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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 23 - Us (:

"You like your dress baby ?" I say looking g at Amena. She looks up at her eyes wide filled with happiness. "Pretty Mama." She says in her soft voice. "Yes , baby pretty." I say bending down kissing her forehead. I stand back up looking at myself in the mirror. I look beautiful. My dress is tight fitted see through lace bodice with diamond beading down the sides. My hair which is a light turquoise color now. Is curled in an half up half down curly hairstyle. My makeup simple with a touch of…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 21 - Early mornings , Late thoughts

"Where do we go from here ?" I say too Sem. The early glow of the sun lighting up the room. "I honestly don't know Janiece." Sem says his voice quiet. "I thought you were happy Sem." I say quietly. "Janiece , I should have never left." "I should have been a man and stepped up." His voice holding a bunch of regret. "Sometimes sorry isn't enough though Sem." I turn and look at him. The sun is illuminating his face. He looks like an angel. I close my eyes cuddling up to his chest. "I want this…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 20 - Meeting me , Meeting my future

The city is busy. I feel home. I feel like the old Janiece. The version before meeting Sem. The honest most real version of me. Me and Janaila walk into John John's the small cafe is filled with a variety of people. We get a small booth by the window. "You nervous ?" Janaila says. "A little." I say honestly. "Me too." She says quietly. My phone starts to vibrate in my pocket. I look towards the door finding a curly hair woman with her back too me. I answer my phone quickly. "Were in the…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 19 - Learn from the past , Not dwell on it

"Amena , say Mama." I say too my beautiful baby. She just smiles and gurgles at me. "Say mama Amena." I say too her again. She just reaches for me still smiling. I smile shaking my head as I pick her up. "You'll say it one day." I say giving her a light kiss on her forehead. I hug her too me. "Come on we have too get you dressed for da da." I say walking over too her closet. I pick out a sweater with jeans and a huge flower headband. I give her a quick bath. I dress her quickly. I comb her hair… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 18 - A confusion of Emotions .

The drug had worked. Amena's growth slowly stopped. She was progressing at a more normal pace. She was the happiest baby. I smiled just thinking about her. It was easy too get lost in thoughts about that little girl. But i needed too focus on school. Emmett always joked about how i actually had too focus since this was my first time in high school. I smiled thinking about that big fool. They all loved Amena. They were all "auntie and uncles" too her. I was grateful too every single one of…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 17 - Decisions not only for myself anymore .

I decided too walk to the diner where Jennifer was meeting me. Nerves rattled through me as i decided what was the best lie too tell her. I hated lying too her but it wasn't only for me but my daughter and the Cullens. As the diner came into view i could see Jennifer's car in the parking lot. I let the cool fall air calm me down as i walk into the diner. Everyone turns and gawks at me. I smile and walk too the table i see Jennifer at. She looks up at me and gives me a small smile but it's…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 15 - Focus on what is needed

I watched as Amena's tiny chest slowly rose with every breathe she took. She looked so beautiful. Peaceful. She was amazing. She was mine. Forever. My whole body warmed at the thought of that. I was beyond scared too be her mother. But i was going to do the best i could. I wanted Amena too have a better life than i ever had. I want to give her everything she deserves and more. I want her too be proud of me. "She's stunning." I hear Sem say from behind me. I turn and look at him. He gives me…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 14 - What is life ?

I let Sem and the Gold skinned guy go ahead of me. As we reached the house my stomach turned with nerves. I stop right in front of the house. I'm a mom now. I'm responsible for someone's well being. That scared me more than anything. "Janiece ?" Sem's voice was careful an calm. "What if im not a good mom too her ?" I say looking at him. He's are warm and hold love. "Your going to be an amazing mom Janiece." Sem says looking me straight in the eyes. His words calm my nerves and im ready. Sem… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 13 - a little piece of everything

It was quiet all around me. Too quiet. It was dark. Pitch black. The air surrounding me cold freezing. I was dying or this was death. If i was dead then i still wouldn't be having thoughts. Would I ? Maybe this is a place inbetween living and dying. I was dying. I wanted to feel something but i couldn't. Everything was numb. Was I going to heaven or hell ? Or maybe this was my enternity. Maybe instead of having everlasting happiness or a enternity of burning you get sent to your personal bubble… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 12 - Overwhelmed

I walked slowly through the forest. Well more like saddled my stomach was huge now. I couldn't see my feet anymore. The forest was quiet today. It was odd usually birds we're chripping and squirrels were running around. Today I needed too make a kill. I had no blood left. I listened as my feet crunched as I walked over the leaves. It was so loud I almost missed the sound of it. I was on my back I'm seconds. I could feel something crack I heard the growl of the cat. I held both knives in my…


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The Other-Chapter 5-Maybe i can do this

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked more like myself. I was a little bit thinner. But i knew i looked normal. My hair was curly and my face looked a lot less tired. I looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Cat would be here in an half an hour. I dried myself off. I started with my hair. I just kept it curly. I looked at the bags. I ran to the store. I grabbed a white dress. I also grabbed some acessories. I looked at myself. I looked good. I touched my cheek to see if it was really me. I…


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The Other-Chapter 4-Finding

I looked out the window. The sun was starting to rise. I heard my door open. "Goodmorning, Amena." My mother said in a tired tone. I turned towards her. She was still beautiful and even though it was physical possible she looked older tired. My heart ached. I knew i did this to her. She came and sat down with me on the bed. "Today everyone is spending the day at Auntie Janaila's house." My mom said brushing some hair out of my face. "Do you want to come?" She…


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The Other-Chapter 3- Figuring Everything Out

I looked at Ace. He looked back at me. There was confusion placed in his beautiful features. He backed away from Jennifer. I couldnt move. I couldnt form words. All i felt was a burning. "I thought you were dead all this time." Jennifer said. "I'm sorry you must have me confused with someone else." Ace said glancing at Jennifer with wide eyes. "No, i know my husband." Jennifer said. Ace looked back at me. "Amena." Ace said. I couldnt say anything. I felt tears…


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The Other-Chapter 2-Future

"So, is he going to change you?" My dad said. I looked at my dad. "Dad, we havent really discussed it." I said. "I mean i think you should have a chance at a "Human" Life. My dad said putting an extra on human. "Dad, it's not really your decision." I said getting irritated. I grabbed the fruit and walked out of the kitchen. I sat it down on the table and walked over to Ace. I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him. He looked at me and his face screwed in…


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The other-Chapter 1-Fitting

"It's beautiful Amena." My mother said looking at me. Her face was filled with sadness and happiness. I felt the tears burning in my eyes begging to fall. I walked over to my mom hugging her. Her cool embrace instantly relaxed me. "I'm so proud of you Amena." My mother whispered to me. I hugged my mom closer to me. I needed this. I needed her approval. She stepped back wiping my tears. "You look beautiful Amena." She said holding my face. "Thankyou." I…


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Silence-Chapter12pt2-Ready for everything to begin

Ace looked at me. He smiled. My heart skipped a beat. "You ready?" He said. I took a deep breathe and looked at the love of my life. He pressed his lips to mine. I instantly felt better. He pulled away and looked at me. " I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you" I said looking at my beautiful man. He grabbed me and swung me in his back. "Hold on" He said laughing. I squeezed him. He took off. It was scary but fun all at the same time. When we reachedthe house. My heart was beating so…


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I looked at the beautiful people standing there. My heart was beating a so loud i was sure they could hear it. My mother squeezed my hand. Janaila lead me in and we all sat down in what i assumed to be the living room. Janaila looked at my mother. My mother lookee at me. She squeezed my hand. I closed my eyes. I could see her color was yellow. I could see she was nervous. "The day you were born i was supposed to be meeting Janaila for the first time." My mother said quietly. "I knew…


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Silence-Chapter9-Broken Returns pt.2

I looked at him. He looked just like me. "Your beautiful." He whispered. "Dad." I said quietly. Not quite believing it. "Yes."

He was beautiful. He looked just like me but more manlier. I stared at him not knowing what to say. "Your so beautiful just like your mother." When he said that it triggered something. "Why did you come back?" I said with anger in my voice. He looked at with a pained expression. "Amena, i'm sorry." "I wanted to see you." "I wanted to see my baby." He said in a…


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I walked closer. I could smell her blood. She was humanly beautiful. She smiled. Then before i could stop her she pulled me into a hug. "Your so beautiful." "You look just like him." I pulled back and looked at her. She gave me a confused look. "What do you mean i look just like him?" I said. "Your father." She said. My whole body shook. "How do you know my father?" "We'll he's an old friend of Edward's." "Your uncle." I looked at her and she looked at my mother. "She doesnt know." My mother…


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Silence-Chapter8-Broken Returns

"Amena it's okay baby." My mother rubbed my back. But the tears wouldnt stop coming. It felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces. "Mom my heart is broken." I said feeling out of breathe. "I know baby."  "I know it hurts because you love him." My mother said in a pained voice. "Mom how did you deal it?" I said. I looked at my mother and she had pain in her eyes. "It was hard because i loved your father." "Very much." "But i loved you more than anything and i knew i had to be strong…


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