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The monsters, the enemies.,

You can run from someone you feared.,

You could try to fight to someone you hated.,

All my reactions were geared toward those

kinds of killers - the monsters,the…

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Time is Eternity.,

Time is..,

Too slow for those who wait.,

Too swift for those who fear.,

Too long for those who grieve.,


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midnight sun post 35 lexis view♥☻☺

We listened as the guys talked about us. Typical boys,i thought to myself as the talked about our bodies. Or "bangin bodies" as the put it. Collin was talking now. "I want,you know,with crysta but i know shes not ready,"collin said. "Just talk to her about it,"brady said. All of us girls rolled our eyes. "You cant talk to a girl about that,"seth said,"its something that just happens." Really,it just happens,theres nothing special about it? "Well i dont want her to feel pressured and…


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Alice Cullen is confused.

today in school, a guy that i know came up to me and flicked my ear. what does that mean?

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Christmas Wish List

Here i will post my wish list and you can post yours too so i can get ideas XD

1. Harry Potter and Deathly hallows videogame for Wii

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Who wants to add mee??

Whoeva adds me wont be sorry. Best believe.

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Twilight Oath

Twilight Oath:

I promise to remember Bella

Each time I carelessly fall down

And I promise to remember Edward

Whenever I’m out of town

I promise to obey traffic laws

For Charlies sake of course

And I promise to remember Jacob

When my heart fills with remorse

I promise to remember Carlisle

When ever I am in the Emergency Room

And I promise to remember Emmett

Every time there’s a huge boom

I promise to to remember Rosalie

Whenever I see…


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about three things i was absolutly positive first, fred mareshall/edward cullen was a vampire. second, there was apart of him and i didn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my blood. and third i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him

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About Me

Hi i'm taylor i'm 15 and i love the twilight saga so much lol my mom will aways say i love it 2 much lol i'm fun/nice/sweet/kool/funny/cute/and i don't have a boyfriend but i have 2 twin BRO and i have 2 lil sis 3 & 5 and i'm on 2 as the_hart_15

Bye Talk 2 GUY SooN

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should not miss..

we are dying to see breaking dawn in theaters. i hope that it will be a blockbuster..
me and my cousins here in the Philippines are excited enough to mark our calendars for the showing..
renesmee is a must see character. i also want to see aro's reaction on her.. :)

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midnight sun post 34 lexis view♥☻☺

Soon,i was done singing! Everyone cheered wildly. I walked off the stage and seth took my hand. He lead me to the dancefloor. He smiled and we danced. I couldnt believe how good he was. The dance ended and vana and alicia were spending the night at my house. The guys drove us home. We all went to different sides of the house. Seth and i were around the back. He was holding both of my hands,looking into my eyes,lovingly! I smiled and said,"ive never had a night like this." "Youve never been…


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Quizz Time, Are You Really A Twilight Fan? Answer these and I will score. I will write the points you need for the Q. Kk

  1. How many Cullen's are in Breaking Dawn?

    10 points

  2. Who is Nessy?

    9 points

  3. Who give's Nessy that name?

    9 points

  4. In New Moon, why does Edward think Bella is dead? -2 reasons-

    15 points

  5. In Twilight, who…

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dear alice,

he is gone i am all alone he has left me and i cant think of anything but him help me alice. my edward is gone and he has left me to the wolves.

no copyright issues here my boyfriend just broke up with me and i have no one and am quite lonely but i shall try to enjoy my renesme(son lol) and deal with stuff alone..

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midnight sun post 33 lexis view♥☻☺

Jake warned me to step away from jared. I took a step back and there was the railing. I jumped over it,but jared followed. What was up with him? He phased and growled. My eyes widened,i dont think i want to fight jared. Honestly,i didnt want to fight any of my brothers. Luckily,leah ran up to my rescue. She put me behind her back. Jared growled and she told me to step back. I did and she phased. They were growling at eachother. Leah was standing up for me the whole time. I backed…


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start & end

we will never know when a life will end while another one starts.
we can´t control ourselves but we can control our future, & our present, yes, life is hard but the only thing left 4 us is living it as it is.

life is ours

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breaking dawn count down

Twilight Breaking…

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divorce day

today i got divorced.. now i am free to dream about edward carelessly.. hahahaha

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Eclipse comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Seth finds love: looking forward

HAHAHA GOT YA! nope this is not the next chapter! but i would love for you all to see these outfits that I have created! I got the website from my wonderful friend Jordan. Who then got it from one of her close friends PeanutJazz!! Thanks guys!!!! <3

Here they are!!!!…


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