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twilight life

hey everyone im a new member and I absolutely love this site and the books so happy the books mean so much to me and I never thought that they wuld my friends had been bugging me for over a year to read them and I always resisted saying that it just wasnt my thing and then as the releas of the firs movie came closer I started seeing it every where and it came down to the night before the release my best friend who had already read all four of the books wanted to the midnight showing I grsiously… Continue

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Dudes and dudettes??

shouldnt it be dudettes and dudes?? ever noticed how women are the second gender?? It totally sux and blows and we should be equal!!!!!! sighz and grrz.we woman are often discrimanated against which is totally medieval and dumb. Ever noticed how were all they same??? and as if looks matter anyway!! some people...looks dominate them. forget it !@#$% just live life cause life is too short. what is the meaning of life?? how many people have asked that question?? Which of these three questions is… Continue

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My new interest----or obsession

I watched Twilight when it came out in the movies with my niece (was forced to take her *rolling eyes) but I was interested in the movie since the movie had K.S. and R.B. both eye candy. But then the movie was rolling and I could not help but feel every emotion; I cried, laughed, and ached. I loved it so much. After that I thought, what's next.

I never thought about the books, I remember one of my sister in laws talking about the books but I am not the kind that likes to read. I only read… Continue

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I really can't wait for 20th of November! gosh i already have the ticket! this is really nerve breaking... patience usually not my problem but now, i don't know? seems like i need to keep myself intact until that day come!

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Jacob Black A.K.A. Taylor Launter

He is so hot so cute so beautiful so ohhhhhh he is just drop dead gorgeous

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Gahhh It's so exciting, New Moon comes out in under a month

Omg I am so excited for New moon to come out, all the trailers, and clips showing on the internet, is getting me soo excited, I've read Twilight, New Moon and I'm currently reading Eclipse! Near the end of Eclipse I'm beginning to think of the films to each book, (except Twilight obviously because it's already been made haha) I'm now on chapter 22 of Eclipse, and I've enjoyed the plot, the emotions, the tension building, and the whole story line, and I can't wait to finish Eclipse so I can move… Continue

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by sexual

r u by

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Wolfpack Video Clip from Scream Awards with New Backstage Footage and Interviews

Here’s a fantastic new video clip that was shown at the Scream Awards, which gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the actors that portray the wolfpack and the crew behind the scenes made the amazing transformations possible.

The clip includes interviews with members such as Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz as well as a bit from Kristen Stewart and footage from the filming of the movie, including the CGI process that brought the wolves to… Continue

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"Twilight” Mom Elizabeth Reaser Says “She Doesn’t Relate to Esme” had a chance to catch up with the momma bear of the vamp camp, Elizabeth Reaser. Elizabeth sounds off on the ever popular Twilight memorabilia, how she is nothing like her character Esme Cullen, and how she feels that Bryce Dallas Howard would’ve been better suited for the role of Esme.

MTV: As the “Saga” continues filming, do you feel like you’re growing into your character more or less?

Reaser: No, I… Continue

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New Moon Director Chris Weitz Calls Dakota Fanning’s Jane ‘Bad News’

New Moon director Chris Weitz talks to about Dakota Fanning’s role as the fearless Volturi vampire Jane & also shooting on location in the beautiful Montepulciano, Italy.

“She’s never really gotten to play a bad person before, probably because she is a very good person. She is really a lovely young person. But I think she had some fun playing, really, the most evil of all the bad guys,” Weitz said. “[Jane]’s bad news. Very… Continue

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Chris Weitz Hopes for “More Tears Than Any Movie Before” from Audience in New Interview

Break out your tissues! New Moon director Chris Weitz talks about directing the highly anticipated movie due in theaters Friday November 20th, the relentless paparazzi, & how he plans to make us all cry.

“We’ve tried our best to deliver on the romantic scenes in the film, and I would like to be able to produce more tears than any movie before, if possible. If we could only weigh them with some kind of cubic tear… Continue

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Times Square Nov. 19

Hi! Is anyone going to Times Square on Nov. 19 to see the cast of New Moon?

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The end of the SAGA!!!??

uggh im so sad...i read breaking dawn in 3 days all soo fast...i wish i had another book waiting, is it really the end??or will Stephanie Meyer continue with new ppl & new stories..i hope soo.

she should make this harry potter long=[

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Long Wait

Less than a month left! We are all awaiting the release of New Moon and if my father will get out of bed I will be purchusing my reserved seats, $16 each o.o, for a 7:00pm showing on Friday, November 20th. Cant wait! I am the most excited person in the whole wide world right now.

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Your Questions: Patrick

I've noticed that on Oct. 12th or 13th Elizibeth Hansen (sorry id I spelt it wrong) left a message for me that said, "Who's Patrick???" Let me ansdwer that...

Patrick is my pet rock. I know, it sounds weird, but I am allegic to most pets and reptiles+amphibians aren't my thing. Thus, the idea was born! Here's patrick's bio.

Name: Patrick

Age: 2 1/2

color: Gray

Texture: Smoorh

Shape; almost a perfect circle

His eyes are orange and blue,… Continue

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I love twilight!! I cant wait for new moon to come out!!!

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Kay. I'm home sick and it sucks so im just watching the countdown for new moon. I've been sitting here for two hours and still nothing so im gonna read Breaking Dawn while watching Twilight the movie so yah thats whats new. KAY bYE!!!

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Twilight Math

Ohk guys, here's some twilight math. Comment and tell me what u think it is, ill tell u if ur right!!

The Twilight Books are (greater than, less than, equal to) the movie

Werewolf - 23 days=x. Find x.

Bella - Edward =???

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Count down to new moon


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