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What if it never happened-Chapter 5-Too Hard

"So, What's so great about a girl falling in love with a vampire?" Kyle said with an interested. I smiled and turned away from him stocking the books. "It's just romantic how much he loves her and he's willing to give up his life for her." I said seriously. Kyle laughed and i turned towards him. He was closer than i expected and he wasnt smiling but he was looking at me…


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Reasons you know your Husband loves you

1) He knows all the words to the Twilight Saga movies

2) He bought me a Twilight movie inspired bookmark so I won't lose track of my place in this romantic book saga

3) He bought me another Twilight bookmark after my new kitten ran away with the first one

4) I woke one morning to a framed movie poster of Edward looking at me (used thumbtacks to keep quiet while I slept)

5) He asks me questions while I read because he knows I can talk endlessly about…


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Stephanie Meyer

LOVE Stephanie Meyer's books!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED The Twilight Saga(duh!) And The Host!!!!! Haven't seen anymore by Stephanie. If you know any please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hei again :)


I`m reading "Breaking Down" again. Right now is Bella`s wedding chapter. I just needed to write here. Love love that chapter so much! Only thing what I hate is that Jake ruined Bella`s wedding party! But all other things are great! I`m so happy that Stephenie writed Twilight books. Now these books are some kind of my life. Now everything is changed! And thanks to Stephenie I found Muse! Muse is my favorite band now! I just love Muse! Ok, now I need to go.…


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Heeyyy guys sooo I've been thinking about starting a blog about books and music and what's hot and what's not in that aspect of the world... but I can't think of a name!!! X] Seeing as everyone on here that's on this site is pretty creative, I thought I'd go to you guys and ask you to please help me if you can!!! I'd really appreciate it!!! I only have 2 requirements-

*It's gotta be unique like me!!! ^_^



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All Things Vampire-ish x♥ 'o

Before Twilight became my unhealthiest obsession - before I had even heard of Twilight - I was obsessed with Underworld and Blade. I watched the films over and over again, I knew every word they were going to say but it never bored me.

Then came Twilight. (I'm saying these in the order that they came to my attention.) It is my unhealthiest obsession. Reading the books over and over and over again. Even though I tell myself I'm just being…


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Is it true?

For the past however many weeks i have been hearing that Stephenie Meyer might be realising a fifth twilight book. i would absolutly love to read it. So i was wondering... is this true or is it just somebody being really sick and making up rumors? Godd i soooo hope its TRUE!!!

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Reading... a Haven

What is the latest book you read and what did you think of it? :)

Added by Madirah on December 5, 2009 at 1:32pm — 2 Comments

New Moon Film Dissapoints

Was anyone dissapointed in New Moon the film? The books were so great, and I'm sorry, but it felt like the movie went a little too fast (despite it's 2hr running time) and the scenes were disjointed. Almost choppy.

I loved how Edward was shot in the film. It was really genius to have him as almost a ghost or an aparition in the parts where he was gone. And there were scenes that I enjoyed to the full and thought they went really well with the books. Unfortunetly, as my sister… Continue

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Jacob's future....

I was thinking that it might be cool if Twilight continued on to say how Renesme changes as she grows and how her relationship with Jacob changes and evolves over time.... I would like to read that. I would like to see how Bella and Edward take to raising an "aging" vampire daughter, a unique one. I would like to see how life for them in general gows and changes.

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Twilight Saga Books Playlist

From I can have all my music in one spot.

Twilight Soundtrack

1. Why Does it Always Rain on Me - Travis (Bella’s arrival)

2. Hysteria - Muse (Edward smells…


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Road to Recovery starts with one step

Wow...How everything can change in a moment of time. I would not have believed the transformation I have gone through in two short weeks.

Buying and reading the books was just the first step in my mind alternating journey.

Bought dvd ...check

Bought blue ray...check

Bought sound track..check

Bought US "the sexy stars of Twilight" poster magazine...check

watched son shake his head as I put up a wall of sexy vampire pics...check and check

Logged on You tube… Continue

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Another Book?

I'm new to this site...

and the books which I've fallen absolutely in love with.

Does anyone have any idea how likely it is that Stephenie will write another one?

I'm so bummed that I've read them all and want to keep reading about the characters.

I'm rereading them.

I could see a book just about the beginning for Esme and Dr. Cullen, or even better the next phase in Edward and Bella's new life with the little one.

Is there a wedding for Jacob and his little… Continue

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I'm so happy I can start reading New Moon today Rose remembered to bring it so I can start reading today most likely start after dinner so I can relax and have everything done for the day.

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Hi everyone!
I have stopped writing my book because I need to change the storyline. Don't ask what happened. But instead i am working on something else - nothing to do with vampires - called "My life, My story, My dream." That's what its called at the moment. So yeah... Oh! An auther is visiting my high school this week! Can't wait!
That's it for now but i will be posting a new blog soon. Maybe. I'm kinda busy so lets just see what happens. :-D

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