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Hey Twilight Friends

Sorry I've been away so much. I have so many other responsibilities so please forgive me. I will always keep up with this site as much as possible. :)

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My web site!!!

Hi, people!

This is my web page! Its all about Twilight Saga. You can look!

This is my adress:

now its in english lenguage, but you can look on my sites in Czech lenguage here:

or in espanol lenguage… Continue

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bring back Rachelle

Let make sure summit hears us loud and clear...last year they tried to get rid of Taylor and now they change Victoria midstream for NO REASON!

Sign this petition- it will be sent to the prez of summit! Let him know we don't approve :)

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When did this blood-sucking villain go soft?

Out from the very entertaining and somehow thought-pondering Vampires Suck article, a number of people have noticed some changes on how the world view vampires nowadays. When did this blood-sucking villain go soft?

Last week at Comic-Con, the big story wasn't comic books—it was vampires... It's just another… Continue

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Backstage at Comic-Con

" target="_blank">Vid

Here's the backstage video of the New Moon cast during Comic-Con in San Diego.

I like this video showing how the stars acted nervous and anxious backstage before facing the fans and the press. Taylor Lautner pumping himself by giving Rob Pattinson a bunch of punches to the chest just before running out to the stage. And Rob, *sigh*.... no words can say seeing his face up close. The screams makes… Continue

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Join Rob in Remember Me!!! (Plus casting calls for Eclipse)

Radaronline has the exclusive scoop that...

Producers for Robert Pattinson's movie Remember Me are looking for additional cast and have put out the cattle call to hordes of New York area actors.

According to actor411 web site, Grant Wilfley Casting is… Continue

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TB's Sam Trammel invites KStew over

Sam Trammel seems to notice our little Bella that he invites Kristen Stewart over... as a guest maybe for True Blood, that is.

Talking to E! about how he hasn't seen Twilight yet, Sam Trammel (aka shape-shifter bar owner Sam Merlotte of True Blood) said:

"I swear to God, I'm going to do it because it's… Continue

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RPattz dishes back at Edward

OK! got Robert Pattinson talks on his character Edward and surprisingly he found him to be A DANGEROUS WEIRDO.

ROBERT Pattinson says he doesn’t understand why women fall in love with his Twilight character Edward Cullen.

The actor, who plays Edward in the film adaptations, tells OK! Magazine he feels the character isn’t as nice…

Added by tet_d on July 30, 2009 at 4:18am — 1 Comment

Rachelle LeFevre (Victoria) REPLACED for the 3rd installment ECLIPSE!!!

I seriously cannot believe this!! The movie will NOT be the same! I cannot believe Summit would do this. It has to do with the whole scheduling thing. If you don't believe me then go here and read it for yourself!

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midnight sun

i think stephine meyer should finish off writing Edwards side of the story i read the first chapter It`s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now please finish it...............
For the good of the twilight world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by Renesmee_Carlie_Mason_Cullen on July 30, 2009 at 2:06am — 2 Comments


Twilight Lexicon has the statement from Summit Entertainment responding to Rachelle’s statement.

Here it is:

We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio. Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts.

Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April… Continue

Added by JuLyya'L'Nessie <3 on July 30, 2009 at 1:53am — 1 Comment

Love in the Open Hand

Not in a silver casket cool with pearls,

Or rich with red corrundum or with blue,

Locked, and the key witheld, as other girls

Have given their loves, I give my love to you:

Not in a lover's knot, not in a ring

Worked in such fashion, and the legend plain-

Semper Fideles, where a secret spring

Kennels a drop of mischeif in the brain:

Love in the open hand, nothing but that,

Ungemmed, unhidden, wishing not to be hurt,

As one should… Continue

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Delete Discussion I want to begin by saying I feel very strongly about this post. To many it may seem shallow or silly but I feel avid about this. With that said, I am genuinely disappointed with the makeup used on Edward in New Moon. I heard they were improving it, however I feel as though it is a tremendous retrograde. In Twilight, he looked flawless, I could easily say he looked like the most attractive man I ever saw,… Continue

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looking for friends

i am new to this site and looking for friends to add on soo yeah hit me up

Added by Isabella Marie Cullen on July 30, 2009 at 12:07am — No Comments

Please !!!!!!!!!

If anyone needs someone to chat with I'm here my nickname is Kiki, I'm 13, live in Arizona, and am so bored all the time because I only have 2 friends and they aren't on the site that often. Please Please if anyone needs or wants to talk to me you would be an awesome person to me!!!!!!! Please Please!!!!!!!!!

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Victoria switch-up SAY WHAT?!?

I'm sure I'm gonna get some feedback on this one...

I was completely shocked and saddened to read yesterday that Rachelle Lefevre had been replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for "Eclipse". Don't get me wrong, I love Bryce and her work, but Rachelle IS Victoria. That role was perfect for her! This is exactly how film studios and corporations ruin their movies franchises. Once an actor is cast in that part with a series like this, they become that character to everyone who watches it, so… Continue

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Hating the recast

I cant stand Bryce Howard, as if they are replacing Lefevre. Seriously, just because your dad is a director you shouldnt get roles in mid series.

Added by RedPhone on July 29, 2009 at 11:09pm — No Comments

Rachelle speaks to being replaced in Eclipse

victoria Pictures, Images and Photos

E! received a statement from Rachelle Lefevre about being replaced in Eclipse.

Here is what she had to say:

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse. I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only… Continue

Added by JuLyya'L'Nessie <3 on July 29, 2009 at 10:06pm — 2 Comments

Twilight Drama: What Happened to Victoria?

UPDATE: We just received this exclusive statement from Lefevre:

"I was stunned by Summit's decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse. I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules.

"My commitment to Barney's Version is only 10 days. Summit picked… Continue

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small town happiness

when you can ride your bike to get a choclate bar when you want it
no gangs
ponds to swim in
you now every one
pitch forks
lots of horses
county fair
cow boy hats
coke a cola
stary nights
sheep shavings
going swimn' in the krek
and most importantly some where to hide

word of the day~entraciptian:
meaning~ a person who listens and intercedes on other's conversations

Added by Amelia peach on July 29, 2009 at 9:17pm — No Comments

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