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ok every one is just a little obsest with some thing or some one. I am obsest with twilight , vampires. But the point is that it is ok to be a little absest withe some things. If it is weerd to your frenids or your parens it is ok. becuas if they say it is not they are just plane werd. pless comment

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Watch Twilight saga : New moon FREE

Watch Twilight saga : New moon FREE at

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I have completed all the books and I am sad but i truly hope she keeps writing!

Added by Giselle Bright on November 29, 2009 at 8:25pm — 1 Comment

No Shame in Loving Twilight

The Washington Post has a great article on intelligent, literary women loving the Twilight Saga and not being ashamed.

All across the country, there were women who managed to avoid Stephenie Meyer’s series about a star-crossed human/vampire teen couple. (Vampire Edward lusts for mortal Bella, but also for her blood; the books are less plot than endless yearning). They resisted the first three books — refused to read them, didn’t know… Continue

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This Is Me

Rachel's cat died, but for some reason i had to cry for Rachel will never see that cat again. Life is hard as a human but i am liking it now. Missing my family is the only flaw. My emotions are crazy as a teenager. I am tired of crap. It makes you want to cry. Infact i am cryin. My keyboards are wet. I am very afraid of the dark but right now i am sitting in the dark listening to halo by beyonce with the only light from the computer. I don't know how Rachel handles school because right now i… Continue

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New Moon

the movie was sooo good loved the way it ended

Added by Samantha on November 29, 2009 at 7:54pm — No Comments

cinema inside!

word is they have just finnished filming ECLIPSE it hits theaters next winter! yay super excited!

Added by An@y@~Te@m~Edw@rd on November 29, 2009 at 7:42pm — No Comments

Stephenie Meyer

hey!!, I wanted to find a way to contact Stephenie Meyer to ask her if I could do a different version of Breaking Dawn, once the idea came to my head i just simply can't ignore it, and I can't write it without Stephenie's permission, so, does anyone knows how can I contact her?? Please, if somebody does, reply, Thanks

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new moon

new moon was so awsome jacob was so hot when he took his shirt of and it was raining whoa.
can;t wait for eclipse

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Chapter 16-

Then it was obvious. Jacob's sweet warm blood scent filled my glands. Then the lust for his blood turned into anger. Anger that he was running. Running He has always been so fearless around me. He always would laugh when I would try to attack him. I knew it was because our relationship once was so intimate. Now it was different. I could sense the fear. I stopped in the clearing of trees.Had I really chased around La Push. I hadn't been here in so long. The memories were hardly… Continue

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What about the 13th?

This has been something that I always wonder about, Bella's Birthday is on September 13th, Robert Pattinson's Birthday is on May 13th.

What does the number 13 has that surrounds them, it's just coincidence? or is it something more?

Most people consider the 13 as a bad date like Tuesday the 13th or Friday the 13th, some other people consider the 13 as a lucky number, but most of them consider bad luck, like in some buildings they don't have the 13th… Continue

Added by Eva Masen-Pattinson on November 29, 2009 at 6:47pm — 1 Comment

twilight rox

i love the twilight series <3
im obsessed with it

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Good News!

I've just added a new fanfiction to this site. It's called "Dandelions" and its about Renesmee after Breaking Dawn. Here's the link:

Pleas comment!

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Robert Pattinson Interview with MTV Radio

Robert Pattinson spoke with MTV Radio about his thoughts on director Chris Weitz, the hardest New Moon scene to shoot and the most romantic thing he’s ever done.

MTV: Tell us about working with Chris Weitz. What were your thoughts when you first received his now-famous “orientation guide”?

Robert Pattinson: When he gave that out, it was such [a surprise]; I mean, I’d never had that from any director. It was 40, 50 pages… Continue

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Ah! New Moon!


Added by ฿∈℃₭¥ ✌♡☺ ✡ I'm a jew! on November 29, 2009 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

blog #2

i have now concluded that Aro from New Moon is gay, or at least half gay. he's cool, but he seemed a little. . . nevermind

but i luffled New Moon! i gots a New Moon T-shirt on Turkey Day from my aunt. then we went to new moon, (AGAIN 8D)

BTW, how was all of ur turkey days???

so liek aparently the Eclipse directer is some dude named Dave something.

i dunno who this Dave guy is, but i hope that he does good with Eclipse. i think that the New Moon directer… Continue

Added by Sammy Hale on November 29, 2009 at 5:47pm — 1 Comment

New Moon

Everyone who has watched New Moon give a big rate on a scale to 1-10,
how good was it, and would you watch it again, and what was your favorite part?

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Taylor Lautner Q & A with Rolling Stone

Rolling has a bonus Q & A with Taylor Lautner who is the cover story for the December issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Taylor talks about the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward.

Don’t you think that when some fans see New Moon, they may be disappointed, because you’re kind of the villain in a way.

I have some pretty passionate team Jacob fans [laughs].

Right. But you’re also the… Continue

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chain letters

i got these chain letters and dont want to forget it so i though i would write it here

Article 1:

Statement of Love:



1. Kiss on the hand =

I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek =

I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck =

I want you

4.Kiss on the lips =

I love you

5.Kiss on the ear =

I am just playing

6. Kiss anywhere else =

lets not get carried away

7.… Continue

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