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Our Imagination - Good VS Evil.

our imagination can come alive.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m fading out,

like people can’t see me

or like I’m stuck in another dimension where there’s no light,

captured by evil darkness and trapped in a wooden box,

slowly turning me from who I am into an evil spirit.

But my good spirit overpowers the evil trying to get inside of me.

So the power inside of me bursts out

and lights up the dark

to show me the way back to myself.

I find myself… Continue

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Lucky : 6 Days Ago

6 days before today, my mother Susan and I were on a beautiful sandy beach playing with a beach ball. Yes, it was a dream, but a wonderful happy one. No blood, pains or

screams in this one.

Then she sat strait up in bed, bathed in sweat, crying out loud in pain. I was so shocked I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to hurt her again. Then I had a weird

feeling that we were being watched. I pushed it aside because I was trying…


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Ok...I have been having this really big problem with one of my best friends. When I went away for the summer, my friend became close to who is now her best friend (lets call her "S") and now my friend (call her "R") is being completely rude now! I don't know if it is because I wasn't here all summer or what but its really bugging me. My other best friend has been having the same problem with R and its been going for four weeks and we tell her over and over again...I already had this like HUGE… Continue

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Chapter 3 ALICE

When I finally heard Renesmee was up I immediently jumped out of my closet and ran downstairs to meet my little niece.

BELLA: Alice why so excited?

ALICE:because you havn't seen her new closet design yet!


ALICE: im building on to your house to give your daughter a decent closet which might add up to the size of yours.And anyways im sure shell love it.

JACOB:right cause every 1 year old wants a closet bigger than her parents.

ALICE:exactly dont… Continue

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story help

well i was just wondering about my story and i just wanted to know your guy's feed back.
what should i inprove?

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Justa Talkin'

Hey people! How are ya!? I was just talking to my friend online, and we said "Which team?" she yelled out, "ALEC!" and I yelled, "JASPER" and she replied, "Yeah, I guess, in eclipse, I almost fainted when Major Whitlock entered on his horse, I almost fainted!" and I said, "I DID faint!" Who agrees Jasper looked cuter in Eclipse than anywhere else? I DO!

TEAM JASPER ALL THE WAY! Can we scratch Alice outta this picture, please?

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Just Found Out This Exists!

Okay! Don't kill me, but I just found out about this website and you wouldn't even imagine what a big Twilight Fan I am...Like I would literally cry if I didn't watch any of the movies...(although I haven't seen Eclipse yet but trust me I am crying!). I spent two hours on the first day I found out about this website and I have to say...I have been informed pretty well about everything going on so far....can't wait to hear about more upcoming events and more Twilight fans and oh yeah MORE… Continue

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I said Never, and you told me Forever.

With each tick, my eyes flickered towards the menacing circle that hung, the most intersting thing to look at amongst the plain, blank wall, but also the most torturous device ever created. An unpaitent sigh escaped my cracked mouth, trying to steal my attention away from the time. Quickly I averted my gaze towards the large window, which overlooked the entire courtyard of the school. The sharp blades of grass tipped with slivers of dew, while wise trees were…

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help wat should i do???????????

omg there is this boy at school that i realy liike but my bfffffffff likes him tooo and i realy want to go out with him HELP should i assk him ??????? leave comments for advise i need it!!!!!!

Added by Rosalie Cullen on October 6, 2010 at 11:49am — 9 Comments

Jo Danielle Hale's Diary part 7

September 30th

Simon took the fact that im a vampire ok. He is a werewolf.

The only history in my family of a vampire marrying a werewof is Grandad Carlise's Dad Harry. He married Analese. Carlise has a bit of wolf in him but not enough to kill the vampire he is. I can't tell anyone this but i have told whoever is reading this.

I know what I'm doing is wrong and that Alice and Jasper cannot know.. My relationship will be ruined if…


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Staying away.

"What If He Asked Me To Stay Away From Him? I Couldn't Keep that promise."

- Bella on Edward

Love is strong. I like to think it is the most powerful thing in the world. When I young boy and a young girl's hands are weaved together as they walk along or sit on a park bench. It seems they dont care wear they are. As long as they're together.…


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I just ask for more friends.I am in school bored out of my mind.I can't wait for my last class.

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The pieces FINALLY come together! Little, Brown announced today that The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer will come out April 12, 2011! This definitive encyclopedic reference to the Twilight Saga is the only official guide and is full color throughout all 500+ pages, including nearly 100 illustrations and photographs. The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide will be released in hardcover for $24.99 and also be available as an… Continue

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Guys don't be scared. Just admit it!

Some boys find it hard to express their feelings to the girls they like. Why? That's because they are afraid of rejection. I have a friend of mine who's very in love with this girl. But the problem is: he doesn't want to be rejected. That's why he did not know what her feelings was for him until now;he must have been so sad.

Another reason is sometimes boys tend to assume. When a girl acts so sweetly towards… Continue

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Times for the reading

Well, finally, my books arrived. The post man didn't bring my stuffs to my house. Uhhh...I have to take them by myself...

Geez... I have to say that they're kinda heavy... My poor poor fingers have 'gone pale'...........

Anyway, here they are ---- the Twilight Saga (Whole Series).

Um... I have read one before, but this time, it's different ---- They are very new ---- haven't got dust on, and not crumpled at all! Wonderful!

Ha, it's time to read them.



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a new story. :)

"MOM!! What do you mean i have to switch schools?!" i was so mad at my mom right now for telling me this unexpecting news.

"I mean, your moving to your aunts house while me and your step-dad...settle down." she said

"AUNT ESME?! we havent talked to her in like, 7 years!"

" well, YOU havent talked to her, i call her every month."

" why dont i talk to her then?" i was getting annoyed with my mom now.

" because last time you talked to her you rudely…


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Spore Creations pics


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stop it

nessi:jacob are you ready
jacob:yes and why are you over here i am not to see you
nessi:ok bye
nessi: (music is playing i better get out there)
nessi:dad come on walk me down
edwared:ok nessi you ready
(i am skiping to the end)
carlilsel:you may now kiss the bride
nessi:love you
jacob:i love you to nessi
(and we lived happely ever after .... not exactly)

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Life and Death

"Some things dont have to end" - Bella to Edward

Reciently in my school we experieced a lose of a teacher he tought Italian over the weekend he was canooing in Virginia and got caught in some rocks and was trapped but when they got to him he was already gone. When we I went to school that monday there was an annoucement over the loud speaker that said to pray for him and for his family. Everyone had known that he past away before monday all the students were notified.Italian was my first… Continue

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