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The Other-Chapter 4-Finding

I looked out the window. The sun was starting to rise. I heard my door open. "Goodmorning, Amena." My mother said in a tired tone. I turned towards her. She was still beautiful and even though it was physical possible she looked older tired. My heart ached. I knew i did this to her. She came and sat down with me on the bed. "Today everyone is spending the day at Auntie Janaila's house." My mom said brushing some hair out of my face. "Do you want to come?" She…


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"It's getting harder for me to pretend.." >.<

"It's getting harder for me to pretend.."



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Silence-Chapter8-Broken Returns

"Amena it's okay baby." My mother rubbed my back. But the tears wouldnt stop coming. It felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces. "Mom my heart is broken." I said feeling out of breathe. "I know baby."  "I know it hurts because you love him." My mother said in a pained voice. "Mom how did you deal it?" I said. I looked at my mother and she had pain in her eyes. "It was hard because i loved your father." "Very much." "But i loved you more than anything and i knew i had to be strong…


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Silence-Chapter6-Calling me out

"You have to look down inside yourself." "Find who you want to be." "No one can create that for you." Mr. Spane spoke. I looked down at my notebook. I wrote quickly. I could feel Ace watching. "Ace?" "Is there a problem?" Mr. Spane said. Ace stood up and i could feel his eyes on me. "Yes, i would like to say something." Ace went to the front of the room. I didnt look up but my stomach dropped and i knew it was about me. "You know i love you."…


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He did the same thing every morning now. He would walk with me. Not saying anything. But i think he could sense that i liked his presence. One morning though something was off. Something was wrong. When we reached the english class. He went and locked the door. He looked at me. His eyes were hard and i could tell he was angry. I looked at him searching. "Why wont you talk to me?" He said walking towards me. I just looked at him. My heart felt…


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I walked into the studio. I was old and there were cracks in the mirror. But it was comftable. I sat my stuff down and sat down. I looked at myself. I let the tears fall. I got up and turned on the music. Alex Calise voice filled the studio. She sang as i moved. I closed my eyes letting the music flow with my body. As i moved the tears flooded my face. I let them fall. I pushed myself harder and harder. I kept turning until i hit the wall. I…


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Broken Dreams

Just a poem in a story I wrote for fun. Today was boring and I had nothing, but the house to myself most of the day so I grabbed my notebook and began scribbling down ideas for a story.


I used to pray for miracles and dreams,

And all you brought were nightmares.

A young woman sits on her window ledge whispering to the stars. A faded photograph rests… Continue

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I Am Now A Twilight Fan I Never Thought I Would Be But After Reading The Books. I Juss Liked The Books They Are My Favorite Books Of All Time.. I Actually Broke My Record It Takes Me A Long Tyme For Mii Tu Finish A Book Not That I Am A Slow Reader It Juss Takes Mii Tyme To Actually Get Into A Book And When I Actually Read Twilight Sumthing Hit Mii and Made Mii Read More And That Motivated Mii Tuu Read The Books More.. And They Should Really Keep Going On With The Story Cuz I In Truth Want… Continue

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