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Alice's Vision and Edward's Body

OK, did anyone else think that Alice's "vision" of Bella as a vampire was just a little weird? I mean, come on, like Bella would ever frolic in the woods and she definitely wouldn't wear that dress.

Another weird thing...did anyone notice that one of Robert Pattinson's nipples was bigger than the other one? It's like, after staring at Jacob through the movie and then seeing Edward's, you notice all the flaws and that just bothered me. A lot. I like symmetry.

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Midnight Sun - The Truth

Since I've been on this site, I've seen many false stories of the writing of Midnight Sun. I've seen about every possible story you can think of, but the fact is this: a draft of Stephenie Meyer's work thus far on Midnight Sun was leaked on the internet. She wrote a detailed blog on it on her website, She put the writing on hold (and please note, she still has yet to know when/if she will be able to write it again) because it hurt her so badly emotionally that her work was… Continue

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The Cafeteria (Edward's POV)

(Note: this probably isn't how our dear Mrs. Meyer would've written a story through Edward's point of view. It's just that when I read about Edward, it seems like its through my mind. And I read most of Midnight Sun, and its perfect to my mind. But, as a person whose personality is identical to Edward's and his looks as well, my thoughts are probably like his too. Plus, I'm bored. Enjoy :D)

This is how we function: feed on animals, walk through the days of school alone - our only… Continue

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Harvest Moon - Part 2

This scene happens in Chapter 1 of Twilight (after my Harvest Moon Part 1), at the end of the day after Bella first sees Edward. As with the rest of my book, Harvest Moon, this is in Jasper's POV.

I apologize for not writing my scenes in order. I just write them as they come to me. Perhaps, I will one day post the whole thing in order. We'll see if I get that far!!!

Comments are welcome and encouraged!! Let me know what you think!!… Continue

Added by Dice Jordan on March 17, 2009 at 10:49pm — 3 Comments

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