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midnight sun post 31 lexis view♥☻☺

Seth just pulled me close and said,"its okay,lex,itll be okay." I saw alex over his shoulder he had a look on his face that said"maybe he is right for you". I smiled and seth held me tighter. The bell rang and seth walked me to class. Soon,i was in advanced math and the senior boys sat by me again. "Hey,cutie,whats wrong,"It was a different one today. "Dont even worry about it,"I said,fiercly. "Fiesty,i like that,"the senior said. I hissed under my breathe. "Sorry,"the guys said. Soon,i was…


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True Love - A Seth Imprint Story

True Love – A Seth Imprint…


Added by Alice Renee Cullen on November 30, 2010 at 8:16pm — 2 Comments

midnight sun post 30 lexis view♥☻☺

Seth was shaking with anger. Stupid,alex,why did he have to turn out to be a wolf,better yet why did he have to come here!!!!! "Seth,please,just ignore him,"i said. He was shaking,violently. I should of stepped away,but instead i scooted closer and nessled myself into his chest. He controlled himself and only his hands were shaking. I didnt say a word,afraid of what might come out. "Lexi,im sorry for acting like that,"seth tried but i interrupted sayin,"Dont apologize,you have every right to…


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Katie Resch How to save a life...

Hey this is a new idea I have for a story. Please tell me what you think of it. I dont know if I am going to continue with it but I would just like to get it out there. Please comment and tell me if I should continue. Im sorry that this chapter is boring but trust me it will get better.

First day of school. Pure suckishness. Before I get to far of my mixed up life I would like to tell you a little of myself. I am 14 years old and my name is Mia. I am a…

Added by Katie Resch on November 30, 2010 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

Carlisle Cullen

I just wanted to share that Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen bought me a coke at the store when I found out that for some reason they did not take credit cards and I did not have a dollar (lame I know). He then signed it for me after I caught up with him when I got a buck from a friend to pay him back :P. Found out he had the same birthday as me and gave him a fist bump. Happy birthday to us!!

I also wanted to share that before he got me a coke he was talking to a special needs girl… Continue

Added by Nicole Miller on November 30, 2010 at 3:08pm — 1 Comment

A poem I wrote

I count the tears you make me cry. So far 1 hundred and 28 plus 1. I sit alone on my bed without you. Thinking of the time we spent together sharing laughs, smiles, tears. Now all I do is count

tears, write numbers, and cry. Without you I’m nothing. Barely enough energy to

get up in the morning, to depressed to eat, to alone to sleep. Well its almost

dark, candles almost dead…


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I'm just not understanding why ppl get on this site if they hate twilight

I've kept quite about this because everyone has a right to there opinion, but seriously people I'm just not understanding why get on a website dedicated to Twilight if you hate it so much. Like when i even dislike something the last thing that is going to happen is me giving it my time and money. So if i hate it there isn't a chance in hell that I would even give it a little of my time or a dime of my money. In my opinion all those people that get on this web site that don't like the…


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midnight sun post 29 lexis view♥☻☺

I dragged seth out of the house. If i left them there any longer who knows what he would do. I couldnt let him know that seeing alex made something spark inside me. Ofcourse,i love seth more,but seeing alex is bringing up questions inside me. What ifs,and whys,and buts. Alex broke my heart,more like shatterred it,i couldnt let that happen again. Man,this is perfect,this happens right after all the crap with other guys. Why cant guys just be civilized? At the beach seth asked me,"Do you still…


Added by ♥lexi black/clearwater♥ on November 30, 2010 at 9:51am — 2 Comments


Damn...I hurt my ankle when I was practising basketball yesterday afternoon...I was enjoying hitting the net for a hundred times till the coach called me and then I ran too far that I nearly fell down on the floor.

I had no strength to go tht I had to sit down. 'Cuz I felt my ankle was particularly painful.

The boys who were playing near by were all glaring at me. And then I saw my friends came up to me. Oh Dear...

I've never got injured before so it really scared me...

It's… Continue

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Hey guys, I do miss you !

My high school life finally begans, my old friends my old classmates all went to different high school, well, that makes me really upset. I`m not that kind of guy who can make friends easily, yeah, I miss them, everyone used to studay with me. Some of them also went to America, start their high school lifes. And a few days ago, I saw Prayers for Bobby, I do hope the situation about gay in America is better now. However, the situation in China is not getting better, if you come out, others will… Continue

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I'm really, really happy. I just got a new boyfriend!!! Eek! I'm so super excited, and he's so freakin' hot. Bella's Family Pack, is his name. Well, Skylar, actually. I call him Sky. I think I love him.....

Hey Sky, If you read this, lemme know, kay? Just tell me. Email me, comment, whatevs. Luv u.

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midnight sun post 28 lexis view♥☻☺

I felt horrible. "This is my fault,"i said. "Lexi,how is this your fault,"trishchen asked. "It just is,"i said. I couldnt help but cry. The guys all hugged me. They walked me home. I felt really bad. I couldnt even tell vana what happened,it would brake her heart. Well brady already did,but that means she needed us her friends. I swear i could hear the growls from seth and brady. I went into the kitchen with the other girls. I helped them make food for the guys. Then i went to bed. The next…


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The Eclipse GUm

So today I got the Eclipse gum and i did the code on and i unlocked secret footage from the movie thats coming out this saturday and i will be at walmart this friday and i will be there at 11:45 p.m (Utah Time) and I will wait inline for it until i get before my friends and if my parents dont let me go to walmart friday night im going saturday morning or saturday afternoon. Im so freakin excited for saturday because im getting eclipse and im… Continue

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heeeey guys. i need some suggestions for christmas presents of twilight stuff(:

Added by Jolie Manning on November 29, 2010 at 6:34pm — 1 Comment

midnight sun post 27 lexis view♥☻☺

The bell rang and seth walked me to class,he kissed me sweetly before going to his. In class,i couldnt help but think of dad. His funeral was the following day,and i had to make a speech. The whole town wold be there. I wasnt nervous,that wasnt it at all,i just didnt want to break down in front of the whole town. How was i going to do this? Well ofcourse my friends would help me. Thankfully i had advanced science with vanessa. She sat next to me and i talked to her. "How am i going to do…


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Someone New alll

rrreeaaaddd mmyy bbblllooogs

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How I saved a puppy

Me,my sister,and her boyfriend all were on our way to get my dad's birthday cake,and we got off of the interstate.Guess what.There was a little puppy all skin and bones.My sister begged her boyfriend to stop the car on the side of the rode I was supprised because he actually stopped.She got out of the car,and walked behind the car.The dog hunched down and walked to my sister.The poor dog was whinning when she walked to my sister.We went to DQ and got my dad's cake for his birthday party we were… Continue

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Dear Alice

dear alice, i know how bella felt when edward left her alone, the only difference is that edward left her in the woods wheras i was left at home in my room with only a computers solace, for the longest time i sat still and unmoving and then the tears came.. silent at first then in a torrent. i am utterly alone and i very much need a jacob

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Dear Readers,

People probably are not reading this right now,but I'm writing this blog to let my feelings know.......

Have you ever felt like everyone is keeping you down? I have,everyday. I am even making a choice for my self to see if I can make me perk up, you know,be happier. This choice is for me and I'm not going to let anyone try to talk me out of it. And Lacey if you are reading this,you will find out soon enough what I am talking about.

Now I want to ask anyone who is… Continue

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midnight sun post 26 lexis view♥☻☺

Seth was so peaceful when he slept. I proped myself up on my elbow and watched him sleep. He was a snoarer,which made me giggle. He woke up and said,"goodmorning,beautiful." "Goodmorning,love,"i smiled. His eyes melted through me. We got dressed and went out of the room. Jackson was dead asleep on the couch. Seth and i ate some corn flakes. He was staring at me. "What,"i asked. "Youre beautiful,"seth smiled. I blushed and he kissed my cheek. My phone started ringing and it was jake. I…


Added by ♥lexi black/clearwater♥ on November 28, 2010 at 11:02pm — 1 Comment

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