the corner and make eberyone else feel jealous!".

Omg that is so true go Jasperxx :D

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Sacrificed Love

I sacrificed my love for you soon I realized that I hate everything about you but I don’t understand why I Still love you. And you should know that I can never take one more step closer to you, because the only

Thing waiting is regret is regret, and you should know that I’m not your ghost anymore. You lost the love You love the most. Besides I should have known you were trouble from the first kiss. I gave you all…


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Eve Corvin's Information...

Basic Info…

Full Name: Eve Corvin

Goes By: Eve…


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My twilight poem

there comes a time in life when we no longer care for nor feel the spite. we learn to feel numb and move on. i feel that day to day. the feel of morphine moving through your body, clouding even your mind. and as this happens, we feel not the deadend weight, but the chains of mockery and hate pull us down. sorrow floods our veins, and before we know it we are completely alone, with no hand-holds. 

then there is a shift, and maybe this happens at a strange time, maybe not. the feel of…


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breaking dawn premiere

I really want to go to a premiere. Especially the breaking dawn part 2 premiere, but i have no idea how. any ideas

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moving forward


Some days I’m flying high and no one can touch me. On other days, I can always feel screams rising in my throat. When life gets you down, what can you really do? I just try and put on a mask that makes it better. I try as hard as I can to look at the bright side of things even if that seems imposable. Let’s reflect on some things that have happened to me that I’ve had to try to get…


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Chapter 2: 

"It's about time you got here we were going to send a werewolf or something to look for you, what took you so long Jake." My sister Kerie was apperantly upset I could see it. "I got side tracked." I said it sounded like I was puzzled but I ignored it. LIAR. my brain snapped instantly.  I ignored that comment and just kept trying to figure out if there was something different with my sister. I…


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Heyy, so I had a comment saying it was long and yeah I know but please keep reading anyway! Im hoping I can keep going with this for as long as possible or at least until I think it's finished. I'm just posting it online for advice on things you think I could improve on or character ideas...... I really appreciate your help, so thank you! :D

Here comes chapter five...

'One in-law's enough'. 5  (Lily's P.O.V)

    'I was standing all alone in a blossoming… Continue

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the last light

it might be the last light but anything can happen no matter what comes in our way just reminded you can make your own dreams come true! 

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~Awakening Dawn~ Sneak Peak Twilight Fanfiction Meets Zombies (Not your typical Twilight/Zombie Tale)

"In the end nothing else matters except for the love you hold for your family. In the end when these things are taking over it shall be your duty to stop it. Your sister may have created it, but that is no reason to disown her. I just hope none of you turn into one of those things for if so the world and humanity shall perish."- Michaya to the…


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