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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bella's POV Ch 2

Chapter 2 of Bella's POV

I sat on the couch wondering who would come back to me, the weird thing about it was that I wanted Jacob to come back more than I wanted Edward to. Maybe because I haven't seen Jacob for so long. He was my best friend that I fell in love with, I choose Edward over him because I did not love him enough like I did with Edward. But still I wanted him around, how can I explain that to Edward? I seen the look on his face, wondering how can I be so happy to see him,… Continue

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bella's POV

I love Jacob, but I just was wondering how interesting it would sound from Bella's instead of his.

After I got off the phone with Rosalie, he whisked me in his arms and ran to the boat. I didnt speak to afraid that my own voice would give me away, I didnt want him to know what I was planning until I had protection for me and our baby boy. The long ride in the boat, taxi and plane should have put me to sleep, but I was to worried about what would happen if I did. As soon as we… Continue

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Bella's Dreamcatcher from Jacob in New Moon!!!

Found some of the best movie props out there from New Moon, like Bella's Dream Catcher from Jacob

Check it out here:

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In the World of Bella

Hey, i love Bella, she means everything to me,
are there any of you who feels the same for her?
In my sleep i'm dreaming somethimes of her :)
and i'm thinking always about Bells.

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New Moon is great, BUT the music choices were awful. No comparison to Twilight (I bought both Twilight CD's, but not bothering for New Moon). Stephenie should have had the say for the music. When will we hear more of Edward's compositions, for instance? Music sets the mood.

Nothing beats the opening sequence of Twilight. I really expected more.

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Bella's Saint Jude Protection Bracelet

Ladies of Twilight! Here is your chance to be like Bella by having your own St Jude Protection Bracelet.

You can get the exact same St. Jude Protection bracelet like Bella @:

Same quality but more affordable

Just like this:

This is one of my best friends own store that she started so please show some support. Don't be fooled by all the other stores who are not even fans or have… Continue

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Bella's mittens

I'm going to knit up some of these mittens. They look so cozy and I love knitting cable! I was also thinking about knitting up several and see if any of the Twihards in my son's class would be interested in buying them. Do you think they would sell?

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<3 <3 You Inspired This One....

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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