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Everything is meant to happen one way or another - Chapter 1 - One

"Seth , when we get home can you get the kids ready for bed ." I say laying my head on the headrest . "Yeah." Seth says in a sleepy voice . "It sounds like my big baby is ready for bed too ." I say with a small laugh . "Aha , yes he is it's been a long day." Seth says turning . I reach down rubbing my tummy . "The babies have been quiet today." I say looking at Seth . He looks down at my stomach . He looks up at me with a small smile . Love shining in his eyes . Boom…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 21 - Morph

My eyelids were warm. I opened them slowly. I found i was in Seth's room. The bed was cool. Seth had been gone for a while. I sat up grabbing one of his shirts and shorts to pull over my cami and boyshorts. I walked out of the door to hear giggling. I walked down the hall and all i saw was brown beautiful long hair. Almost as beautiful's as Bella's. Seth looked up his smile widening. "Goodmorning Gorgeous." He said standing up walking over to me. The girl turned…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 13 - Surprise

"Goodmorning Beautiful ." Seth said bending down to kiss me. I kissed him back his lips warm and soft against mine. Thanking god silently that i brushed my teeth before coming outside. Seth pulled away pulling me up with him sitting in my seat and sitting me on his lap. I snuggled close to him closing my eyes finally feeling at ease. "So are you going to spend the night at the cullens tonight ? " Seth said quietly. " No , i cant leave my mom for a whole night ."…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 11 - Anger is the surface emotion for Fear

"Seth, there going to think i'm crazy." I said nerves rolling through me. Seth smiled and shook his head. "No, Janaila there very understanding." Seth said squeezing my hand. I rolled my eyes and watched as the tree's passed us. I itched for some paint so i could paint this beautiful forest. I havent painted in a while. But my dreams had been made of paint swirls and colors. I smiled thinking about this beautiful dream i had about Seth. Everything was this burnt…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 8- Sometimes family isnt always blood related.

My body ached and everything was sore. My nose was running and my throat ached. I couldnt move my body without something protesting in pain. I hated this. I reached for my phone. Texting Kyle telling him i wouldnt be coming into day. That took most of my energy but i needed to go check on my mom. I forced myself moaning and wincing in pain the whole time. I dropped to my knee's crawling to my mother's room. I sat on my knee's opening the door. She was laying on…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 4- First Day

I woke up on the floor. The kitchen was dark but i could see the sky was starting to lighten. I stood up my head throbbing and my body sore. I was exhausted but i knew i needed to start getting ready for school. I walked up the creaky stairs. I walked straight to my room not stopping to check on her. I walked into my room it was cool and had that old house smell. I looked at my clock and saw it was going on 5:30am. I grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom.…


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Beginning to a Never Ending Love-Chapter 2-Is this really going to work

I looked at Seth. He looked back at me. He brought his hand to my face.  When his hand touched my face i could instantly feel the diffence in our temptures. I closed my eyes soaking in the warmth Seth's hands brought. I opened my eyes and looked at Seth. His eyes held sadness and something else i couldnt quite read. I slowly sat up and toward myself towards Seth. He stared at me and i felt self concious. I raised my hand slowly and pressed it against Seth's…


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The Other-Chapter 5-Maybe i can do this

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked more like myself. I was a little bit thinner. But i knew i looked normal. My hair was curly and my face looked a lot less tired. I looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Cat would be here in an half an hour. I dried myself off. I started with my hair. I just kept it curly. I looked at the bags. I ran to the store. I grabbed a white dress. I also grabbed some acessories. I looked at myself. I looked good. I touched my cheek to see if it was really me. I…


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Silence-Chapter12pt2-Ready for everything to begin

Ace looked at me. He smiled. My heart skipped a beat. "You ready?" He said. I took a deep breathe and looked at the love of my life. He pressed his lips to mine. I instantly felt better. He pulled away and looked at me. " I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you" I said looking at my beautiful man. He grabbed me and swung me in his back. "Hold on" He said laughing. I squeezed him. He took off. It was scary but fun all at the same time. When we reachedthe house. My heart was beating so…


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I walked closer. I could smell her blood. She was humanly beautiful. She smiled. Then before i could stop her she pulled me into a hug. "Your so beautiful." "You look just like him." I pulled back and looked at her. She gave me a confused look. "What do you mean i look just like him?" I said. "Your father." She said. My whole body shook. "How do you know my father?" "We'll he's an old friend of Edward's." "Your uncle." I looked at her and she looked at my mother. "She doesnt know." My mother…


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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter7-DoppleGanger

I stood there staring at her. She looked so similar to me it was scary. Before i could stop myself i wrapped my arms around her. It felt right. She slowly wrapped her hands around me. I stepped back and looked at her. 'Hello?" She said with confusion in her voice. "Hi." I said shyly. She looked at me and i could see in her face she was trying to see who i was. "Im Ariana Julio your sister." I said slowly. She looked at me her eyes wide. I…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 4-Joyus Depression

"Come on Janaila i dont want to wait for you". My mother screamed up the stairs for me. She was more impatience more than ever. "Coming." I yelled back down. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror fixing my smudged eye liner. I wanted too look perfect for Seth. Once it was fixed i grabbed my stuff and ran downstairs. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked so exhausted and in pain. It was November 30th the twins Due Date.  Mom… Continue

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Black Moon Chpt.1

It just seemed like another ordinay day at the Cullens house. Renesme was sitting on the front doorstep waiting for Jacob. Jacob was coming to the Cullens house to discuss travel plans. The Cullens were planning to go on an extended hunting trip near the border of Canada, and jacob was comming with Renesme. Carlisle and Edward were packing spare clothes, supplies and a tent for Renesme and Jacob, while the others were chatting animatedly about the… Continue

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Twilight Saga-Eclipse! A Must See Movie Event! David Slade Did An Awesome Job!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse left me breathless in all aspects of the story. David Slade did an awesome job by sticking to the book. All the Twilight Characters were awesome & spectacular in their own unique roles especially our favorites Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, The Cullens, The Wolf Pack, The Volturi's, and the New Bloods as well. I also loved best by David Slade & Melissa Rosenberg the part of Charlie &…


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A younger Renesmee

When Edward told me that Renesmee wanted to start school I was shocked. I mean, she is techinaclly 7 years old(body wise, not maturity). Edward said that she wanted to meet kids her own age. She is attracted to human blood how would she pass off as a kindergardner. You never see any kindergardeners skip lunch or not eat anything.

"Renesmee, you want to attend school?" I asked. "Why yes mommy. I want to meet kids my own age. I want to be around…


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I love Jacob, for Renesmee. :)

Jacob Black is really protective, understanding.. Especially to Nessie. And thats why they really belong to each
other. But im curious, Does that "imprinting" make sense? Is that the reason why he's so protective and etc.? And
i see it rude. He did imprint it to Nessie just to be around with Bella? As a family? But at least, he loved Nessie.
And thats the most…

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The movies are great but.....


I love the Twilight movies! How could I not? I get to see everything played out on the big screen. I was excited to see more people of color in the movie than I originally imagined from the book. Okay after saying all that...

If anyone has only seen…

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Okay you guyz...ineed to settle this once and for all...iwant to see whose better.... Emmett or Jasper??????? Plz blog!!!!!!!!

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The Life of a Twilight Fanatic

Title: The Life of a Twilight Fanatic


Reading these books.. changed how I look at life. Changed everything I've thought before I read them. All I think, or dream or talk of, is this beautiful book.. that my favorite author, Stephenie Meyer made. She made my fantasy world come alive.

Chapter 1

I've lived in this town, since I was fifteen years old. I live with my mother in New York City. My dad, Alexander, lives in California. I use to live… Continue

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Wild Flower

Chapter 1

One day in Forks Bella met Edward,and then she met Jacob her old family friend. But

what you dont know is Bella had a best friend named Alicia;yes they dont seem like the original

best friends but they are; It's Bella's last year in high school,and its the first day of 12th

grade for Bella,Alicia comes to forks high school.

"well looks like my new school" Alicia says will she walks in the school

Bella was walking into the office and… Continue

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