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heathers weird book thingamijig just gonna post random things ok like this

today~i was walking home from my friends house i saw like a banana in the middle of the road which is alittle weird right or is tht just me? idk but then my friend snuck up on me and i screamed and jumped.

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Music Ideas

I found a few songs that would be AMAZING in the forth movie. I mean just PERFECT. Check out these songs... think about the book (or go back and read it) and you will all know what I'm talking about.

Seriously people, the lyrics on the first and second song are BREAKING DAWN. They are Bella and Edward to the T.

Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk

Song: Invincible

Artist: Lenka

Song: Trouble is a friend

*All about Edward and Bella*

Artist:… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... Chapter 4

Chapter 4

*Anne Marie's POV*

As I sat in the back of my 3rd period class, completely ignoring my Pre-Cal teacher droning on about percentages and such since I already had all the notes from yesterday, and I had taken out the portrait that Daniel drew of me.

It was amazing and I couldn't believe he had taken the time to draw it. I mean, it must have taken at least 2 hours! Because you can't get that much detail in a short amount of… Continue

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All of my friends were reading Twilight and i always thought it was stupid, but one day my friend loaned me her Twilight book and i never could put it down. ever since then im adicted to Twilight its like a drug. Twilight, New Moon, Ecplisp, And Breaking Dawn are amazing i love them. Each book took me about a week to read. Lol The wonderfull though i never could put ny of the books down thats how good they are and truthfully im not the type of person to get into a book or books like i did with… Continue

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The Host

Anyone care to comment on the book "The Host". I started it and after the third chapter, I had to start over. I seen to expect vampires and werewolves. HA HA HA !!!!

Please tell me it gets better!!!

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Team Jacob!!

Jacob is like my BEST BEST FRIEND!! If u r on Team Jacob go u! email so we can talk about Jake!

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Robert Pattinson Spends The Holidays Back Home In England

Robert Pattinson is currently back home in England spending the holidays with his family in their home in South West London. Rob was pictured leaving the family home with his father and sister.

Rob has managed to keep a low profile and its first time he has been ‘papped’ since arriving in the UK last week. I hope he has a great time with his family and friends and I wonder where he is spending New Years Eve so I can hop along!… Continue

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‘Eclipse’ Release Dates?

According to the worldwide release dates are out for the Twilight Saga – Eclipse. Check them out -

Argentina - June 30, 2010

Brazil – June 30, 2010

Egypt – June 30, 2010

Finland – July 2, 2010

Germany – July 15, 2010

Kazakhstan – June 30, 2010

Netherlands – July 1, 2010

New… Continue

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New Pics – Kellan Lutz Attends Klutch Grand Opening

Eclipse hunky vampire Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett Cullen) attended the grand opening of Klutch, a nightclub in Miami Beach, last night.

Look at that perfect smile *swoon*. KOG — where are you?!

You can check out the rest of the pics over at… Continue

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Charlie Bewley Says Eclipse Will Be ‘Dark And Vicious’

Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri) talked to recently about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and how it is different from the first two films.

He told us: “David is a master of mood. Eclipse has this different mood about it, it’s dark and vicious. You get to see the brutal nature of vampires… Continue

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Ashley Greene Leaving LAX

Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) was all smiles leaving LAX yesterday with her little doggie, Marlow. Ashley looks beautiful as always and has the loveliest smile.

Ah, I like the pictures when they are all smiles and the paparazzi isn’t harassing them. Not when they look like they want to hurt the person taking the picture or turning toward the bushes with their backs to the cameras not wanting their picture taken with their… Continue

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Anna Kendrick on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly!

New Moon human Anna Kendrick (aka Jessica Stanley) is on the cover of the newest edition of Entertainment Weekly promoting her new flick Up in the Air.

In the latest issue of EW, Anna’s co-star George Clooney has a piece of advice for Anna when it comes to campaigning for an Academy Award -

EW asked him what Farmiga and Kendrick need to do to campaign effectively. “Kiss a lot of babies,” says Clooney. “I’m enjoying watching… Continue

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New Moon Trailer Is #1 For The Most-Viewed Trailer Of 2009 On Yahoo!

Yahoo! Movies listed the top 10 most-viewed movie trailers of 2009 and New Moon was #1 nabbing over 20 million views.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched all the New Moon trailers! I remember the first time I saw the New Moon trailer during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday, May 31, 2009……..sitting on my couch, mouth hanging open, tears in my eyes, trying not to scream like a little girl, my husband looking at me like I had lost my mind. Ah,… Continue

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Peter Facinelli Says New Moon ‘Is Not Just For Teenage Girls’

Peter Facinelli (aka Carlisle Cullen) talked with Boston’s Fox 25 News about New Moon and that it’s not just for teenage girls.

That’s right! It’s not just for teenage girls!

I laughed that his brother in law didn’t want to go see New Moon and took his IPod with him. LOL! But he did like it! See guys, go see New Moon with your… Continue

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Chaske Spencer Talks New Moon & United Global Shift

Chaske Spencer (aka Sam Uley) talked with a local Cleveland NBC station, Channel 3, about New Moon, appearing at the Lake Erie Monsters Hockey game and his work with United Global Shift.

I just love hearing Chaske talk. Great job… Continue

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The Twilight Saga Vs. The Vampire Diaries

Clevver TV dives into the the debate of The Twilight Saga Vs. The Vampire Diaries. According to an article in the NY Post written by Ari Karpel, it says the Vampire Diaries is better.

*cricket chirping*

BWAHAHAHA! PUH-LEASE! Stephan over Edward? Elena over Bella? Granted, I love me some Damon (Ian Somerhaulder=HOT), but nothing will EVER top the Twilight Saga…..for me anyway.

So, what does this writer for the NY Post think a normal… Continue

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New Moon Spoof Promo For The Critics Choice Awards

Here’s the New Moon spoof promo with Kristin Chenoweth for the Critics Choice Awards. Kristin is hosting the Critics Choice Awards on VH1 January 15th.

LOL!… Continue

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Billy Burke Interview with Hollywood 411

Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) talks with Hollywood 411 for TV Guide about New Moon, Eclipse, working with Kristen Stewart and his new film Highland Park.

Gotta love Billy Burke!! Um, I can safely say Chris Weitz did do better than Catherine Hardwicke.… Continue

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who needs them

who needs people who always throws you down ..... who needs people who hurt you to make them feel good who really needs them when you know who your true friends are

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New moon re-write part 5

She knew she didn't sleep anymore. She didn't need the energy. She now had forever unending energy. But Bella still lay still in bed if not to sleep, then to think. Her head was filled with scary things. Things she didn't know could exist there.

Her feelings of murder towards Victoria. Her broken heart ripe with anticipation that Edward would soon be here with her. The fear when she was near Jake and his friends, no matter if they were… Continue

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