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What if it never happened - Chapter 11 - Anger is the surface emotion for Fear

"Seth, there going to think i'm crazy." I said nerves rolling through me. Seth smiled and shook his head. "No, Janaila there very understanding." Seth said squeezing my hand. I rolled my eyes and watched as the tree's passed us. I itched for some paint so i could paint this beautiful forest. I havent painted in a while. But my dreams had been made of paint swirls and colors. I smiled thinking about this beautiful dream i had about Seth. Everything was this burnt…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 2-Responsible

I looked at the beautiful greeny around me. My window was down and the cool earth smell hit me. I felt relaxed. Evan started to slow and i saw the little white house. It wasnt something that i would see in a home magazine but it had character and i loved it. Evan pulled into the small driveway. He turned off the car and everyone was silent for a moment. I took a deep breathe smelling the earth again. It relaxed me. "Are we just going to sitt here all day?" I…


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A new Battle ( A House of night story)

 Be warned the new characters in the story are based on real people and if you hate on them I will tell the person.


The name was Devin Alice Smith, but if you called me Devin I could grantee you a black eye, everyone who was sane called me Alice. I had long brown hair, and pale blue eyes. I was not short and I was not tall. I was smart, but not nerdy, strong but not a jock, tuff but not punk,…


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The House of Night Series

OK.....This series is NOTTTTTT the next TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took me until chapter 12 to get interested!!!!!! There are sooo many spelling errors! Someone obviously did not do their job on the proofing/editing. The first book is just a waste of paper for the most part. For several pages all that you read is just crap in her head!! It shouldn't take 3 pages to think about how hot or stupid somebody is.

Have you read the series??? I'd like to… Continue

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Themed Party!

I need ideas for a Twilight themed party and a House of Night party! Ideas I need are:


Thanks! I mostly need one for the House of Night party, but the Twilight one will do also!

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Lots to say

Yesterday I got this cool twilight necklace and these 3 books from the House of Night sires. I'm a little ways into the first book and its are the resons.

1.vampires is spelled vampyres

2.the "vampyres" have cresents on there foreheads

3.every one knows these "vampyers" exist

4.the "vampyers" go to this school thats just for "vampyers".

There are a lot more weird things you'll have to read the book.Whats me nuts is the way its writen. Again youll have to read… Continue

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Hi! This is Alice! I'm at The Cullen House Today until 6pm...Stop By!

Hi Everyone! This is Alice Cullen - I'm at The Cullen House in Forks today and tomorrow until about 6pm - Stop by and say hi - I'm sure we'll be good friends!

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