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"Beginnings"-Chapter 4-Joyus Depression

"Come on Janaila i dont want to wait for you". My mother screamed up the stairs for me. She was more impatience more than ever. "Coming." I yelled back down. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror fixing my smudged eye liner. I wanted too look perfect for Seth. Once it was fixed i grabbed my stuff and ran downstairs. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked so exhausted and in pain. It was November 30th the twins Due Date.  Mom… Continue

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TheAngelNextDoor:3. Goodbye Memories (continued)


 She walked up to me , and I bowed and she courtseyed. I couldnt move from where I was standing though I noticed she looked beautiful in her gown. It was satin gold , with little diamonds  on the skirt and the bodice hugged her torso , it was like the dress was made to fit her perfectly.…


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Breaking Dawn

I am so excited abou the new movie, I read the book alot of times..., SO happy!

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"Beginnings"-Chapter 3-Birthday

 My alarm went off and i opened my eyes slowly. "Happy Birthday to you Baby." My mom was sitting on the side of the bed. I smiled and turned so i faced towards her. She had a gift in her hand. I sat up and she handed it to me. I smiled and started unwrapping it. I started yelling when i saw it was the outfit i had tried on in Forever21. I looked at my mom and hugged her. "Mom thank you so much." I said so excited. I rememeber being upset that…


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Jacob and Bella's first kiss

Bella and Jacob's first kiss... Big mistake or just what she needed??


 I guess from Jake's point of view that was a big step for him. Finally building up to tell her that he is absolutly  in love…


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srry peeps.

Look, so far, no one's been commenting on my book, and I wanted to get it done so I could start a new one, so I'm just gonna start on the new one.

srry if you liked it or something, but I'm bored waiting for the three comments.


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hes just making me not like him.i went on yahoo and saw thease discusting pictures.

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Dark Secrets in the forest

  Chapter one:

prov- Mary parkinson

I can't believe that my mom is dead. I was staring right at her grave yelling at it and asking why she died and left me. I was expecting an awnser but deep down I knew…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 2-Double Date

Chapter 2-

I woke up friday morning excited to go to school. I jumped in the shower and let the hot water run down my body. I got out and dried off. I put on my robe and started on my hair. I decided to comb it into a high bun. I started on my makeup. I decided to wear a light liliac purple with a touch of gold…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 1-First Day!


Something about him was just making me want to be close to him. I mean it was was strong like we were being pulled together. I looked down breaking our stare but i still felt his eyes boring into my head. I looked back up back to his eyes and i knew he felt the same way. I was in love.…


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Check out my 'sneekie peek chapter!!'

Its posted on here under 'random chapter (something or other)' or go to my sparkly new website  its under the 'sneekie peek' section.....Let me know what you think :D thanks guys!!x

<3 ambz x

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Hi guys im back!

Hey everyone that remembers me. I am peanutjazz and i got kicked off for my stories being too innaporiate but im back and i'm going to rewrite my stories. Yes all my charcters are going to be the same but the storyline is going to be a little bit different. So please reread my stories and everything and some of them might be under different titles. We'll im excited to be back and start writing again. Thanks a lot! Lovvve Yahhhh lottts!

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My Review on Breaking Dawn


I had just.. well not just read Breakign Dawn. And I LOVED IT it was my favourite one well i would be lying I loved both Breaking Dawn and Eclipse. It is soooo hard to figure out what one is my all time favourite. Just like every Twihard fan it is hard to pick what book is their favourite.


Now i loved the whole thing, well…


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is it worthy to love someone,

who doesn't know how to love????


to care for someone who doesn't know…


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i am happy to meet u

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Stuck In The 20th Century.

Okay, i'm gonna say this, and it wont be the first time: I HATE MY COMPUTER! Mostly i get mad at it when i'm online, cause we have Dial Up. My mother, for some reason unknown to me, has yet to get high speed internet. Oh yeah, she'll order the latest channel packages for our TV, but High Speed? Nope! Ugh, I really have to make her get high speed. Wish me luck!

~Alaya Lexi Black

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Daring Moons: Chapter Two

"Cori, were going to be late!" Ella shouted at me. I rolled away from her, bringing the blankets up over my head.

I wasnt a morning person, alright. Ella grabbed my blankets and yanked them off of me. I shivered and tried to pull them back.

"Give them back!" I yelled.

"Never!" she yelled back.

"Ellaaaa!"I whined.

She dropped the blankets and I fell out of the bed with a loud thud. "There, now get ready for class."

I groaned and got up. I had…


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