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Please don't skip over, this is really sweet.

A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty , he said... no . She asked him if he would want to be with her forever ....and he said no . She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry ? and once again he replied with a no .

She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said......You're not pretty you're beautiful . I don't want to be with you forever . I NEED to be… Continue

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Death comes and go
you don't know where
or when it may appear.
It could be now, later
or in ten years.
You won't know
when it comes for
You shouldn't be
afraid of death
'cause death is part
of life.
I'll tell you one thing
and that is, that
I'm not afraid
of death.

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lalalalalalalalalalalalllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa Continue

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The Purpose Of The Twilight Challenge; By Laura Lenix

Hi Twilight Fans & friends, This is about the reason why I started the Twilight Challenge, This Challenge is for the ones who are as devoted & can't get enough of the Twilight Saga Phenomenon; I totally enjoy reading the books over & over again , of course I also read many other varieties of books one of the Twilight books are being read as well. It's amazing how when I read the books in order of course , I'm to (OCD) to read them out of order . I'm always captivated by the story… Continue

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what next?

Is anyone else know if she is going to tie up the loose ends? will the questions like will the volturi will come after them as individuals or what happened to nessie and jacob? when will the next movie come out?

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First the bad...then the good...

The bad: I HAD to do pharmacy inventory last night. I realize that part of my job is to count pills, but this was just bottle after bottle and I was up and down and left to right from shelf to shelf and I thought that it would never end. Then, as luck would have it, as the store closed, the lights went out. The lights are supposed to stay on 24/7. So, I'm doing inventory in the pharmacy with a little lightbulb clipped to any place allowing me enough light to see. What an exciting night I… Continue

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Picture Perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if we took a picture of are own heart and let the world see? Would we then get those thousand words from some one else or just the one word from are self? I have tried to find a way to describe the feelings deep with in my own heart. Will we ever find the words to describe what we feel in heart hears or are we just scared to let others see the real truth in are hearts? To sense the truth and the… Continue

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Studio Suits Shutting Down New Moon Romances?

OK, this is getting as old as Rob Pattinson's favorite musty underpants. Knowledgeable sources out the friggin' wazoo are coming to us claiming that Summit, the production company heralding our fabulous Twilight series, engages in heavy-handed tactics involving whom their stars may or may not date.

And Summit just won't say if it's true or not—even though I've been asking them for ages! Some sources even claim this studio edict is… Continue

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Ashley Greene Dishes New Moon Romances


Twilight cutie Ashley Greene hosted an event at Kitson last night benefiting the Donate My Dress Charity in WeHo.

We heart Ash, so natch we had to snatch her first and get some of those nasty little hookup questions off our chest, before going back and celebrating a great cause.

Ash dished the possibility of Robsten and...Jackley?

Filming New Moon seems different from… Continue

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I totally think they should use the song Dont Forget by Demi Lovato when Edward leaves
And when Bella is talking about Romeo and Juliet and she says she is not a Princess they should use the song White Horse by Taylor Swift

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the last word of the last book

is it just me or did the last word of breaking dawn just leave you hanging and you wanting more thats what it feels like to me i NEED to know what happens to them if renesme is ok and if she gets with jacob or that one kid who is like her what HAPPENS NEXT I NEEDD TO KNOW but then im not the wrighter of the book so i cant say weather or not they will tell us what happens to them

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Everyday Twilight

at first i thought the movie was a boo-boo. i even turned down an offer to watch it. but after that eventful day of a petty fight that turned into a brutal word bash with my boyfriend, watching a vampire movie seemed to offer an outlet of the tension that was clouding my head. my hopes were that by watching it, my fury (towards my boyfriend-that day, that is,) would get channeled into something that promised thrill, suspense, and violence. hmm. what i didn't expect was that it was a love story.… Continue

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I love Twilight and I wish I could find someone who loves me as much as Edward loves Bella. The only regret ((I would not really call it a regret though)) from readings these books is that it makes me hope that my Edward is out there and I may never find him. Edward is so perfect no man could EVER compare to him. :)

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it;s good

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Alice and Rosalie??

Alice and Rosalie never seemed to have much to do with each other in the series. . . now did they? They weren't like sister-to-sister like the boys (Emmett and Jasper) were. I don't know if it's just me, but they didn't seem to directly talk to each other in the series or the movie. Not much of a sisterly bond.

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A formal Introduction

*******************A formal introduction I suppose is in order *********************

Subject: On The Twilight Saga: Ehh Helllm..Umm (clearing my throat)

A message from VENUS to all members of Twenty-Something TwiLovers (TSTA) on The Twilight Saga!

Hello... testing testing 1,2,3

Okay now that i have your attention and my mic works. I would like to introduce myself. Im Venus a..k.a Victoria Maundrell, so pleased to meet you all I have heard so much… Continue

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Twilight Convention

Ok.. so my sister and I would like to go to the Twilight Convention in Minneapolis, MN in July and are looking for ways to raise money to be able to go.. she is part of the thousands of people that have been laid off this year and my husband is also part of that and times are a little tough right now.. and maybe it isn't the most responsible thing to do, but we both could use a little break from the stress and if it's possible, what a better way than to go to a Twilight Convention, I have fell… Continue

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