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Bye summer.

Well summer's over for me at least which means no more summer reading list :(.
i just want to say a huge congratulations to sEtH cLeArWaTeR for winning the logo contest. good job :) and every one else had amazing entries as well. i'm proud of you guys.
it just a little more than a year till breaking dawn the movie will be out. but…

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{deanna gonzalez}

whats up?

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{deanna gonzalez}

i am so board!!!!

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Quil's imprinting story part 1

so i was thinking does anybody ever write a imprinting story about embry,paul or quil????????

nooooooooooooo so i was like well ill just make an imprinting story about quil

so here it goes but its probably going to suck

quil's pov

*beep* *beep*

stupid alarm clock *beep*

i threw it against the wall it shattered into peices, crap!!!!!!

QUIL!! i heard jacob yell i got dressed and walked downstairs

the whole pack was…


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Quil's imprinting story part 2

Mckinsey pov

i walked along the beach texting my friend michelle about the 1st day of school she was one of those people who

wanted to know every detail from what classes you had to how many breathes you took sometimes it was annoying while other times it was good to vent out your feelings to her. But then my phone died UGHH it made me so mad i sat down on the ground and starred at the ocean thinking about what michelle would say when i didnt text back in the next minute then…


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ugh, moving sucks doesnt it? well i wold know because im in the middle of a huge one, at the last minute. all you can do all day is pack & you have to eat cheap take out every night. sure, you find things you for got you had,like that hat i got from disney world & a crappy jar i made when i was 5. but other than that , moving sucks. oh & being a vegitarian & eating out every night SUCKS!!!!plz comment guyz,…


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What do you think of this????????

Morning Sun! Edward's point of view in the Twilight series! It's Twilight all over again told by Edward! Tell me what you think!

Added by Abbie Carlos on August 29, 2010 at 5:43pm — 2 Comments

Hello out there

hello out there this i am totally loving spending time on here it is too cool!!:)

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New books for the great stephenie

i wish that Stephenie would write an epilogue book for eciplse. I want too know what happens with Jake and Rennesmee, and if they leave and where too. Does anyone know any way I can get in contact with her ?
ANN :)

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So glad Eli didn't get killed stupid Fitz

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Does anyone know when on the road is released?

If anyone does Please coud they send me a message/ write on my wall thingy...I would really appreciate it, Thanks (:

Added by ♥Natalie Cullen- I ♥ Rob! on August 29, 2010 at 6:01am — 5 Comments


"Like when you see her, everything changes. All of a sudden, it's not gravity holding you to the planet. It's her, nothin' else matters. You would do anything, be anything for her." -Jacob Black.

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Dear Diary Post Number 4

Dear Diary

Hey It's Elena
So I Go Back To School On Tuesday Witch Is In Like 3 Days
Grrrrrr Im So Mad At My Brother A Couple Days Ago I Was In My Room And He Had This Huge Bottle Of Coke And Im Like Why Do You Have That And Then He Pretended Like He Fell Over And The Whole Thing Fell On My Laptop Grrrr Im Gonna Get Him Back SOOOOOOOOOOOO Bad If U Have Any Ideas Tell Me Well Sorry Todays Post Is So Short I'll Write Tomorrow…

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love twilight!!!

omg! i love twilight sooo much i wanna be a twilight mega fan!! uh, and also need some new friends i dont have any friends who love twilight,so if u wannabe twilight friends forever, write me back i would really appreciate it!!!!

Added by Kenzie on August 28, 2010 at 10:44pm — 2 Comments

Ghost Group

Join my Ghost Group!!!

A group where u can tell your personal paranormal experiences without feeling the need to hide anything . . . .Meet people just like u who are going through the same things and discuss what if feels.…


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Katie Resch Jake- Chapter One


Get some rest guys were gonna need it. I thought as I ran back to the Cullen's house.
Want me to meet you back at the Cullen's? asked Seth
Its up to you, I replied
See you tomorrow, thought Jared just before he phased. He was probably thinking about Kim or something along those lines. Although it might look kinda creepy because she is 23 and…

Added by Katie Resch on August 28, 2010 at 9:30pm — 6 Comments

Vamp sucks REAL observations

ok i finally saw it with my younger friends. lol i looked like iwas babysitting them instead of hanging out with them. The movie, i discovered, was for people in my group. I love the book and hate the obsession. if u saw the actual movie it was awesome. but if u never di the movie seemed retarded. (not my opinion just heard that when people left the movie early) I apreciated their jokes but they overused some of them. I really like alice and am a fan of lady gaga that made me mad when they made… Continue

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why doesnt anybody ever write a imprinting story about paul,embry or quil? p.s im going to start writing an imprinting story adout 1 of them

why doesnt anybody ever write a imprinting story about paul,embry or quil?

p.s im going to start writing an imprinting story adout 1 of them


Added by Brookie on August 28, 2010 at 6:14pm — 8 Comments

Midnight Sun

Okay , so I'm ashamed of myself :(

I heard somewhere Stephanie Meyer had written a book in Edwards point of view, and I hadn't seen it come out yet, so I searched online. Obviously I discovered what happened ( and damn you whoever did it! ) and was sadly disappointed to see her book has been been put on hold for the past two years , which only made me worried she may not write it! So ... I peaked. I was only going to read the first chapter, and after the 12th I was dying for more !… Continue

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