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New & Lost

Ok ok so like I'm a total Twilight junky & this is my 1st Blog ever I'm really lost on this site 4 sum reason I try 2 send messgaes & comment & for sum reason nothing let's me??? Arrrrg sum1 help lolz thx ::D

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The Life of a Twilight Fanatic

Title: The Life of a Twilight Fanatic


Reading these books.. changed how I look at life. Changed everything I've thought before I read them. All I think, or dream or talk of, is this beautiful book.. that my favorite author, Stephenie Meyer made. She made my fantasy world come alive.

Chapter 1

I've lived in this town, since I was fifteen years old. I live with my mother in New York City. My dad, Alexander, lives in California. I use to live… Continue

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Hopes and Prayers

I have an 11 year old granddaughter - she has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing chemo. These are her favourite books and she has posters on her hospital wall. Could you send me some message from the cast that I can forward to her. It would give her a great boost. Thank you so much - from a loving Grandmother.

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Twilight Saga Continuation

I understand Stephenie Meyer's is have trouble continuing Midnight Sun because of the situation. It's not the easiest thing to write especially everything an author has worked on has been stolen and published. Basically everything Stephenie worked on for Midnight Sun was ruined so she has to start all over again meaning to come up with a the concept of Edward's mind, the plot, and meaning of everything. Everybody is so anxious not knowing the dedication, hard work, and time it takes to come up… Continue

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My Friend Poem (or it kind of a poem )

Friends are people you love and trust with all your heart ,
and that is a line of my aunt Rosalie's.
A friend is also someone who can never let go of you.
And a friend can also be someone who loves you like
Jacob does with me ,and I love him back just the
same...........And also remember a friend is someone
you can count on for all of eternity


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as im sitting here i think is anybody really human? human life is the simplicty, the im okay with what i have, the niceness, and the fragileness of life. If you think about it are we really human, we strive for perfection, that feeling of i don't like to be told im wrong or the i dont like to be told no. We say we are one thing but were not just one thing if you are a chair you arn't just a chair you can be a desk and you can be a thing to stand on you can be many things. So I would say no were… Continue

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Ok now listen up werewolfs ,vampires ,and humans I love my mommy daddy and former boyfriend jacob and I also hate vapire diaries !!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it because in my oppinion I think its exacaly like twilight

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Chapter 17

When i got home Edward was watching tv. I didnt know how much investigating he had done to see where I was. He smelled Jacob probably all over me. I could smell it too it stunk horridly. He stood up and slid his hands into his pockets. He looked down disapprovingly. "Why" He said angrily. i didnt smell Renesmee she was most likely at the Cullen's. "He is hurting just as much as us Edward." I knew he wouldnt understand. "Then he should have thought about that before." I rubbed my forehead. "Did… Continue

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My necklace

My necklace Continue

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La Push Gang ch.2

CHAPTER 2 caustic bloodsuckers

As we approached the little store on the beach embry stopped dead then started to shake in his hands tremors rolling down his spine I’d heard of this in the legends “embry?” I asked worried was there a threat I didn’t see one “vampire” he snarled the word and jerked me behind him “embry stay calm” I whispered the words he looked at me and muttered “rip her up when you phase or calm down and get her out of here?” then “rite get her out of here” he… Continue

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Robert Pattinson is awesome!

I love how he turned his accent off for filming. I didnt' know anything of him. b/c I don't follow Harry Potter. But, when I found out he was born in London, it made him more facinating to watch and he says his lines in the movies. Then, another plus, didn't know that he sang ... the ending of Twilight when he Edward was sucking the venom out of Bella and that song played. His voice was so soothing. I love it. New Moon was awesome ... I cant' wait til Eclipse!

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New moon

loved the new twilight saga: new moon great can't wait for eclipse in june 2010

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Go Edward!! Team Vampire!!!

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How I Spent My Midlife Crisis

November 2009

Men get the credit for having midlife crises, but women have them, too. Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself, because I spent all summer reveling in mine. At first I didn’t know what was happening … and I didn’t care. If I was going crazy, well, it was a fun kind of crazy, so I went with it. It didn’t occur to me that I was having a midlife crisis until the cravings started … for a convertible. I was disappointed that I was going to have such a prosaic crisis:… Continue

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the New Moon movie is awsome!! I stood outside waiting for two hours!!! BRRRR. It was soo worth it though. The wolf pack is awsome, but I will never change my vampire ways!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!

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i just saw new moon in theaters, it was so KOOL... i mean it was sssssoooooooooo sick... i cant stop thinkin bout it....


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Stories Part 9


It had been 2 weeks since the incident. But most of us had forgotten all about it. Alice especially. She had been decorating planning finalizing.... and starting all over. Her first idea was to have me flown in on a helicopter. That wasn't going to happen. Then she decided it would be just like a normal human wedding. Not original enough, so she scratched that idea to. Then, she came up with something we could all agree on. It was whimsical. It was like a fairy tale. I wore a poofy… Continue

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Stories Part 8

Part 8

I didn't want to think. I didn't want to move. I didn't even know if i wanted to live.

I guess i spent awhile there in my mothers arms sobbing silently, because Jake came in silently and stared at us with a shocked, scared pained expression. It didn't last log though because he came running over and i broke away from mom and ran straight to him.

"Jake, Jake, Jake..."I sobbed.

He released me only to pull my hands to his face . He stared into my eyes and it just… Continue

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