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What if it never happened - Chapter 17 - How is this all going to fall into place ?

The air was cool against my skin. But it felt refreshing i felt alive. I clung to Seth as he picked up the speed. Everything felt right . In place like it was supposed to be. I laid my head on Seth's back letting the engine's vibrations come through me. I closed my eyes listening to the pur's of the bike. I didnt realize i had fallen asleep until i felt Seth's warmth enclose around me. I opened my eyes slowly. I was met with a sleepy smile. "Sleep Beautiful." He…


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Doesn´t even begin to cover it, but THANK YOU! for Breaking Dawn 2. It was A-MA-ZING!!!

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Twilight Forever

Hey Twilight! Its been a while since I've visited this website... I've missed you guys. I just watched Breaking Dawn Part Two last night and I was just completly overcome with muiltiple emotions. I just love Twilight so much, and I've put so many years of my life into it. I've been a very dedicated fan and its almost as if, Twilight is a part of me. Knowing that I'll never be able to look forward to seeing a new Twilight movie coming out, pains me. I'll always have it though. I'll always have… Continue

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Breadking Dawn Part 2

The movie opens with amazing images all freezing to ice and vice versa. The blood flows into Bella's eyes and she sees for the first time as a vampire. Then she sees her Edward. It was cute when she was a little too strong for him. It was such fun to see Edward in a proud light instead of such restraint, smiling when she throttles Jacob after learning he had imprinted on Renesmee, arm wrestling with Emmett. Their little cottage was perfect in the woods and when they entered the bedroom and…


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I went to see Twilight Breaking part 2...when the movie came out...I loved it!!  I do not care what anyone else thinks!! Please more!!

I went to see Twilight Breaking part 2...when the movie came out...I loved it!!  I do not care what anyone else thinks!! Please more!!


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Its been awhile.. Twilight has definatly changed my life

   Hi. I haven't been on this website or been involved in twilight for years. I was active on this account during my fifth to sixth grade year, now I'm a freshman starting high school... Wow. Time really does fly.

   I literally just arrived home from the cinema watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 . . . I just can't believe its over. I dreamed about this day since the beginning. My mind keeps saying, "No, no it can't be over so soon. There HAS to be more." but there isn't. I guess there's…


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 I seriously love twilight breaking dawn part two i couldn't imagine it being any better! I was so sad and i was like panicking when they had the "fight" i was so happy at the end when i found out that it actually didn't happen. 


- stefani, twihard Forever

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Breaking Dawn Part Two review and opinions - SPOILER ALERT.

I repeat, if you do not want spoilers PLEASE do not read this and if you read it anyway I am not responsible for you finding out anything you did not want to know. 

Okay so, I've been following information of the movie since the very very beginning. Honestly, the previews discouraged me. I walked into that theater not thinking I would enjoy it at all. I was not happy at how old they made Renesmee's character, and I was not happy about how they portrayed the ending as being a…


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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Spoiler!!!

I just got back from seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2, And I cried so hard when Carlisle's head got torn off by Aro, I couldn't breath, and was in a state of shock, it felt so surreal. Then when Jasper's also got torn off, I just couldn't believe that Stephanie Meyer could let this happen. Then it all of the sudden went to Alice having a vision, and then I saw everybody not dead, and I was like YES!! I was so excited and happy that Carlisle was still alive well a vampire that's alive. I was still… Continue

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if you could be any character from twilight who would you be?

i want to know if you could  be any character from any of the twilight books who would you be and why?

Added by nicole aguiar on November 14, 2012 at 7:52pm — 3 Comments

Are you a Breaking Dawn expert

Hi everyone.I got this from M Magazine.The December Issuse.It's a Breaking Dawn Quiz.I thought I would share with you.

1 In the book we learn that Bella's engagement ring was: A Her mother's ring B Edward's mother's ring.

2 How is Alice a main part of the action in Breaking Dawn? A She has a vision and warns everyone the Volturi are coming B She turns into a werewolf

3 Renesmee {EdBella's daughter} gets nickname in Breaking Dawn A Little Bella B Nessie

4 Who does…


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If Renesmee Cullen Had Twitter

Hi everyone.I got this from the Yikes Magazine.

Renesmee Cullen

My parents are so weird.

less than 20 seconds ago from web

Shoutout to my soulmate@JacobBlackYikes! Love ya like a bro for now.#werewolfwednesdays

3 minutes ago from web

It seems like just a few months ago I was a baby...Oh wait,it was.LOL #timeflies

37 seconds ago from iPhone

DAD!!! Stop embarrassing me.RT @EdwardCullenYikes I…


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the end of an era...

I have my tickets book for Breaking Dawn Part 2 for the day it comes out. I am thrilled and so excited. Yet, I am also very sad, as it's the ending of a phenomenon. Twilight will always live in the heart of all it's fans, but this is the last movie. I don't think I'll be able to walk out of the theatre without crying first.

Twilight is the one thing that actually changed my life and opened me up to the world and all it has. I don't think I had even discovered the extent of the…


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any sadness despair

    Sooner or later it will all end. A motto of mine, a bit lame but meaningful, i think. Sadness and despair is apart of that one thing we do every day ... its called life. Id say twilight is my pain drug, like morphine, yes that sounds lame but its true in all ways. I suck ass blogging but i like it. This way i can express my self, by blogging, its pretty cool :). Twilight is my life but so is sadness and death. So…


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