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thanksgiving with edward

today i brought my boyfriend to thanksgiving with me. it was his first time meeting my family. i was thinking how interesting it would be to bring edward to that kind of family event and what would happen..

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midnight sun post 23 lexis view♥☻☺

We all went down to the beach. It was a cold day,but to us wolfs it didnt really bother us at all. On the other hand,emily,becka,lara,and crysta were freezing. We all sat on a blankett and relaxed. We were stuffed from my feast breakfast. Seth and i went walking,alone,down the beach. When we were out of hearing distance of everyone else,seth asked,"so,do you want to go on a date tomorrow?" "Ofcourse,"i said and smiled. His smile was so cute,i giggled at it. His eyes intensified on mine. It…


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him~her chpt.4



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true me 2

The air grows thin

as i walk

going higher up

the mountain

trying to grab

my breath

as i climb the rope goes thinner and thinner

with Evey step i take

the take breaks

as i fall

knowing no one can help me

so i don't scream

or yell

or say why me

i fall looking at the sky

i don't ask why

before i knew… Continue

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true self

I see it
it can be seen
the sky blue
i sit on the grass
looking up
knowing something is looking down at me
i am in a fight
swing left than right
i know i won't win
but I'll try
when i fall
i Will get up
after all i won't give up
with out a fight
a fight with life

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Twilight artworks by Sonia Mª Corral (fanart videos with drawing and tutorial)

New fanart videos made by the illustrator and fan Sonia Mª Corral and inspired on Twilight saga were released on…


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I need some advice!!!!! Help me!!!

Everyone wants to be my friend, but some of these people are huge jerks. I tell them to go away, but I'm too nice, I guess. That's what my friends say, and my family. A million guys ask me out per week, I don't want to date and I don't need to. That's the… Continue

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Apocalypse (New idea, what do you think?)

I remember waking up that morning and feeling the difference. I didn't know what the difference was, but it was definetly there. There was a certian electricity to the air. I remember the eerie quietness of the house, the birds, the playground next door. It seemed that the whole world was asleep. Or dead.

I remeber walking down the stairs, calling for my mom, my sister, or my two older brothers. No one answered any of my calls. I was really worried by this point. Normally on…


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Breaking dawn!

when is breaking dawn coming!?! cuz everyone is saying this year but some are saying next year UGH it better come out sooon BUT IM SOOO EXCITED FOR IT IVE ALREADY READ THE BOOK SO YEA ITS GONNA BE SOO GOOD lol

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Jeg heter Kamilla og jeg elsker Twilight. Jeg har sett alle Twilight filmene og jeg har 3 av bøkene, men bare en fil og det er New Moon. jeg har ikke funnet filmen av eneren, men jeg skal ha den.

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my transofmation to a new world

I screamed in pain as the severe burning spread through my body. It felt like a blow torch cooking my fleash , i stared through blurred eyes at the red blood ring that had been created around my wrist , ... i would know have .... ice cold skin like a glacier , gold eyes as sweet as honey first as red as a rose. And i would crave human blood eternally.I was loosing my breath but then the pain stopped and i felt a sense of need and thirst run through my body. I sat up to see edward sitting…


Added by alice-jade-cullen on November 25, 2010 at 10:20am — 2 Comments

super fan of the twilight saga

i'm a member of the twilight saga

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edward's dialogue

"So the lion fell in love with the lamb"

Added by danica rose angcon on November 25, 2010 at 4:34am — 1 Comment

Darkness can swallow you

We grow accustomed to the Dark by Emily Dickinson
We grow accustomed to the Dark --

When light is put away --

As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp


Added by Lornalolo on November 25, 2010 at 4:17am — 1 Comment

I think Peanuts needs to just go away.

.I'm sure that at one point Peanuts was the most entertaining thing around. I mean folks once liked Mutt and Jeff! I don't like Peanuts one bit. I'm sick of seeing the holiday specials I'm sick of the cartoons, and the comic strips can go too. Charlie Brown is mistreated by everyone except Franklin, and he's guilty because he doesn't speak out. However, Charlie Brown is not worth our pity because he is a neurotic misanthrope who is almost as horrid to his friends as they are to him. An Eric…


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midnight sun post 22 lexis view♥☻☺

I had to admit brady was pretty cute,but so were all the other guys. He wouldnt be a problem for me,especially since i had seth. Seth was my love and no one could chang that. "So,this little lady is a fighter,"brady smiled. "I may be little,but i bet i could take you,"i smiled. "Ohhhhhh,"all the guys chimed. "Im not gonna fight a girl,"brady said. "Why,you afraid ill beat you that bad,"i said and eyed him,sharply. All the other guys were getting a kick out of this. "No,a girl could never…


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Christmas dolls

i was talking with my sister and we talked about what would make good presents. she sed she wanted a jacob doll and i sed well you can get me an edward doll... and our neice who is only 13 sed we were weird for wanting dolls....but i know secretly shes a twilight freak.. shes trying to be all cool about as a christmas gift to her i was thinking i would buy her every twlight doll available.... do you think that she would play with them when no one is watching or the whole idea of it is a… Continue

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happy b'day



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Hello world!!!

hey im back i havent been on in forever!!! i finally had time to so im going to keep roleplaying!!! i made the eighth grade bball and vball team and i tired out for honor band and honor choir comment and tell me ur fave hobbies!!!

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twilight quotes

hey guys!
this blog is about the twilight quotes! (all from twilight, the first book/film)

choose your favourite quote and comment telling me which one it is!:D…

Added by Daisy Cullen on November 24, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments

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