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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 12 - Overwhelmed

I walked slowly through the forest. Well more like saddled my stomach was huge now. I couldn't see my feet anymore. The forest was quiet today. It was odd usually birds we're chripping and squirrels were running around. Today I needed too make a kill. I had no blood left. I listened as my feet crunched as I walked over the leaves. It was so loud I almost missed the sound of it. I was on my back I'm seconds. I could feel something crack I heard the growl of the cat. I held both knives in my…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 5 - Dont play with me

"Your a what ?" I say opening my eyes looking at Sem. "A vampire Janiece." You say slowly. I step away for you. I smile and shake my head. "Your weird Sem." "Your not a vampire." I say looking at the beautiful boy in front of you. "Im not joking Janiece." You say seriously. My smile falls and i realize your really serious about this. "Sem , this isn't funny." I say. "Come on." You say taking my hand. I snatch it away. "No."

I say slight fear tingling through out my body. "I'm not going to… Continue

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Poem- Untitled

"Clink!" All six pieces crashed,

Hollers rung out in the air

As he threw his victory

In his little brothers and sister's face.

Their mother hugged them

When the shed fake tears.

Clutching to the sympathy.…


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Poem- Death- Lost

"In these promises broken

Deep below

Each word gets lost in the echo

This time I finally let you

Go, go, go"

No, no, no

I can't let you slip.

I don't have enough self-restraint

To finally see that you

Are beyond my touch.…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 5-New Life

"Mike can you please help me?" I asked getting frustarted. Mike just looked at me. It had almost been two weeks since the twins were born and my mother died. I was still hurting but in knew i needed to be the strong one is this situation. Mike just stopped living basically. He couldnt even look at the twins which broke my heart. My brother and sister were beautiful and precious and i realized that everything happens for a reason. So my mother…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 4-Joyus Depression

"Come on Janaila i dont want to wait for you". My mother screamed up the stairs for me. She was more impatience more than ever. "Coming." I yelled back down. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror fixing my smudged eye liner. I wanted too look perfect for Seth. Once it was fixed i grabbed my stuff and ran downstairs. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked so exhausted and in pain. It was November 30th the twins Due Date.  Mom… Continue

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A special thanks to ♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ for making this wonderful banner. Thank you so much! And that you, the reader, for reading this! <3 Plague Rat



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Fall-by Morgan DaVic

I lived with my mother and father in Maine back in the 1829. I was the average school girl. I went to church, took care of my little brother Timothy. Timmy was just like our father what with is honey colored curlls and peachy skin he was only 4 when it started. I on the other hand looked just like my mother I have blonde hair and pale skin and the same light emereld eyes as her. I was only 13 years old when it all started. You see I had a friend namer Miara Simpson she her father was a imagrant… Continue

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"Young Forever" by Jay-Z and Mr.Hudson

Young Forever

You have probily heard the song already but I wanted to say that,that song has touched me.It made me think of why we are and how everone is suppose to have a purpose in life but that's not true.We all can't live our dreams,which is really sad;some of it could be our fault or we just don't have what it takes to be hat we want,so it's not entirely our faults.I want to live my dream but I know I…


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My dog Misty.

Misty is a beautiful purebred blue Weimerianer dog. I have had her since I was four. She was outside this morning, playing in the snow with me and her dog buddy, Jake. She was acting kind of funny, moving her back legs like they were sore. I just brought her inside in case the cold was bothering her. I went to my Driver's education class, and came home early because our exchange student, Stephan (whom we can discuss later) was sick. We came home, and he went straight to bed. Mama and Papa went… Continue

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So lately I've been having dreams of my Dad. He passed away on February 9th 2009. Still a very fresh feeling. I miss him a lot.

I come from a family where all of still live together even though we are all adults because we love being around each other. We still eat dinner together every single night and my mom is a great cook! Everyone is helpful and loves one another.

This is something that's hard while dealing with the pain of losing someone you loved. The reason I say this is… Continue

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You know how Twilight came to mind in Stephanie Meyer's dreams. Well, I have had dreams that are hard to explain. I would like to share this dream with you guys. I am not the best writer, but this is my dream. I called it "Free Falling." It's is really weird. Have you ever had a strange dream in which you can't seem to explain it no matter how hard you've tried? Well, looking back on this dream after I wrote it down — I sort of understand it better. Can you figure out the meaning? Also… Continue

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