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SUMMER!!! <3

Alright I know this is late and all but who cares?!? So ya, honestly I have done nothing but swim. Except last weekend. I went camping and it wasn't the best trip ever. But I am glad I went 'cuz I had NOTHING better to do. But the camp groung was all rocky my cousins kept tripping. I think I was the only kid who didn't trip. :) Well I'm really bored!! That's why I'm writing/typing. :) But it's really hot where I am and I'm wearing sweats. Not the best choice to…


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random sayings

When I was born God sighed with relief and said, "At last, something to scare the devil with!' in that mood, No one will know what I'm going to do... Oh.. just got a telegram from the devil...please…

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The Other-Chapter 5-Maybe i can do this

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked more like myself. I was a little bit thinner. But i knew i looked normal. My hair was curly and my face looked a lot less tired. I looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Cat would be here in an half an hour. I dried myself off. I started with my hair. I just kept it curly. I looked at the bags. I ran to the store. I grabbed a white dress. I also grabbed some acessories. I looked at myself. I looked good. I touched my cheek to see if it was really me. I…


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The Other-Chapter 4-Finding

I looked out the window. The sun was starting to rise. I heard my door open. "Goodmorning, Amena." My mother said in a tired tone. I turned towards her. She was still beautiful and even though it was physical possible she looked older tired. My heart ached. I knew i did this to her. She came and sat down with me on the bed. "Today everyone is spending the day at Auntie Janaila's house." My mom said brushing some hair out of my face. "Do you want to come?" She…


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hot day



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The Other-Chapter 3- Figuring Everything Out

I looked at Ace. He looked back at me. There was confusion placed in his beautiful features. He backed away from Jennifer. I couldnt move. I couldnt form words. All i felt was a burning. "I thought you were dead all this time." Jennifer said. "I'm sorry you must have me confused with someone else." Ace said glancing at Jennifer with wide eyes. "No, i know my husband." Jennifer said. Ace looked back at me. "Amena." Ace said. I couldnt say anything. I felt tears…


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Relationship status's


R.Ship Status: single


info: im just a human 


R.Ship Status: single


info: my best friend is Kurt you can find him on here he is a sweetheart i love him so if you mess with him your dead meat


R.Ship Status: single


info: you hurt my sister me gonna come after you with my vampire friends you got it? good

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big sis cute nails

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sneaking out tha house

tonight was tha night i snuck out tha house. ma grandma was at tha house. so when i got home only ma grandma yelled at me so that shows she is a p****. she tolled ma dad and my dad did not do anything. ma dad he did not care tha only person cared was ma grandma

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see life ya live .ya keep.ya only get 1 life.ya mess it up ya keep it like that.people try ta change but it dont work.   my life is ma life.pic ya life and keep it like that. daddy i love ya and dont…

see life ya live .ya keep.ya only get 1 life.ya mess it up ya keep it like that.people try ta change but it dont work.  

my life is ma life.…


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The Other-Chapter 2-Future

"So, is he going to change you?" My dad said. I looked at my dad. "Dad, we havent really discussed it." I said. "I mean i think you should have a chance at a "Human" Life. My dad said putting an extra on human. "Dad, it's not really your decision." I said getting irritated. I grabbed the fruit and walked out of the kitchen. I sat it down on the table and walked over to Ace. I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him. He looked at me and his face screwed in…


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there are times

Sometimes I feel as if I'm inadvisable as if i was never to exist for any reason as if i was a mistake.

People think all the time that baby's are is takes…


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Elena & Paul's Wedding



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Ch. 1: A Little Background Info

The last thing I remember was fire burning through my veins, the fire pushed on from my shoulders moving inward, toward my heart. Every time my heart pumped, the fire swarmed in closer. I'm surrounded. I can feel the fire enclosing my heart. My heart gets heavier, pounding like a rock in my chest, weighing more and more as the seconds pass by...How long had it been since I've seen the light? The sun, that used to burn my skin, making sweat run down my face, make my throat dry and beg for…


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The other-Chapter 1-Fitting

"It's beautiful Amena." My mother said looking at me. Her face was filled with sadness and happiness. I felt the tears burning in my eyes begging to fall. I walked over to my mom hugging her. Her cool embrace instantly relaxed me. "I'm so proud of you Amena." My mother whispered to me. I hugged my mom closer to me. I needed this. I needed her approval. She stepped back wiping my tears. "You look beautiful Amena." She said holding my face. "Thankyou." I…


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renesmee my forever lasting love pt 17

I woke up in my bed. Mom was there.

"Why am i the one that always blacks out?"

"Because I am you're mother and i was a very clumsy human." I laughed

"Jake tells me stories." We laughed

"So how long was i out? Six months again?"

"No, 20 minutes."

" so hows jake?"

"Fine. Hes at his house. He feels bad."

"Ok the i'm going to scare him." Mom smiled and i jumped out the window.

I snuck through the window of his room knowing he'd be watching tv in the…


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