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The Upcoming Chapter Titles

Chapter 10-Draining and Gaining
Chapter 11-The Second horseman
Chapter 12-Satan Fight 1
Chapter 13-The Third horseman
Chapter 14-The Meeting
Chapter 15-Woman and the Beast of the earth
Chapter 16-Satan Fight 2
Chapter 17-Last horseman
Chapter 18-The Gathering of the Pieces
Chapter 19-Woman and the Beast of the ocean
Chapter 20-The Birth and Satan final match

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this is really me

this is really me Continue

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New Moon sound track

This song has to be in the movie. "Everything will be Alright" by the Killer's Hot Fuss Album. Check it out. You'll see.

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Stephenie Meyer, PLEASE READ!

Okay, I've been reading Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer's website. Whoever distributed it, I now despise---that story is INCREDIBLE and AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE and TWILIT---that's all I can use to describe it!

Seriously, Miss Meyer, everybody doesn't just want it, they need it. Midnight Sun is the best thing that's ever happened since Twilight---not just to the world, but to me. I know I sound corny, but your series has given me something to dream about… Continue

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Hey everybody wht is up sometimes i get really boared so enjoy yr lifes

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Nightmares- the beginning of a story of half- truthes.

Prologue – NightMares

I woke up with a sharp intake of breath. My head was spinning and my palms were sweating. I’d had another nightmare about … well, that’s not important. I was breathing heavily, my mind was racing, and I thought I was going into shock. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, attempting to clear my head. The nightmares were getting worse. Every night, I relived the day that he had died. He had taken me to the mansion atop Matisse Hill. It was supposed to be… Continue

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i LOVE edward cullen.

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in love with you!!

i know ppl say im to young to fall in love .... but they dnt know how i feel wen im around her!! wen i here her voice or even wen she sends me a txt its like no other feeling in this world!!! im happy ... i smile all the time ... i dnt think of any one but me and her together for as long as we live and not many ppl can stand up .. smile and say im in love with the most amazing women in the world ..... and actually mean it. but i can ... i can put a huge smile on and mean every damn word of… Continue

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send me some, please =]

i really like those twilight collages, so can you guy's send me some for my collection =]


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the vid

ok my homies heres wat we've been waiting 4, go to youtube and check it out

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Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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Story of my life Chapter 26

**Jacob's POV**

"Edward!" I shouted. "Her trail! I smell her...." Edward's head jerked up from the trail. Bella was right behind him. "That scent..." Bella said. "It's familiar." Edward growled. "Alec." Bella gasped and I began to shake. "Jacob calm yourself." Edward instructed me. "We're going to Volterra."

**Renesmee's POV**

It was quite cold in the castle. I shook without knowing and Jane hissed at me. "Sorry," I murmured. She locked me behind a cell. A cell that was… Continue

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New Moon Cast !!!!

Hey! Here is the cst for the up coming movie New Moon!!! Btw this is not fake!
Jane- Dakota Fanning,
Demetri- Charlie Bewley,
Heidi- Noot Seear,
Aro- Micheal Sheen,
Caius- Famie Campbell Bower,
Alec- Cameron Bright,
Wolf Pack
Harry Clearwater- Graham Greene,
Emily- Tinsel Korey,
Sam Uley- Chaske Spencer
Paul- Alex Meraz
Embry- Kiowa Gordon
Jared- Bronson Pelletier
Quil- Tyson Houseman

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Spoils of Peter Facinelli Twitter Victory: Bikini Video

Because New Moon vamp Peter Facinelli won his recent Twitter bet, his friend Rob DeFranco that lost the bet was forced to wear a bikini and sing “All the Single Ladies” on Hollywood Boulevard.

Check out the hilarity in the above… Continue

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Eclipse Release Date!


So excited!!!
i was afraid for a while that it wouldn't push through.
now i'm happy!!!!

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is there any one i can talk too im tots board

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Apologies and an update

I just want to say that I am a horrible friend and I can't say how sorry I am. If anyone here is reading this and has no idea what i'm talking about, I really don't wanna talk about it. I also want to apologize to my role-playing friends on here. I have no excuse for not being on any RPs and if my character's taken off, i'm not surprised. Anyway, due to my current situations, the twilight adventures is temporarily discontinued until further notice (which is when I stop being depressed). Sorry… Continue

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Hey get on Gabbly at my new Twilight Website at

Hey get on Gabbly at my new Twilight Website at Continue

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Hi everyone

If anyone wants to be my friend please invite me. i want to be anyone's friend.

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