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So I have not been on this since, well, a really long time.  I feel bad since my cousin has her storys posted on here and I haven't read them when she reads mine.  So I'm going to try and get one here more often, maybe hopefully I get more friends so I can post this story I have been writing for the past 11 months titled The Elevator on the 56th Floor: The Zoey Morris Chronicals.  It really isn't about Twilight (however I do have a vampire/werewolf story written that is currently being…


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Edward the Good

I recently joined this wonderful group of people and very happy I did. I'm older than a lot of you and new to the Twilight Saga. I've just finished reading Twilight and New Moon and am now engrossed in Eclipse. I have yet to figure out why Bella keeps going to see Jacob when she has Edward. Most of us live our entire lives without anyone like Edward entering our lives. In fact, we dream of someone who could love us without reservation and unconditionally. Bella is, of course, still very…


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I looked at the beautiful people standing there. My heart was beating a so loud i was sure they could hear it. My mother squeezed my hand. Janaila lead me in and we all sat down in what i assumed to be the living room. Janaila looked at my mother. My mother lookee at me. She squeezed my hand. I closed my eyes. I could see her color was yellow. I could see she was nervous. "The day you were born i was supposed to be meeting Janaila for the first time." My mother said quietly. "I knew…


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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart


"Shh," my mother sooths me, tucking the quilt around me. "It will be alright. Think happy thoughts when you dream and it will go away."

I don't bother telling her that these weren't just dreams. Unless you can have the same dream every night for the past two years and call it a dream. Doubtful.

My mother bends forward to lightly kiss my forehead. "I'll see you in the morning, Vanessa. Good night,…


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For all those who have read the books AND seen the movies

I want to know if anyone else agrees with me so plz comment!!     I am writing about scenes in the movie I think should be changed to the way the book is to make it better.




I think the scene where Bella and edward go in to the forest and she tells him that she knows and then he shows her he can sparkle, makes Edward kind if scary, I think that they should have made it like the book where Bella tells im in the car ride back from Port Angles then he…


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The Darkness Within - Chapter 3 - Can It Be Him?

I looked at his face in amazment. "Can it be him?" I kept saying to myself. Everyone said he was dead... but they didnt have a body. so it could be true. He just left out of the blue and never came back til now. "if its really you whydidn't you ever come back? why didnt you tell me what happened?" i said. "there was no possible way. I would have killed you in a heart beat." "I still love you but there was no way i could have seen you." "but Jahuel... you said u loved and then you just…


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TLC's Special: Top 10 Weddings of 2011 (Edward & Bella's Get 3rd place)

I was watching this special today (December 27) on TLC wanting to know who they thought were the Best weddings of this ending year, and I squealed when they chose Edward & Bella's wedding, and they gave it 3rd place. It was really awesome, they said that the setting was beautiful and that Bella's dress was astoundingly gorgeous.…


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Darkness Within - Chapter 2 - My Awakening

"What did you do to me?!" I shout in misery. "I changed you into a vampire." The beautiful man says. "You act like its a bad thing..." "Why did you do this to me?" I moan in ageny. "I needed someone to love..." As he looks down at his feet. iI knew on the inside it wouldnt be hard to love him hes gorgeous, but something about him looks very familiar. Ive seen him before but i just dont no where. "How can you think i will love you back after what u did to me? i dont think i could ever love u…


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Favorite Comments

Favorite Comments::

Alice J:

Blake; He smiled and looked over to her and pulled something out of his pocket and got down on one knee " Alice I love you so much and I always will. The first day I met you I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world and knew right then and there that we were going to be…


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The Darkness Within - Chapter 1 - The Bite

It was dark and I did know where I was or where I was going but I did know i had to get away before he found me. I'd been running for what seemed like forever but only had been 20 minutes. I didnt want to stop i knew he would eventually find me... I knew he could smell me and anything i touched. shhh i could hear his foot steps running behind me. He's catching up to me! all the sudden he tackles me and knocks me to the ground. His skin is ice cold and hard as rock. i couldnt move him no…


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Silence-Chapter9-Broken Returns pt.2

I looked at him. He looked just like me. "Your beautiful." He whispered. "Dad." I said quietly. Not quite believing it. "Yes."

He was beautiful. He looked just like me but more manlier. I stared at him not knowing what to say. "Your so beautiful just like your mother." When he said that it triggered something. "Why did you come back?" I said with anger in my voice. He looked at with a pained expression. "Amena, i'm sorry." "I wanted to see you." "I wanted to see my baby." He said in a…


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I walked closer. I could smell her blood. She was humanly beautiful. She smiled. Then before i could stop her she pulled me into a hug. "Your so beautiful." "You look just like him." I pulled back and looked at her. She gave me a confused look. "What do you mean i look just like him?" I said. "Your father." She said. My whole body shook. "How do you know my father?" "We'll he's an old friend of Edward's." "Your uncle." I looked at her and she looked at my mother. "She doesnt know." My mother…


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Breaking dawn- the movie (part1)

So.. I finally wached Breaking dawn!!

of course, as alwais, the movie is AWESOME!!

I really enjoyed it (did you notice the quality of the film?? amazing!)

however, there was somethings that bothered me.. I'm not going to repeet what i already said about Robert (soooo not Edward like) and the fact that his and Kriste's kisses looks bad, because i'm used to that.

what really bothered me was that this book has a huuuuuge potential to become the best movie ever. and…


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Silence-Chapter8-Broken Returns

"Amena it's okay baby." My mother rubbed my back. But the tears wouldnt stop coming. It felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces. "Mom my heart is broken." I said feeling out of breathe. "I know baby."  "I know it hurts because you love him." My mother said in a pained voice. "Mom how did you deal it?" I said. I looked at my mother and she had pain in her eyes. "It was hard because i loved your father." "Very much." "But i loved you more than anything and i knew i had to be strong…


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Ember Light (Seth's Imprint)

I have been wanting to make a fan fic for a while, so here it is!

-Seth's P.O.V-

I couldn't believe it. I had matured so much over the year and what do I get in return for this? I had to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. Leah said it was because Sam and the Pack had pulled me out so much during the school year they wanted to make sure I had everything in my head that I need for next year. I was just plain out pissed.…


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Silence-Chapter7-Memories become real

I ran down the hallway. Knocking into people. But i wasnt fast enough. Ace caught me. His touch sent chills through my body. He made me turn to him and look at him. I looked into his eyes. Like i was seeing them for the first time. "Please" He said in a pleading tone. My heart tugged. "You really dont remember do you?" I said in a whipser. He looked at me with a confused expression. "Amena please tell me what have i done?" He said. My heart broke into pieces. "You…


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Are you TEAM JACOB or TEAM EDWARD find out the truth now!



You're Team Jacob!

You're a werewolf kind of girl. You would do anything for your friends, so you'd have lots in common with Jacob and his pack. You're enthusiastic and always ready to…


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Breaking Dawn Part 2

Full Release Dates For All Countries:

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yeah so life, cruel topic indeed, the pain the lust the sheer defience we encouter as we grow in innate evil human beings.. the inevitable events, feeling... the compromise we face has brought me to the conclusion that yea everyone is unique but we are exactly the same, some nights i cry for the pain i have face and i blame with every part of me, but now i stop and consider what life brings us the people we hate why we hate them and i've learned to love, to love life.. accept those who have…


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Twilight (My Version)

         I walked across the linoleum floor of the room as I went  to the door. As I went by, a scent caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks. I turned and followed the scent and it took me to a table with five chairs. A normal human wouldn’t have found anything wrong, but I found it astonishing. Why, the scent was of five different vampires. Perhaps a coven. But the thought of a coven, that too with five was …….  . I let my thought trail…


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