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I stepped slowly through the forest grass, gently stroking over each thin blade.  Perhaps I was too calm, too calm on the day I died.  Even today I still remembre the pain. 

I slowly stalked through the overgrown vegetation of the forest floor.  I looked to the sky, almost looking for answers.  The sky told me nothing besides the fact it would be best to turn around. 

I ignored it.  What was I…


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My prince has finally come

Tears flow and flow from my eyes,

Flows like the Humber river through wounds and lies,

All the begs and swoons I threw at you,

Threw at you not to rip my heart to peaces,

Yet I still crashed and fell,

Then he came,

He came to catch me befor I cracked my skull on the ground,

He finally came to save me,

Save the dameselle in destress,

He has been there the whole time,

I was just to blind to see him,

The blood suddenly…


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Cross to Bare

Cross to Bare

The pain you filled me with is my cross to bare,

My indestrucktable cross that I must wear,

From my finger tips to every strand of hair,

The pain that fills them is my cross to bare,

All I wish is to tosse it an unfindable place,

I wish it would break,

Break the pain of my broken heart,

Please bury my pain in an unfindable place,

I place I will never go,



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Need to Be Found (An Alice and Jasper story)

Chapter One

Alice's POV

I ran through the forest at lightning speed. I turned and saw that someone was following me! I pushed myself to go faster and sprinted towared the house. When I got there I turned and figured I had lost my follower. I calmly walked inside and went to sit on the couch next to Jasper. I sighed as I sat down. "What's wrong?" he asked me. "Nothing," I told him calmly. I didn't want to tell him about my follower in case it was just some curious Nomad passing by…


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to- my Victoria from- DaKota

DaKota-  im 14 bisexual and still deeply and madly in love with my ex Victoria i doubt she will read this i dont think she even gets on here anymore but if she does , i just had to tell all that im not looking for a relationship or fun or anything i just want my angel, mi corazón, my live, my whole world, my Victoria she is still everything to me all my thoughts, all my dreams are about her and nothing and no one could ever change that, i love you Victoria.

My dearest,…


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The one that got away (haiku)

The one that got away

 Slipped through my fingers,

Pooling on…


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I will begin my tumbling classes in January i am excited to say that i am getting better cheerleading is everything to me and if i didn't have it i think i would go crazy becaue it keeps me going with energy all day and i love that! A quote that really is true with me.........Payton's my name.Cheerleadings my game.If…


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Should I?

I was just re-reading my previous story on here... Aside from the obvious, and almost painful, grammatical mistakes, it wasn't too bad (in my biased opinion.) So, should I continue it or not? I promise that the painful errors and the plot will be, even if only a little, spicier. :) Just tell me if I should or not! Thanks!



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i was born to be something but i don't know what it is. i hope what ever i become is great

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marry chrismas to all

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There's a new moon in the sky today...

..and also one for your NOOK. Revisit Stephenie Meyer's star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward at the darkest moment of their relationship in the book that established the Twilight saga as a bona fide phenomenon.

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Get NEW MOON on your Nook for $2.99 tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a NEW MOON! To celebrate, Nook is offering the The Twilight Saga: New Moon ebook as their Daily Find. Get the beloved novel for just $2.99!…


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Renesmee a fovever lasting love chapter 21

"What just happened dad?"

"He'll be back. He doesn't like that we have possibly 14. In his mind we have 14."

"Yes he was acting odd even for him." Grandpa mummer ed.

"Aunt Alice i though Jane was coming." i asked

"She did." Dad cut in "she was in the trees. Aro's up to something and whatever it is he didn't want me to know."

"Honey." Mom to the rescue "why don't we all go eat…


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BD Part 2

So I'm going through the video clips and I see one mentioning that seth and leah die....I haven't seen the movie yet so I hope its not true.....and judging by the trailers they fight but in the book there is no fight what gives? Why did they change it?

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breaking dawn part 2

Alright yall I dont know if it was just me but I was very disappointed on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 I almost walked out of the movies......."

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Midnight Sun Continuation: Truth


I breathed in Bella’s scent that was still lingering in the car, I let her fragrance rip and tear at my throat sending waves of fire around my body as the monster inside me wanted to get out, it was a lot safer inhaling Bella’s scent when she wasn’t around, this way I was not putting her in any danger, it was getting easier breathing in Bella’s smell, although the beast inside me never gave up I certainly had more control over it than when I first breathed…


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5 Things You Didn't See In Breaking Dawn-Part 2

Hi everyone.I got this from the January issue of Bop Magazine.I thought I would share this.

1 One scene drove the cast insane

There's no denying that the final battle scene was incredible!But the cast says the filming process was not so fun.The scene was actually filmed inside a warehouse in Baton Rouge,Louisiana,and took months to complete.The cast acted in front of a green screen,which was later edited to look like an icy tundra."Everyone started to go absolutely…


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Your 3-Minute Date With...Taylor Lautner

Hi everyone.I got this from the December issuse of Cosmopolitan.I thought I would share with you.

The Twilight alpha,20,talks love,loyalty,and whether it can workwhen,ahem,a couple gets back together postscandal.

On The Topic Of Cheating

"To be honest,I've never been involved in any of those situations,so I don't know(if trust can be regained).It would be just a guess and a shot in the dark,and I don't want to give that if I haven't even been there…


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Missing something ?

              Sometime i ask myself,why ? why i'm missing something? or did i really miss something?

                     The answer is YES for i'm miss the thing the way they were and even how it all happen, like it's the biggest unexplainable question that keep bothering me again and again. Ican't help it, looking for something you in…


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First Light - Chapter 2

  Chapter 2:  The beach is the best place to go in the summer


            I was practically jumping out of my seat as the little square house came into view.  The red paint was so faded it looked more like a rusty color than red and the thin windows made it look a lot like a little barn.  But it still had a lot of charm to it.  As I looked over at Jacob, I tried to picture how he was able to cram his freakishly huge body in there.  The little…


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