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invite me

to all twilight fans especially in Phil. invite me

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The Cullen

It's just a blink of an eye..They are always watching,hearing every sounds, hearing what the heart tells you.Its just that I do wanna hear their hearts but silence is forever........

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Chapter 4


There were a couple of hours left until the bonfire, so we headed up to Jakes house. As we entered the tiny, but cosy house (in Jacob’s case duck under the door), Billy greeted us. “Hey, you two!” he said enthusiastically, apparently ever since I entered Jakes life he has ‘changed’ into a better person, quote from Billy. Before I came along Jacob was in love with my mother, he was jealous of Edward and… Continue

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my life pt.4

today at school was so boring. was so boring i feel like i nevah even go school. when i came home was the same thing. no fun it was boring. i think evah since my dog had yak on my stuff i got bad luck or got cursed with boring days. i'm saying the word boring alot in this blog aren't i. (giggle). okay that's enough for boring days. this thing is the only thingthats fun but whats sad is that i barely come on. i can sure talk about my life. anyway bye for now. .

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Road to Recovery starts with one step

Wow...How everything can change in a moment of time. I would not have believed the transformation I have gone through in two short weeks.

Buying and reading the books was just the first step in my mind alternating journey.

Bought dvd ...check

Bought blue ray...check

Bought sound track..check

Bought US "the sexy stars of Twilight" poster magazine...check

watched son shake his head as I put up a wall of sexy vampire pics...check and check

Logged on You tube… Continue

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pls add me as a friend

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i am soooo bored!!!

hi! i have absolutely nothing to do right now, so i'm just going to post this blog, so now i have something to do now! yay! ok, so i am the one really unpopular kid in my class, the one that everyone hates, ignores, makes fun of, or some combination of all three. i like the Internet, because I can just be myself and it doesn't really matter what people think of me. I have made so many friends online, from absolutely everywhere, like I have friends in London, Alabama, Hollywood, and Africa! some… Continue

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You’re in every thought I have.

Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 19, p.413

You’re more important than everyone else. And you’ve given me you. That’s already more than I deserve, and anything else you give me just throws us more out of balance.

Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 19, p.413

The way you regard me is ludicrous.

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 19, p.413

Jacob is second in command. Did he never tell you that? His orders have to be followed,… Continue

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edward (sexxy ass ) cullen

Edward Cullen is my personal angel.... He makes this dull, rainy little town shine with light. I dream of his perfect features. My heart stops when I breathe in his scent. He makes me stutter with his beautiful melodic voice. I'm mesmerized when he stares at me with his beautiful butterscotch golden eyes. His beauty is a blessing in my life. He doesnt even know how much I love him. I would rather die than not be with him forever. He refuses to change me, and it makes me feel like he doesnt want… Continue

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koooooooool i made these

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆

 │▒│ /▒/


 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐


┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE,lOvE,twilight ●●





When life gives you lemons, throw them back and yell, "I WANT edward cullen!"



Tuяn Up Tнe Vσℓυмe♪


: .ılı.------Volume------.ılı.

: ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █

: Min- - - - - - - - - - -●Max


: ► Play ▌▌… Continue

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I JUST FINISHED ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey. I just finished Eclipse! It was sooooo awesome! I'm DYING to read Breaking Dawn. I don't have any money though. I don't want to borrow it from anyone because it will take me too long. :( Oh well. our school started last week. i don't know i'm telling you people this. Well, bye. Peace out! =)

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meeting Jacob Black

WOW starting crying TEARS OF JOY when i saw the new trial, i cant wait till New Moon comes out, i already have a count down started, my mom is already saying 'O0OMAYNN, ALREADYYY, ANOTHER COUNT DOWN' but w.e. im so excited, i been planing for 6 months on what im wearing and who i be going with to see this AMAZING movie, every thing is planed and set for 11.2O.2OO9!



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hey Iam Achorblue Montor and iam a BIG FAN OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA AND ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEPHANIE MEYER BOOKS XOXOX I hope u guys like my page

hey Iam Achorblue Montor and iam a BIG FAN OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA AND ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEPHANIE MEYER BOOKS XOXOX

I hope u guys like my page Continue

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~*~Team Blaine~*~

Alright eveyone, so if you've read my story, I Must Be Dreaming, then you'll know who Blaine is; my favorite character!

He is my version of Jacob/Taylor. This is an okay resemblance to how I pictured him in my mind (I edited this picture myself). But please, add your own pictures of how you think he looks! I'm looking forward to your pictures!

Blaine… Continue

Added by Jeannine Lautner Black on September 1, 2009 at 4:30pm — 5 Comments

Robert and Kristin are back together and things are pretty ugly

Omg! Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewert are back together and things aren't looking very well for her. An insider said that she is pretending for the sake of the Twilight Saga. Could this insider be the same one that went to a drug store to get Kirstin a pregnance test? Leave a comment on my wall for your opinions.

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found my carlilse!

i have found my carlilse! we need a family!

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Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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They havent hacked my page yet but I want to warn you guys about it.The hacker hacked my friends pages.So please warn ALL your friends.AND I MEAN ALL YOUR FRIENDS because theyll come for anyone.They got the person who made Taylors Pack in groups.





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These jokers try to say that Harry Pot 'o' crap is better than the Twilight saga.

Added by Marissa K. Trotman on September 1, 2009 at 10:26am — No Comments

Poem for star crossed lovers

you look at me
i feel whole
you touch me
i feel complete
You kiss me
i feel i can fly

For the wonders and nightmares i this world
i find you ans you complete me
thank you for being you
i love you

Added by Zara Cullen on September 1, 2009 at 10:01am — No Comments

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