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New FanFiction

Gonna write a Fan Fiction as soon as I'm finished reading "New Moon". This was the very first reason to why I started read the books at all. I thought the character Jacob were cool and wanted to know more about him before I could write my own story from Jacob's POV. We'll see how it works out.

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ok. here it is. i havent been on in a while cuz i have been grounded, so i am on a time cruch here cuz i'm not supposed to be on the computer.

oh, and btw, it's Renesmee's POV!

i was utterly bored. i had been waiting for 48 hours, and he still wasnt home. i had tried to watch tv, paint a picture, read a book; i even went hunting with Carlisle and Esme just for something to do. but every time, my mind wandered back to him. while watching tv, i found a program… Continue

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My Fan Fiction; My One and Only Love

Click Here
to… Continue

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Just Wondering...

...Is there any place to post Fan Fiction (some may be of an adult nature) on this site?

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Fan Fiction - Back to Bella

If I could cry I think I might have. For the tiniest split second I hated my brother. He was such a stupid idiot, was he even thinking when he left. Then I thought of how this would crush him when he found out.

How could she do that? Was the pain really that bad? And to have lived through it for seven months.

Had they found her yet? Did Charlie know?

I stood in the hallway as that sound of her truck came down the road. It had to be Charlie, he must know then.

Suddenly there… Continue

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Fan Fiction - Victoria

Stupid Jacob… stupid Victoria. If they hadn’t smelt her then he would be here and I wouldn’t be alone. I walked through the La Push forest, bored. Suddenly a volley of snarls erupted in my head. I froze; the hair on the back of my head was standing on end. Though I couldn’t hear anything, I sensed the danger was behind me. I turned slowly to face who I knew was behind me.

There she was, tall and feline. Her fire-like hair flickered in the breeze. Her red eyes intent on me, her lips curled… Continue

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The Cafeteria (Edward's POV)

(Note: this probably isn't how our dear Mrs. Meyer would've written a story through Edward's point of view. It's just that when I read about Edward, it seems like its through my mind. And I read most of Midnight Sun, and its perfect to my mind. But, as a person whose personality is identical to Edward's and his looks as well, my thoughts are probably like his too. Plus, I'm bored. Enjoy :D)

This is how we function: feed on animals, walk through the days of school alone - our only… Continue

Added by Mr. William on April 8, 2009 at 11:07am — 5 Comments

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