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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Always Together ?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are 2 great actors and Ithink that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a great couple.But because

of their careers could Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart remain

together?Kristen Stewart is in the middle of filming “On the Road” in

Montreal, Robert Pattinson is passed him a surprise visit on the shelf

Friday. And between takes, he takes advantage of…

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wudz up my homies & or folowers i dont know. im still in the middle of moving & it still sucks. i just wanna send a happy b day shout out to a really good friend of mine. happy b day colten!! u know i <3 u! :D entry way i guess thats it.

<3 kimberly

(a.k.a. i <3 edward more than u)

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Renesmee: Chapter 14 Italy


Dear Diary,

Sorry about last entry we had some interruptions. I am on the way to…

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Renesmee: Chapter 13 The discussion

The Discussion

Dear Diary,

Uhg this is why mother daughter days are horrible. Listening to her…

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music mixer

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Vampires suck sucks to much THE REVEIWS

THE NEW MOVIE called vampires is a phony of a movie. This me not being a twilight fan right now and reveiwing this movie. Do not waste your money it was horrblile not funny not exsiting not anthing. Just a bored film with people talking and moving around. Now me speeking as a twilight fan they are just trying to make fun of the twilight saga. Trying to make some money off of twilight. They sqweshed twilight and new moon together and then turned Becca (bella) into a vampire at the end. Worst…


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good news

passed my gsces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in one of the subjects i got an a*!

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Katie Resch Jake- Chapter Four

I sat down on the couch with Bella next to me and Edward on the floor. Bella was staring at me because she had no idea what was going on but Edward had mixed emotions. I could tell that he was worried but there was something els in his eyes. Like he new it was coming but hoped it wouldn't come. I sighed heavily. All of this craziness started over an alliance because of Renesmee. I never believed that one child could cause so much trouble. Between her family, Bella, the Voltiri, and now our… Continue

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Letters to Jacob (4)

A long time passed. Annie tried to keep my mind off of Nick but he was all I could think about. Overall, I guess the visit was pretty good. Mom said that it let the time pass quicker than usual.

Almost a week passed and it felt like a day, kind of. I loved having Annie around! Me and her were two halfs of a person. We completed eachother. 'Best friends until the end!' we used to say.

Not a single minute went by…


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Why everybody should be on the same team........ The Twiight Saga Team

The twilight saga is like our reason to still have intrest in this world. The twilight saga is an exsample of how something small and turn to a huge phonmennon. It is the life of our generation. Something that we are apart of. No matter team jacob or team edward we are still a family even if we don't even know each others names. Stephine Meyer is a sunsashin to us all the creater of our lifes intrest. The one who creater our family of fans and actors. No matter team jacob or team edward we…


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The Offical Twilight Test

1: What is bella's daughters name?

2: What does nessie mean?

3: Does bella like jacobs kiss in book 3?

4: WHat did bella and jacob used to make when they were little?

5: Who gave bella a hint on who edward is?

6: Does Edward think jacob is better for bella then he is?

7: Who was sam with before emily?

8: Why does rosile hate bella?

9: Why do jasper and alice leave in book 4?

10: Which vampires don't have the last name…


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Go to the link and sign up for your chance to win. At the link there is a video that does not seem to want to embed with Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier

<a href=><img src= /></a>

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my brothers hate twilight

it really sucks to have brothers who hate twilight everyday i have to hide that i'm reading eclipes.

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Katie Resch Jake- Chapter Three

Hey guys sorry I'm late, I thought as I ran to our normal meeting place.
No problem boss. Seth of course.
Seth! I growled.
Sorry, sorry.
Paul anything new. Of course there was. When wasn't there.
Ya this time right on the edge of La Push. There getting…

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Stephenie's Gift

I read this book last night. Learning about Bree's character and knowing the outcome made it difficult for me to read this without sadness. I was caught off guard when I read about the Volturi's involvement with Victoria and her scheme. It literally mad me gasp and then enraged me. I am amazed; I feel Stephenie Meyer is truly gifted to be able…


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California Gurls Parody Forks Gurls!!!

Greetings loved ones

Let’s take a journey…


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The Doctor Says............

Okay, so this is Jordan's younger sister typing for her. She can type, but its small things. Just like a sentence or two.So I'm typing for her.

Okay! The doctor said that it is not broken, thank the lord, but it is fractored. She has to wear a brace for a week or two. If she doesnt try to use it in any way she'll be out of the brace in a week! She is very greatful for that. And wanted everyone to know that she would resume with her writing as soon as the week is out. She has…


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Katie Resch Jake- Chapter Two

The hours at the Cullen's slipped by so quickly that when I heard Renesmee come into the house it took me by surprise.
"Jacob," she yelled and ran into my arms
"Hi Nessie how was your hunting trip?"
"See for yourself," she put her tiny little hand on my hot face.
I saw her running through the forest. Then in a split second she had her hands around a massive deer.
"Nice," I said and put my hand up for a high five. Seeing her hand against mine…

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A Russet Love. (46)

Jacob's P.O.V.-

Her forearm was bandaged from a little ways passed her wrist to her elbow. The dressing was as long as the dressing on my leg. I rested my hand where I remembered the bite mark being. I could feel the coldness through the bandage.

"I'm sorry," I whispered as I looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner. I heard you screaming," I closed my eyes at the memory and screams that filled my mind completely for a moment. "And I never want to have to hear… Continue

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deanna gonzalez#3

wow i love this site! ....i just love jacob so i have him on my page as a slide show cool huh i love all of the series and the movies cant wait for the next 1 cant wait to blog tomorrow later twilight fans !!!!


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