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Bound to Happen-Chapter9-Night that changed my life

I got out the shower and dried myself off. I rolled my hair in curlers and started looking through my closet. I finally found the pink dress i was looking for. I smiled. I got out the rest of my outfit. I lotioned up and sprayed some purfume on me. I started on my hair. I did it all curly then parted it. It was cute. I did my makeup simple. Just light shimmy pinks with a splash of dark pink. I smiled. I put on my dress. I made sure i looked…


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Finding a light in the darkness ch.1

I opened my eyes and saw the the sunshine coming through the window. I couldn't take this anymore my hole body was in great pain I couldn't take it. Maria was a really bad person I dong know how come my dad trust her I just hope he could be here to protect me but I know that it impossible. I'm sure that the only thing that was keeping me alive was my boyfriend Robert I knew that what we had was special well atleast that's what I felt and I'm for sure that he feels the same way but I hated to… Continue

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First Blog.

Hey I'm Noelle,

this is my first blog entry here. Not much to talk about now but I will soon so stay tuned :]

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First Post


First ever blog. Sorry if I'm the exact opposite of a 'prodigy'...
Unfortunatly, I haven't seen either of the movies; I have finished Twilight, though. I'm near the end of New Moon - (school makes 'reading time' limited) page 471.So far I love it, and I'm hoping to get Eclipse for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

(P.S.)You can call me Rae.

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The 1st Time I Read Twilight

Well the first time i read the book was in the sumer of 2009. As it seems for most people i fell in love with Edward and could not put the book down. I would have to say that the Twilight saga was the best thing that ever happened to me. When reading i felt happy and content plus it was my getaway from the read world. Twilight became my favorite thing. I used to hate vampires and anything like that but i have learned to not be affraid of that. If yo want my opion i say the book is better… Continue

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My first post!

Hey! This is my first time on the twilight saga! Invite me! I accept all requests! I heart alice!

Added by Chris Pineau on August 26, 2009 at 3:58pm — No Comments

first blog

Okies this is my first blog woop go me hehe

right for the people who dont know me im Claire but you can all call me Light_heart XD
im 21 years old
i love the twilight saga the are bloody awesomeness!
and i hope to meet some cool minded people hehe
so yea if you wana add me then go ahead!

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Harvest Moon - Part 1

Harvest Moon

In the interest of keeping the Cullen family alive, some of the characters have been talking to me. They are begging to tell their story. One of the siblings whom I have attached myself to is Jasper. I feel he is the most overlooked of the Cullens. He possesses an incredible gift; reading others’ emotions, and also manipulating the moods of others. He tries to use this for good, but it is difficult when being bombarded with the feelings of others. He is often on an… Continue

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Hi peeps! I'm new around and hope to make many friends here! I am a Jacob girl but Edward is wicked too! I am soooo bad about chooseing who I like better since both characters in the series are potrayed so well! But Jacob one by like a pinch! My friend showed me to this place and I was super excited to be among other Twilight fans! I have one read the first book and am halfway into the second but I had a list to finish of books so the series was put on hold! ;____;

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First day here.

So, first day.

This should be fun:P

Well, this is awkward.

The whole talking to myself thing, not good.

Ok, so I'll talk about my day then.

Well for english we had to write I paper about our fav movie, and I picked "Twilight".


Well, I wrote 1,5 pages with character descriptions, and I haven't even started with the vampires yet! xp

I feel bad for my english teacher do.

She'll have to read it!

She'll be bored to death before… Continue

Added by Anne on February 11, 2009 at 3:47pm — No Comments

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