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Kristen Stewart Says Jacob Black is “the Light” for Bella

Kristen Stewart talks pretty enthusiastically about New Moon in this new interview with E!–

“I’m so excited because the story is scaled down a little bit. [Edward] leaves her, and that’s sort of what the entire first movie is based on,” K.S. semi-enthused. So if you take that away, there is still a story, which I think is impressive.”

I can’t wait to see how [Jacob] is able to pull [Bella] out, but he does. She’s like a zombie and he’s the light. It’s such a tragic story.… Continue

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Jacob Edward

You know what's scary!?! I know a kid (major perverted, ugly nerd-- he's my brother's friend, so that explains it all :P ) and his first name is Jacob and his middle name is Edward!! Ugh, it pisses me off!!!! I hate that kid and his name just makes it worse!! He's not fit to have either of those names and if you met him I promise you would agree!! And he's creepy, he used to have a crush on me!! EWW!!! Now if it was the REAL Edward or Jacob that would be the best but NOT this kid!! He's so… Continue

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Love,Love,Love Twilight

I think twilght should be made for TV like Gossip Girl. I would love to see how my favorites each week.

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Robert Pattinson in GQ: Where is the Door-Size Poster?

If you missed Robert Pattinson in GQ with photos by Nathaniel Goldberg, you didn’t see the best picture of Robert Pattinson yet.

If GQ made a door-size poster of this picture like the ones you can get of sports stars, I think it would be the hottest piece of Twilight Merchandise yet. Anyone with me?


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10 Things New Moon Needs to Get Right

Buddy TV has a pretty cool list of things that New Moon needs to get right–I’d say most are pretty spot-on. Here’s a small sampling:

10. Victoria’s plan must loom ominously.

Obviously we shouldn’t know exactly what she’s planning or what she’s up to, but we should know that she is actively pursuing a way to get to Bella.

7. Be careful with Jacob’s heart.

At times, Bella’s interactions with Jacob can seem… Continue

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The Sights & Sounds of Volterra: Video & Graphic Timeline

TwilightItalia has a cool new set of graphics and videos on a timeline in support of the City of Volterra becoming the location for filming of New Moon in Italy–which is still unofficially decided, apparently.

We went there. We tracked the “real” steps of Alice, Bella and Edward in Volterra with beautiful photos and videos.

Watch our footage, completely translated in english for your users: you’ll realize why having a fake… Continue

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Midnight Sun

I have ran across the partial from Stephanie Meyer's book, Midnight Sun. I would have to say that it could have very well been one of the most intriguing books I have read from the Twilight saga. It's a pity that she has put the book on hold indefiently! Somehow we have to come together, as Twilight fans, and persuade her to finish the book or start over. Edwards point of view has got to be the most detailed and fascinating and all the others, in my opinion, hold no light to his. For small… Continue

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New Moon’s Italy: The Sites of Volterra

Edward visits the Volturi in Volterra, Italy.

With confirmation that filming will occur in Italy, let’s take a picture tour of the real-life sites of Volterra that we may see in the movie.

Check the jump for 16 high-res images of Volterra, Italy!…


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New Shots of Robert Pattinson in Vancouver

Ok, LaineyGossip is bring great stuff from Vancouver–but also getting snarky with Twilight Fans. May I just ask, did you really have to watermark the precise point of interest in this shot?

Source: /

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Robert Pattinson in Vancouver: The Snowy Strolls

We are more than a little bit happy to be bringing you a ….oh, what is the technical term for it?–ah yes–a huge buttload of new pics of Robert Pattinson in Vancouver. Check them out at Baeur Griffin and RPatz Daily [via TwiCrack]


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Lautner: “Go see New Moon at Least One More Time than You Saw Twilight”

Taylor Lautner is telling fans of Robert Pattinson–”don’t hate on me too much” in a short new article by Marc Malkin over at E!.–

“I’m getting a little nervous,” Lautner admitted. “But I’m so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn’t…be here filming New Moon and [then] filming Eclipse if it wasn’t for them.”

Lautner also says that we probably won’t be seeing any kisses between… Continue

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Drew Barrymore Confirms Eclipse Rumor

It’s true–Drew Barrymore is one the people being considered for the role of the director of Eclipse. She tells the AP–

The 34-year-old actress (”E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” the ”Charlie’s Angels” films) has confirmed that she’s being considered for ”Eclipse,” the third movie in the blockbuster teen vamp saga that launched with ”Twilight” last year.

”I’m one of the directors that is being talked about, which is great, because I’m a director now,” Barrymore said in a… Continue

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Taylor Lautner Training on a Dirtbike in Vancouver

Just Jared Jr. has some great dirt on Taylor Lautner–he was seen training on a dirtbike for his motorcycle scenes in New Moon on Friday. He was also out and about with Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart in downtown Vancouver yesterday. Just Jared Jr has a ton of pics, including one where Taylor nearly shows us a full moon. [thanks, Julie S.!]


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~Countdown till New Moon~

New Moon…

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<3 <3 You Inspired This One....

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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Muse & Twilight best combinations in the world!!!!!!! & Bella In Love Wit 2 guys; yes or no?

I think that Stephanie Meyer made an excellent choice , by picking Muse as her favorite band. Their songs go hand in hand with all of her book, plus they are absolutely amazing!!!!! I also think that bella is truly in love with both Edward and Jacob, contrary to wut half the world might say. she said it herself, lol. & I know i jus finished the saga , but i really want to start re-readingit again. sry to all if this post is not like the regular format, im new to it.

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~Just so awesome yet random TWILIGHT ICONS~

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Anyone who wants a good Twilight conversation, hit me up ho. :]

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Midnight sun - And - New moon - In Edward's prespective!

Midnight Sun!

Well I reread the first chapters in Midnight sun again and I'm really hoping Stephenie will publish the book, the first chapters where so amazingly good. And Alice vision with Bella finally made sense to me. It's really intresting to read Edward's side of the whole thing to see how he was dealing with everything and more of the one vampire family we all love the Cullens!

Btw. If Stephenie Meyer decide's to publish Midnight sun, can anyone tell me? It would… Continue

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I am inlove with a fictional character!

People are being really anoying saying that i am over obsessed! It is so anoying. Get this guys people are saying that EDWARD CULLEN IS UGLY AND STUPID AND FICAL! i couldnt believe it. seriously
anywho i hope you all have a good day, well actually night
cya jazza and ant tomoz!

Added by Alexandra Rose Mary Cullen on March 9, 2009 at 7:21am — 2 Comments

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