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Sometimes the remembered isnt enough - Chapter 2 - What is this ?

Ouch I say quietly too myself.  I look at the blood drip lightly off my finger. I move it away from the fabric. I walk too the bathroom running it under cool water. When the bleeding stops I grab a band aid wrApping it around the cut. I walk back roo the work table and start working on the dress. Lana del Reys voice playing lightly in the background. "Excuse me ?" I hear het before I see her. Her voice light and almost bell -like. I turn and take in the beautiful woman. She short maybe 4'9'.…


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Carlisle Cullen

Hi my lovelies!!!

Well today's post is all about Carlisle!!

I think he is a very sweet person and that he would be a nice person to just talk to. I feel like I can carry on an intelligent conversation with him without having to worry about it going to the gutter. I'm sure Esme is a very lucky women to have him in her life.

What are your thoughts in Carlisle?

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Isabella Marie Swan (Cullen in 4th) "Bella"~

Bella is a klutzy, and beautiful teen who moved to Forks, Washington to live with her dad Charlie. She saw her dad's friend Billy and Bella's best friend Jacob or Jake for short. Her mom Rene and her dad Charlie divorced.

She transfered to a new school and found friends. She also found a special family. Known to be popular......

The Cullens.

She fell in love with Edward Cullen. The handsome guy who everyone… Continue

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Forever- Chapter One

OK just so you guys know this is the story after Breaking Dawn, based on the bestselling series created by STEPHENIE MEYER no copyright intended, I own nothing.


                  We were back in town, back in Forks, after 80 years, but everything was…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter One

The smell of blood was the first thing that hit me. The atmosphere was overwhelming. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet, Mom and Dad were crowding round the dining room table. I couldn't see past their marble bodies, but it was obvious from the anticipation that a transformation was about to take place. Jacob and I joined the group. "Who?" he asked. Rosalie answered without taking her eyes off the girl "We don't know- Bella found her in the street, like this. She carried her here.…


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Hi, there. I like to fantasy. I like wolves, witches, vampires and ghosts.

I also like the Cullen family and the twilight saga, harry potter and lord of the rings.

I like zombies, too and pirates. I think the fantasy world is real fun and I don't…


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Nessie's Birthday Surprise : A Twilight Saga Fanfic

A huge russet-coloured wolf, its fur like velvett flecked with specks of glistening snow stood on the sloping bank of the river, the bright winter sun reflecting upon the sparkling surface of the icy water. A chilling breeze disturbed the perfect sleekness of the wolf's coat, ruffling its fur like a minute tidle-wave.

A girl, her beauty…


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Till my heart stops beating .... Duckie xoxoxo

Till my heart stops beating .......  Duckie xoxo

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Carlisle Cullen

I just wanted to share that Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen bought me a coke at the store when I found out that for some reason they did not take credit cards and I did not have a dollar (lame I know). He then signed it for me after I caught up with him when I got a buck from a friend to pay him back :P. Found out he had the same birthday as me and gave him a fist bump. Happy birthday to us!!

I also wanted to share that before he got me a coke he was talking to a special needs girl… Continue

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This takes place 7 yrs after the Voturi incidence and everything is well. For now....

Review Plzzzzzzzz and i dont mind constructive criticism.

Ch.1 Birthdays (part 1)

Nessie's POV

"... Happy Birthday to you!" My family sang as I blew out the candles on my cake. It was my…


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Favorite Charcters

Who are your top five favorite charchters? mine are Alice, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Renesmee

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Chapter One : Event

1. Event

As per usual, the drive to school was monotonous. I drove at a speed which I thought was slow, but still I watched the human drivers go at the mere speed of about 70 or 80 miles per hour. How dull their human senses were.

I could see every inch of the car they drove, every microscopic scratch, every small detail.

I can’t recall much of my human hood, but I know it must have been very dull and colourless. There are some pros to being a vampire, I… Continue

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Lost Moon : Edward's New Moon ~ Preface

Hey guys,

So... as some of you may know..... I have been working on a novel called 'Lost Moon.' The Story is basically New Moon... but from a different point of view, Edward Cullen's. Find out what he gets up to and how he feels when he is away from Bella.

I will put the preface here and Chapter One : Event in another post! If it is popular then I will post some more, so…


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I love Jacob, for Renesmee. :)

Jacob Black is really protective, understanding.. Especially to Nessie. And thats why they really belong to each
other. But im curious, Does that "imprinting" make sense? Is that the reason why he's so protective and etc.? And
i see it rude. He did imprint it to Nessie just to be around with Bella? As a family? But at least, he loved Nessie.
And thats the most…

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RE: A book that i think Stephanie should consider writing..

I TOTALLY think Stephanie should consider writing a story about Carlile and how he became a vampire and how he formed the Cullen coven.. something that PRE-DATES Twilight...but still involves all the Cullens....That would be a book i would pick up in like........TWO SECONDS!!!!!

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When the Elderly read

I do not believe that the movies represent the books true potential. Before you either celebrate or bash me, I must remind everyone that I have not claimed excellence in the book. In fact, it is hardly a literary masterpiece. Sure, it may be entertaining but the execution of literary devices is mediocre, at best. Call me an old scrooge wanting to piss the kiddies off, but that is not my intention. All I wish to do is to give an intellectual approach and, hopefully, convince the kids of…

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New Book By Stephanie Meyer!!

There is a new book that Stephanie Meyer is creating called "Midnight Sun." It is like Twilight, except from Edward Cullen's point of view. The book isn't in stores or very popularly heard of yet, but just keep your eyes out for this new book. All Twilight fans should get it!!!!! I am!


Edward Cullen's Girlfriend ♥

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True Cullen Family

Hey all!!

Please Join My Site Http://

You Can Act As Character Twilight Saga who you want.. :)

Character Available…

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Kellan Lutz's Birthday is On Monday

Hey Twilight Fans,

Just wanted to let you know Kellan Lutz's Birthday our Emmett Cullen's Birthday is on Monday, March 15, 2010. Let's wish him a Happy Birthday everyone!

Ildira Peterson/Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight will return shortly, just having minor technical difficulties with my profile page....

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Some ways to annoy Renesme Carlie Cullen

Tell her Bella wasn't sure if she was Edwards daughter or Jaspers. (This one is super-duper because you'll have 4 angry vampires instead of one!)

When she walks in shove human food in her face and say "Bon Appetite". When she says she wants blood. Scream "YOU FAIL. 'HUMANS' (insert Air Quote here) EAT HUMAN FOOD. YOU'LL NEVER LEARN"

Ask her what's she going to name her puppies.

Tell her "Nessie? Did you know Jacob had a big crush on mommy, and…


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