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Story of US

A story that made complete strangers an "us" and created friends.  I am very thankful for the people that I have met here and can call friends.  

This last month has taught me a valuable lesson and I would like to share where I can be found. All of these places I can receive messages if needed.   (replace the word "dot" with a period ".") 

Free Writers and Readers…


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Now Its about to get serious(:
I loved Chris...LOVE....him

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taylor's smile

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The Hillywood Show!

The Hillywood Show is the brainchild of sisters Hillary and Hannah Hindi. They have been spoofing movies since 2006. They are really good, check them out, they have everything from Johny Deep to Twilight, Im sure you will love them!…


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The Twins (16) (Girls)


Name: Delilah Melanie

Age: 16…


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The Triplets (19) (Girls)


Name: Deloris Chloelle Magnolia

Age: 19…


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I don't know what I'm doing

I don't know what I'm doing


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Carlisle Cullen

Hi my lovelies!!!

Well today's post is all about Carlisle!!

I think he is a very sweet person and that he would be a nice person to just talk to. I feel like I can carry on an intelligent conversation with him without having to worry about it going to the gutter. I'm sure Esme is a very lucky women to have him in her life.

What are your thoughts in Carlisle?

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These are my thoughts

Well I'm new to this site but I already love it.

I want to write my opinions about the books as well as the movies. I may put up some original stories I'm working on as well.

So yea, I'll try to post daily and I'm good for anyone to respond. I don't care if our opinions aren't the same, I just want to get something going. If you like it respond if you don't please respond... I'll answer any questions you have.

So, I'll let you guys get on with your life. I'll… Continue

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This is me~

~My full name is Mia Heaven McCarthy. I'm 21 years old I also go by the nickname SWIZZY~ I'm from Miami and I have a very small family, no siblings. I'm part Italian and part Irish,…


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Breaking Dawn part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished watching twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 2 for the 20 time now i think!!!!!!! #TEAM EDWARD!!!! :)

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Authors Note:In case you were wondering what rose, jenna, and dee dee looked like here ya go

I stood there shocked. don't just stand there like an idiot with your foot in your mouth say YES! "Yes." i smiled barley able to speak.he hastily put on the …


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I have never blogged before so...ummm...ya. This is a first. I have made other blogs ( out of this website ) but they either cost money or I couldn't keep up with them. So that was my first blog ( I know it stunk! )  but comment how you liked it any way!

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jasper throw

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twilight effect

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bella's flip

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twi love

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I am Sad

I do not have any friends....:( i Have only sent 3 friend requests and have not heard a reply from any "sigh" guess i am meant to be a "rogue or loner wolf" no pack or family..

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Anytime Quotes

This blog is dedicated for those twihards, vampire diaries fanatics, and just regular quote seekers. Look no further for Anytime Quotes is here to deliever daily quotes for you fan crazied humans! Feel free to write your own too! :D

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Special Comments

From Bunny.

Happy Birthday Sara! 

Your Amazing Girlie so Have an amazing day because you deserve it!…


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