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Full Name: Makayla Rae Winters

Species: human

Born: September 22nd, 1995

Changed By: TBD

Age (when changed): TBD

Hair: long, Brown with bangs. Slightly wavy.

Eye color: blue

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Physical Description: Not very muscular, despite being very fit. Oval shaped…


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adivoice on love

love is tender 

love is kind

you will have cold chills up and down your spine

you will feel on…


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It's good to back ya'll. I missed roleplayin with ya all the time. Now that I'm back, we can. Just message me or comment if you wanna rp with me. Lookin forward to it.

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talk about vampires

hello twilight fans!! lets talk about vampires what do you think about them? do you like them? or like more werewolves? what kind of vampires do you like the ones of twilight the ones of dracula? and if you have a question about vampires you can ask me! bye

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Hey, guys!! I haven't been on here for a long~ time. I'm sorry. Please forgive me! I updated my profile yesterday. I read over it before I changed it, and wow... my profile was terrible! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Lol I first made this profile when I was in 7th grade. Now I'm 16 and a junior in high school. Man, time flies by so quickly. I'm getting old~ lol ^^

So far this year is exhausting :( But I'll just keep swimming. I have to if I want to pass this year. I'm on my school volleyball… Continue

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Havent been on

Hey guys sorry i haven't been on in a while!

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crying jake

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I don't know if anyone's has ever seen the movie "THE LOVER" but the instrumental played throughout the movies bears a shocking similarity to the Carter Burwell version of bella's lullaby, I'm not saying anything bad I'm just saying that they are both great movies that come out books.............

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An Alternate Ending for Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

For almost a year, Jo and her Professor Bhaer worked and waited to have enough money to get married. They hoped, loved, met occasionally, and wrote voluminous letter to each other that the rise in the paper was accounted for, as Laurie described.

Jo received a letter from her Professor Bhaer that he will be staying in France for a long time for he was accepted in an academy to teach boys different languages.

In their second year apart, Aunt March dies and leaves her mansion,…


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school is complecated

i have a guy friend, Nathen that i wish would underwstand that i like him back. every single day he comes to school every single second he is empling affections for me. but i just cant, find a way to tell him that i like him back, that we could be our own bella and edward ya know?! how can i do that without acting..... strange?

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my life

my life is great because i am now 18 and i have had 2 boyfriend which they were both younger than me but that did not matter because we loved each other and now i am single but it does not mean any guy can go out with i want a guy that will treat me with repect not like dirt or guy that has anice heart and would not care what i look like and thats all i have to say about my life.

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  3. None of this! She walked down the street and accidentally bumped into him. "Hi." or this "Hi Im ______. " Smiles.  NO! You have a…

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i enjoy life because you have fredome to do what you can do without people judgeing you and i hate when ever people tease other people and when you get teased so this picture i am going to put on this is for people who agree with that picture…


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Gennemsnitlige Tips til Praksis at tale.

. Uanset om din mands personlig gave er rund selve hjørne, fortæl din fyr du planlægger til at hjælpe dig give ham enhver stede, men hun eller han kan ikke åbne den faktiske stede indtil flere måneder senere. Det burde har tricket

. Til Fighting Games innoverer mange typer former. Det har meget interessant at hjælpe dig til spille online 100 procent fri… Continue

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Friends House

At my friends house

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Quigong - Proven To Successfully Alleviate.

Stretch your neck- follow some exercises by referring some fitness experts which suits your age and other parameters and if you need any help from me in this category you can comment and i will help you. They can give you some relief from neck pain by helping you to loosen the muscles that are in the neck and upper back. These are called intervertebral discs. In some cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication may help in relieving the pain. As soon as you get used to your orthopedic… Continue

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Fan fiction

So I'm relatively new to the site fan fiction. But I love what I can read on there.

I'm reading and story right now called take this heart. Read it if you love the story to center around Carlisle!!

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Spending Plan Kitchen Area Transform Tips

This stable hardwood maintains its recognition thanks to its good versatility of use coupled with a realistic cost. The refined grain and pure nut brown undertones opens the alder to a wide variety of stain solutions. Properly stained alder can have the visual appeal of many other wooden forms like mild colored maple, dark walnut, or even a crimson cherry. Alder is a bit softer than other hardwoods so it might not be very as resistant to don and tear. Over-all, it will make a wonderful… Continue

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Misunderstood Twilight

Many people in the world don't understand Twilight (although I still don't quite get why), and much to my dismay I have read and heard many comments about how it is sexist, racist and downright misguided for young girls these days. I have set up this blog as a little refuge from the constant barrage of hate Twilight seems to be getting, and to tell those haters that even if the novels themselves were misleading (which, in my view, they aren't), that we, the awesome and brilliant fans of…


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