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Just so you know all you people who are thinking "Ooh cool story im gonna steal it..." Well my stories are all protected by copyright and i've already told alot of people about them and talked with publishers. Don't even think about it.

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Twilight Gift Box


Me and my daughter are both HUGE fans. My daughter is going into hospital for major surgery on her spine on 21st June - which means she will not be able to see Eclipse (and I got tickets to go to one of the advance screenings!!!) She is naturally devastated, so I am putting together a gift box for her. I have managed to get the special edition People magazine sent from America (as we are in the UK), have bought photo's of the cast (and sent one away to Rob's UK fan club,…


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I think there should be lots more posters of twilight and new moon because i have them all and my walls arent even full.I cant wait till eclipse i will probly see it for my b day cause it comes out i…

I think there should be lots more posters of twilight and new moon because i have them all and my walls arent even full.I cant wait till eclipse i will probly see it for my b day cause it comes out in november. my dad is such a weirdo cause whenever i go to his apartment in columbus he asks me if i brought twilight and new moon he said that a guy from his work watched new moon with his daughter and it made him mad at the end. gtg hav to clean my room yikes wont be on in june cause i hav to work… Continue

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sarah acosta come


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What is your favorite thing about the twilight saga?????? :}

I would have to say because it is cleverly written and i just fell in love from the first time i read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is not real! so sorry bout that!!! :(

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lifε tomoяяow u will εitнεя gεt a kiss oя askεd out…

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so what is everyone doing this half term? x

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Should people who win competitions for tickets to Twilight events be able to sell them or should they give them FREE to deserving fans?

I could hardly believe it when I won tickets to the question and answer session with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at Sydney's Luna Park...but, I have only one other fan-friends can't make it and so I've got a spare ticket.

I see that another winner is trying to sell their extra ticket on ebay for $950.00. Seems like a lot of money to me but then again look at how much you have to spend to attend the Twilight Conventions where there is no guarantee of…

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Five Scenes That MUST Be In Breaking Dawn!

Edward & Bella’s Wedding

Their long-awaited nuptials happen quite early on in the book, much to the delight of fans of the will-they-or-won’t-they couple. It’s a family affair that almost runs smoothly, no thanks to Jacob almost wolfing out when he learns that Bella plans to become a vampire. It’s a testosterone-fueled scene, with the boys once again facing off, much to Bella’s dismay (we bet she’s secretly happy, really — who wouldn’t want Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner…

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My Week

i was made to go to school on monday where i was disappointed to learn that of course we had nothing good on... tuesday was a little more eventful cos i had to choose my subjects for year 11. the subjects i chose were: biology, advanced english, general maths, ancient history, visual arts and a make-up course so that i can be a make up artist when leave school....

well, on wednesday i had only 3 lessons and then literally had to be dragged to sport.... skating was as usual boring…


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My Journey has begun...................

I started my first class in acting after my last post. I drive an hour and half one way to class. I'm always excited on my way so it doesn't seem as long. After class on the way home my mind is just recaping every thing we did in class. or my mind is focusing on my assignment. All together though, I'm having a blast! Meeting wonderful people. I have auditioned for a play but guess I wasn't picked. I never heard back from them. Next week I have an audition for a western film scheduled to start… Continue

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japanese candy is awsome!

japanese candy is awsome! Continue

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'Stand Alone'

"In the midst of the storm one flower remains" copyrigt 2010 Jade Write

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Why weekends are boring!!

okay so this is like the first blog (of many that i might write) i have ever written...

all of my friends wanted me to write one so i did hope their happy :)

i don't know about anyone else but i feel as though i am going to die of boredom.... on this particular weekend all my friends are busy with various activities such as going to work, doing dance or just be boring and annoying...…


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jacob (after the big fight story number 2)

"wats going on?" i asked suspiciously. Bella and Alice just smiled. "Bella..... tell me." she shook her head and called for Nessie.

"Nessie!" Nessie appeared out of nowhere.

"yes?" her voice was clear and rang out towards the forest.

"time to go home. your dad misses you." Alice said for Bella. Nessie frowned. she jumped into Bella's arms and put her hand on her cheek.…


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For all people who love playing piano or love hearing piano. You can share what you like to play or what you like to hear!!!!and more.

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True Love

Love is a wonderful feeling.

God created it to be that way. But he intended the love that a man and woman share to be only for a husband and wife. He didn't want people to waste it on any random person who comes into their life.

Sex isn't the only thing that God wanted to be saved for marriage. The feeling of loving that person intimately is supposed to be for a married couple. Even holding hands, kissing, saying you love that person in a way for a husband and wife.

I know you… Continue

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Most (Be grateful)

Most don't know,

What some can't forget,

Most don't care,

About things others can't live without,

Most don't understand,

Lifes greatest secrests,…


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Twilight spoof

Has anyone heard the news? They have made a parodyof the book teilight. I am reading it now. I think it's kind've funny. It isn't mine so I wouldn't know where to get it.

Here are somethings different: Her name is Belle Goose and his is Edwart Mullen. charlie is now Jim and Edwart is a nerd who dislikes gurls. Belle is totally wierd and compares a gurl to a squirell she hung out with in Phoenix. She also thinks Edwart isa vampire for strange reasons. But you'll have to read it or wait till… Continue

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Go to Youtube and type in Edward and Jacob kissing and there is them almost kissing and at the bottom it says scew bella it was a little funny but it pissed me off but the up side go to the same web site and type in Taylor LAUTNER ACTING GAY and you will be laphing your ass off!lol

Added by Brandi Franklin on May 28, 2010 at 7:04pm — 1 Comment

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