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Eclipse Movie Premiere next year!!!

I found this site that is hosting a movie premiere event for next year's Eclipse movie!

It looks freaking awesome and I cant wait to buy tickets!

Here is there invitational card:…


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Boring , boring , boring . Finally , got my twilight album :)

Today , i'm so bored . Cuz i'm having a BBQ party . And i have no where to go , my brother Jasper is playing with my totally uncool , and silly brother . Now i'm going offline , and then take my bath . I'll be back , who knows maybe later .

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Midnight Sun

After finishing reading the Midnight Sun manuscript I finally understand the meaning of the title "Midnight Sun". Before Bella Edward's life felt dark, like midnight, but when she came into his life, she lit it up like the sun. *swoon* How incredibly romantic and special, what we all wouldn't do to have an Edward or get our husbands, boyfriends, or significant others to read the books and get educated.

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My New Song!

Hey! I made a new song about, a week from Christmas. It's called It's Not Fair! If you're wondrin' what's it about I'll tell you:

You all know my one blog post about Steve right? Well, after my choir concert my best highschool friend Sara told me Steve knew that i 'liked' him. So, I'm like ok. Then when I was in my dad's car, I texted her. Here is how it went:

Me:Hey Sara.


M:How'd Steve find out?

S:IDK, all I know is he said he knew for… Continue

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Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Robert Pattinson….Chipping His Tooth?

Bryce Dallas Howard (aka Victoria) spoke to New York Magazine at the New York premiere of her new film Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond. Bryce talked about when she first met Robert Pattinson:

“I actually came out to him that I was totally nervous about [meeting him],” said Howard, who will replace Rachelle Lafevre as evil vampire Victoria in next year’s Twilight 3. “He’s such a sweet young man, and there’s such a distinctive difference… Continue

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The Twilight Trio is #2 In Access Hollywood’s Top 9 Of 2009!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, also know as The Twilight Trio, were named #2 in Access Hollywood’s Top 9 of 2009.

They are fabulous, aren’t they? What a great year they all had.

I love Rob’s interviews….espeically when Rob answered the dating an older woman question… “I’m open to pretty much anything.” *THUD*… Continue

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New Moon’s Dakota Fanning Hangs Out with the Garcia’s

The Twilight Saga’s vampire Volturi member Dakota Fanning aka Jane was spotted hanging out with veteran actor Andy Garcia’s daughter Alessandra Garcia-Lorido.

Dakota has been rumored to play the lead role in Betsy and the Emperor. Based on a book by Stanton Robin, the movie tells the story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his friendship with a 14-year-old girl after his exile to the island of St. Helena.

Hmm, exiled on an island? Will… Continue

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monsters are alot of things. For examplel they colde be some thng that is some thing u can not explan. they can be people who are meen or seem werd. But they are just people like me and u but there just difrint. If some one told u that u are a monster what wold u say to them? how wold u feel? now if u feel that imagen that all the time. now ifv u are the one who is saying that to people how dos that make u feel? why wold u tell some one that? plees add a comint with your ancers i wold like to… Continue

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heyy everyone

heyy everyone Continue

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Why 5 people should never go on a 4 person teeter totter with diet coke

yesterday i was baby sitting my little sister (Kara) with 3 of my friends ( Hailey, Stella and Nadyah). and we were all pretty bored so my sister said we should go to the park. so we went to the park and saw a 4 person teeter totter and went on it. Stella had to sit one my lap. and for some strange reason Hailey had an unopened diet coke in her opened purse. so her coke flys out of her purse, almost hits me and Stella in the head, lands on the ground , pops open and sprays us all. it was pretty… Continue

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fanfic chapter 31

Chapter thirty-one- LETS PRETEND LIFE IS FAIR

I stared at my arm or lack there of. There was no pain, the realization that there was no pain was worse. You can be told day after day that your not human, you can feel the burn of the thirst, you can watch the sun set then rise, never moving an inch, never needing too and still you feel normal. Not human normal of course, but you don’t feel different, not in a bad way anyway. Being a vegetarian gave you much more room for a normal… Continue

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Everything about Edward quiz!

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Opinion on New Moon

My opinion on New Moon is that it had a better approach and relation to the book than Twilight. I personally think that its because of the new director. Don't get me wrong, Twilight was good but this movie had a better sense of the book. After all, the movies should be based off the books. Give me your opinion on what you thought about the movie. <3

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Family affair

Hi Stephanie....I am over half way through Breaking dawn and as much as I want to get to the end I seriously do not want it to end! Two of my son's and their girlfriends took me to see 'New moon' and they laugh at me when I either have my head in one of your books or have the Twilight film on in the kitchen while im cooking or washing up! It's great to have something that we can all discuss and I have even caught my youngest son taking a peak at the film when he thinks Im not watching him! I… Continue

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Chapter 1 GoodByes

As I lye there thinking what was going to happen today,his glistening skin caught my attention. I turned over to find only my lovely shirtless husband lying next to me.

"Well, God morning stranger."

I giggled."Good Morning." I said as i got out of bed to dress myself. "Hey where's Nessie?"

"Oh. She and Jake went hunting a few hours ago." He said as he got up to get dressed also. "Hmm who would of thought, My bestfriend in the whole entire world and our precious…

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Happy New Year!

I wish u all a great 2010!

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whos cuter

hi help me i ddont know whos cuter i think jacob but if i say that to my friends some of them slap me so

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New Moon Director

I really wish there was a way to get message to Stephanie Meyer, the director of Twilight was WAY better then the director for New Moon. If she was to have done this second movie, in my opinion, it would have turned out soooo much better. It seem as though the guys tried too hard. Too much compurter graphics, makeup, coloring.. I hope she gets the other lady to direct the last two movies.

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Hey guys come on and become my friend and follow my site and group!

Go Team Jasper!

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