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LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm on the last book, Yay!!

last night i read 120 pages! #up all night

Hey, this is my friend who wrote up there. She's now a fan of the Twilight series. And I have to say, it's amazing. But, I've never read any of the books, So I ask her to tell me about them. Lol. Anyway, ignore that weird hash tag of hers. ^.^ ~Julia

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An update

Sorry for being gone for so long, its just that things have been going on latley, so heres an update! Nathan turned out to be  a) a jerk b)not thoughtful c) offensive d) in love with a girl in my class named grace and just playing me, guess what is all of the above! so that indevor ended...but during that time one of my BEST friends adam was kind, funny, helpful, and cute as he always is.... so i gave him my number and turns out he really likes me and asked me to be his girlfriend whict i…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 5 - Dont play with me

"Your a what ?" I say opening my eyes looking at Sem. "A vampire Janiece." You say slowly. I step away for you. I smile and shake my head. "Your weird Sem." "Your not a vampire." I say looking at the beautiful boy in front of you. "Im not joking Janiece." You say seriously. My smile falls and i realize your really serious about this. "Sem , this isn't funny." I say. "Come on." You say taking my hand. I snatch it away. "No."

I say slight fear tingling through out my body. "I'm not going to… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 4 - Stop running , for what though ?

"Come on" you say grabbing my hand. Your hand is cool in mine. Almost too cool. You lead me to a bike. You grab a helmet putting it on me quickly. You sit on the bike. I follow your lead. I sit down on the bike wrapping my hands around your waist. You start the bike making it roar to life. We're off in seconds. My stomach flips with fear and adrenaline. We speed down the street soon were just surrounded by trees. The smell of earth invades my senses and instantly calms me. You start to slow and… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 3 - All we are

I've been ignoring you for the past couple of days. You've tried apologizing and apologizing but its going on deaf ears. I don't wanna hear it. It's the same old story. I hurry and get dressed. Im wearing a black and white striped skater dress. With my neon yellow combat boots. My hair in a high bun. My makeup white and black. My lips a glossy clear color. My jewelry minimal. Some diamond stud earrings and simple charm necklaces. And some rings. I grab my bag. Im walking down the stairs just as… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 2 - Nope

Thank god it's Friday i mentally said to myself. I made myself get out of the bed. I took a quick shower. I left my hair curly. I grabbed my bleached high waisted jean pants and a black and white striped vneck shirt. I kept my eye makeup simple. Just gold with a cat eye my lip was a bold red. I grabbed a scarf wrapping it around my hair pulling it back. I looked at myself. I looked pretty. I felt pretty. I wonder what "No Janiece" I whispered to myself. I wasnt going to think about him. I… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason ~ Chapter 1~ For a reason

"We're gone be here for a while" you say with reassure in your voice. "I'm not going to hold my breathe." I say. You take a deep breathe. The school comes into view. My stomach does little summer saults. "Listen too me make the best of this." You say putting your hand on my shoulder. I shrug you off. "Im going to do what I have too do." I say opening the car door and getting out before you can respond. I look at everything around me. You swerve off. I take a deep breathe calming myself. I walk… Continue

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The Geek

my name's katie.                                                         i am fifteen years old                                                   and i really really like tumblr.                                                                           ❅                                             my favorite season is autumn / winter                                                  my favorite color is lime green                             my favorite song as of today is miss jackson by…

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Elena Gilbert and Family

Name: Elena Gilbert

Nickname: Lena

Status: Vampire

Born: June 22, 1992

Place Of Birth: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Real Age: 19

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown (turns red when…


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If you love someone treasure them......forever

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Full Name: Makayla Rae Winters

Species: human

Born: September 22nd, 1995

Changed By: TBD

Age (when changed): TBD

Hair: long, Brown with bangs. Slightly wavy.

Eye color: blue

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Physical Description: Not very muscular, despite being very fit. Oval shaped…


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adivoice on love

love is tender 

love is kind

you will have cold chills up and down your spine

you will feel on…


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It's good to back ya'll. I missed roleplayin with ya all the time. Now that I'm back, we can. Just message me or comment if you wanna rp with me. Lookin forward to it.

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talk about vampires

hello twilight fans!! lets talk about vampires what do you think about them? do you like them? or like more werewolves? what kind of vampires do you like the ones of twilight the ones of dracula? and if you have a question about vampires you can ask me! bye

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Hey, guys!! I haven't been on here for a long~ time. I'm sorry. Please forgive me! I updated my profile yesterday. I read over it before I changed it, and wow... my profile was terrible! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Lol I first made this profile when I was in 7th grade. Now I'm 16 and a junior in high school. Man, time flies by so quickly. I'm getting old~ lol ^^

So far this year is exhausting :( But I'll just keep swimming. I have to if I want to pass this year. I'm on my school volleyball… Continue

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Havent been on

Hey guys sorry i haven't been on in a while!

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crying jake

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I don't know if anyone's has ever seen the movie "THE LOVER" but the instrumental played throughout the movies bears a shocking similarity to the Carter Burwell version of bella's lullaby, I'm not saying anything bad I'm just saying that they are both great movies that come out books.............

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An Alternate Ending for Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

For almost a year, Jo and her Professor Bhaer worked and waited to have enough money to get married. They hoped, loved, met occasionally, and wrote voluminous letter to each other that the rise in the paper was accounted for, as Laurie described.

Jo received a letter from her Professor Bhaer that he will be staying in France for a long time for he was accepted in an academy to teach boys different languages.

In their second year apart, Aunt March dies and leaves her mansion,…


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