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Clinical Trial for Osteoarthritis

The trial was headed by Dr. Ruth S. Sy, head Rheumatologist at the Veterans Memorial

Hospital in Quezon City and co­ordinated by respected researcher, Dr. Leticia Lucero­Palma.

In what could be a major breakthrough in medical science, all the patients in the trial have

recorded reduced uric acid levels after being on Elmore Oil for as little as 4 weeks.

The trial was set up to study the effects of Elmore Oil against a placebo, on patients aged…


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The guys.....

Blog Under Co...

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The Ladies....


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Lovely Monster <3

" I Am A Monster , A LOVELY Monster To Me More Exact , I am Imperfection In It's Most Beautiful Way . I Am Beautiful , Infact We All Are , Because We Are All Lovely Monsters . We Make Mistakes , We Are Different ... But Thats What Makes Us Important , Why Being Yourself Is Always A Good Thing . That Your Human , No One's Perfect Even If They Say They Are , And You Always Have To Believe In Yourself Because If You Don't ... Who Will ?"… Continue

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very much unfair

For these new "rules" that are being place at twilight saga is a pain in the butt 'cause most of the Twilight Saga's Fans love and want to explore new groups not just Twilight ones but different ones that twilighters will make...

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Hey well with family and it is kinded fun here.Almost my cuz and brother and my cuz brcye girlfriend and it was a good movie.And my grandmother is going to see it cause I tell it was good.And I hope she like it cause I love it but it was scary.Well my cuz girlfriend stay with him cause I think he like her a lot and cause I think she likes him.So well my family is good so far sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Special comments..


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One of my dreams is to go to acting school in CA and be an actress in a movie or on tv

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first blog post!

Hi my name is Yumi i dont  know much about bloging and stuff but im not going to use this as some weird  story post  i do write but if you want to read that  ask me im not going to just put it out there ,blogs are purely oppions being shared you supply the topic message me saying what you want to talk about and ill do my best to talk about it. talk music  ,books  , family, friends, sports, any thing !  ill tell you…


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Yah, so this is my blog for today, i know nobody will read it but i'm gonna put it on here anyway. So i really havent been on here in like a year and right now this is the only place i can write a blog, i dont really write things on Facebook anymore so that kinda anyway, my day was okay, i loved 5th block at school today, thats when i have my wildlife resources class, it was AWESOME!! We went outside by the greenhouse and then didnt really do anything,…


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Hidden In the woods

Growing up, I knew there was something in the woods. That no one else noticed. I saw them as they ran, beautiful, majestic wolves. I saw them every night. I always admired from a far until one night.


"Alee! Alee Elizabeth Smith! Get ready for school!"my mother shouted. Ugghhh, high school. In my opinion it's meaningless. The only reason I went is so I could see the wolves. Of course they don't know about me, everyone over looks me. The only reason the popular girls notice me…


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i need some ideas

hey ok so i need some ideas for this new novel that i'm working on it will be called awasy from the sun

anyway it is about how this girl named scarlett has powers but has no idea how to contro them.... anyway when she goes to middle school, she meets a girl named Katie. but little does she know that Katie has something to do with her powers aparently they are family from the past and they were twins but they died in the womb and were re born.

so that's what i have so far and i was… Continue

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Lost in Time... Preface

Lost In Time…









A Love Story By

Mykal Mason



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Edward Cullen Obsession

1. Your favorite cookie is now white chocolate chip ( Because it is Roberts favorite )

2. You chase Volvo's

3. You pretend Edward is watching over you as you sleep

4. Edward has taken over 50% of you thoughts

4. You cant believe that it took Bella that long to agree to marry him

5. You drop apples at lunch hoping that Edward will make them spring back up with his foot

6. You scream Edward in your head and wait for any pale guy to look at…


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Twilight Obsessed


1. Your favorite fruit became the apple

2. You now think that sparkles makes everything better

3. You get a dog even thought you are allergic

4. You force your boyfriend to agree that your future children will be named after twilight characters

5. You changed your favorite color to purple

6. You cried in New Moon when Edward left

7. You worry about growing up

8. You purposly act like Bella to get your Edward

9. Your future car…


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